A Little Booze Among Friends

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A Little Booze Among Friends

Shadowcat, Mike, Gambit

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Bourbon Street Bar & Grill

Gambit and Kitty head to a bar to celebrate Mardis Gras and end up meeting Mike

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With Fat Tuesday in full swing, there are few places busier this evening than at the Bourbon Street Bar and Grill. Taking advantage of it's New Orleans themed setup, the interior of the bar has been decorated in golds, purples and greens. Also going with this theme there are a sizable number of patrons and wait staff also continuing in wearing masks of similar coloring and plenty of beads about.

And amongst this crowd, cramming himself over at the bar, Mike is standing, already wearing plenty of beads bequeathed upon him by several of the female patrons... There is also a small pile of beads that were tossed over by a few of the drunker male patrons. Mike has pulled his hair back since then to eliminate the confusion

Gambit confidently strides into the establishment. He’s set aside his usual attire for a very stylish grey suit, worn loose around a white starched button up. He smiles broadly at the sight that only pales in comparison to the Mardis Gras he knew growing up. He pulls a cigarette out of a sterling silver case and places it between his lips, raising a zippo to the cigarette, he notices the small “No Smoking” sign on the wall near the hostess station. “Merde,” he mutters to himself.

Shadowcat walked in with Lockheed hiding in her hood after she beamed in outside. Wearing sneaker wedges, skinny jeans and a v neck midriff. Spotting the red head cajun "Finally passing us a visit in the city, and you didn't even come say hello to us first?" a teasing smile...oh she'd have to prank him good for that!

A glass of beer is set down in front of Mike as the bartender snatches away the empty one. Glancing down to it, Mike gives a nod before he takes it in his own. Ah the joys of beer specials.

Gambit waggles a finger playfully at Kitty, and click his tongue. “Mais non, Minou,” he says with a boyish grin. “Ah merely was trying to get in ‘ere an secure a seat for tha two of us, non?” He leans his head to the side, obviously noting the hood of her jacket. “Or should Ah say tha three of us,” he questions knowingly raising an eyebrow. He looks back over his shoulder in the same direction that Mike is seated. “In fact, Ah t’ink I see tha seats just for us, maintenant,” he says cheerily. Extending an arm in the same direction he adds, “Aprez vous, Minou.”

Shadowcat chuckles tapping het hood, Lockheed chirping add he came out onto her shoulder "Happy Mardi gras Remy." Lockheed waving a purple paw "luckily this time I'm finally old enough to drink with you" sitting Mike she waves to the man before giving Remy a hug "When did you get into the area?"

As yet another person waves towards, him, Mike lowers his glass to wave back, taking notice of who it is mid wave. He cracks a smile and lowers his hand, reaching over to the pile of beads next to him, picking them up and tossing them over to Kitty and Remy. Look! No flashing required!

Gambit returns the hug, and pats Lockheed on what he assumes is his head through the hood. “Ah snuck in a few days back now,” he pauses, “Been layin’ low. Talked ta a few a tha students, still ain’t spoken to Jeanie or tha othas --” his sentence breaks off as without looking he reaches out to catch the beads that are heading their direction. Turning to see who exactly threw them, he recognizes Mike from the other night. “You wan ta git me ta flash you, homme, it take more than a few plastic beads, oui,” he announces playfully.

Shadowcat chuckles giving Lockheed a scotch add he came out of her hood to perch on her shoulder "Then I guess you heard about Steve Rogers and emma teaching ethics?" Lockheed flying off her shoulder to snatch the beads from the air and land back on her shoulder "those yours or mine Lockheed? ok for of us then first beers are on me. Good to have you back Remy, Kurt and I teamed up with x-factor but I still teach"

"Haven't you heard?" Mike quips, smirking at Remy's response, "The first ones are always free." He lifts up his beer giving a mock toasting gesture to the two, "Good thing for you it's two for one night." The last comment seems more directed towards Kitty. "Funny how you can run into the same people in such a large city."

Gambit chides visibly at the mention of Emma Frost being at the school. Shaking it off, however, he slides up to where Mike sits and pulls out a chair for Kitty as any good gentleman would. “Pour vous, ma chere.” Seeing that Kitty has already gotten drinks for herself and Lockheed, he orders himself a bottle of whiskey. “It was Mike, right,” he asks. “An Ah take you already know our petite Minou, ici.”

Shadowcat chuckles add Lockheed hoarded his shiny necklace and she settled onto the seat gambit pulled out for her "I think we have some catching up to do to get even with Mike, Remy" raising her beer in a cheers gesture to the two as Lockheed settled onto the seat next to get and started lapping at his own beer.

Mike looks over to Kitty once more before giving a bit of a nod, "We seem to travel in similar social circles." He pauses, sipping his drink, "For different reasons."

Gambit nods to Mike and considers a shot glass, but opts instead to just go with the bottle. He raises the bottle to the other three. “A votre sante,” he offers up before lifting the bottle to his lips. Words of wisdom as he sets the drink down, “Careful Minou, catch up can be a dangerous game, ‘specially for one small as you.” He flashes that charming smile at Kitty yet again. Perhaps the drink isn’t the only thing dangerous tonight. “So, tous, fill me in on all tha juicy dirt Ah done be missin’ while Ah was away.”

Shadowcat smiles at Mike "It's a small world" before grinning at Remy "I drank saki with Logan many times, I'm up for a game of catch up, but can you keep up?" smiling add she gives him the challenge "Hmm well can't go into everything here but the school could definitely use your help as a teacher. I came home from Europe to help out and Kurt thought I should join x-factor with him. Illyana had returned all grown up. And students are always getting into trouble as usual"

The glass is lifted once more in a toasting manner, "Slainte." He tilts the glass back and manages to take out half the glass's contents before lowering the container once more. "It shouldn't take too long to catch up," Mike adds in, "I have a high tolerance."

Without the slightest sign of a wince, Gambit takes another hard swallow of his whiskey. He shakes his head, and does his best not to spit the mouthful of liquor out at the mention of him /teaching/ children. “Ah dunno there, Minou,” he says. “Ah’m naa really the,” he pauses, looking for the right word, “teachin’ kids sort. Whaa would you suggest Ah teach les enfants? How to crack a safe? Or perhaps how to pick a pocket, non?” He eyes Mike keenly as he talks rather openly about his less respectable skills. “Non. Ah think ma skills might be better served somewhar else.”

Shadowcat laughs asking the bartender for shot glasses "you could give them combat lessons, teach them French? they kind of out number us after all. The more the merrier, sides look at who else teaches there? You sure would be an improvement" a not so subtle jab at emma at the school. Then picks her bert up and chugs it in a couple gulps

Shame? What's that? Mike does not appear to exhibit any signs of that trait as he simply finishes off the beer that was just there a few seconds ago. Just in time for his phone to ring a non-default ring-tone. The glass sets down and Mike tugs it out, answering it. "'ello?"

Gambit frowns slightly. Teaching the children combat. He understands the need of course, but isn’t sure if he agrees with the prudence of it all. “French, eh? S’ppose je sais a thing or two about tha language of love,” he croons, putting an almost cheesy accentuation on the final word. He takes another swig of his whiskey from the bottle, still ignoring the shot glasses. He was “catching up” after all. “Ah’ll think bout it. Ain’t sayin yes though, Minou.” He notes Mike’s phone call, and fights the urge to eavesdrop.

Shadowcat looks curious about the phone call but chuckles shaking het head at gambit "I'm sure you'll have the girl's swooning in their seats too. You should come by x-factor tower in mutant town, we found Ship"

Mike's head tilts, "What?" A hand lifts, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose as his manner of speech lightens to a different tone. "Bleedin' You're kidding m- What about Ar-? Ah." Muttering a curse, the hand moves away from the face and snakes into the pocket to pull out a wad of bills. "Yeah, just- don't move around too much." The phone clicks off and Mike is soon on his feet, setting bills down on the counter. Also likely more than he really owed. He glances over to the others, "Got to head back."

“E’ryt’ing alright, mon ami? You sound a bit distressed,” Gambit asks as he watches Mike stand up to leave.

Shadowcat looks to Mike worried "You want a lift Mike?" hello star trek transporter!

"Only if he ends up getting damages charged to us." Mike shakes his head, shoving his phone into the pocket before following it up with his hand, "It's nothing. Friend didn't pace himself and he forgot his apartment key so I got a shook guy lying in tha hallway outside o' my door."

Gambit waves politely to Mike, "Bonne chance avec ton ami." Turning to Kitty he asks, “You takin’ off aussi, Minou?"

Shadowcat waves with a warm smile to Mike veggie turning to Remy "only if you're ducking out of our game?"

Mike starts scooting out of the door, seemingly forgetting about Shadowcat's offer to beam them up. Or perhaps he's not all that keen on doing that with his actual body. Either way, he heads out in an effort to get the roomie in the apartment in time.

Gambit shakes his head in defiance. "Ah ain't 'bout to quit. Ain't no way Ah'ma let a sweet lil' t'ing such as yourself out drink me." And there it is, that mischievous grin. Seems like it's going to be a long night.

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