A Joke Waiting To Happen

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Elsa Bloodstone, Satana and Topaz

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Voodoo Lounge

Elsa meets Satana and Topaz

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==[ Voodoo Lounge - Greenwich Village ]==

One must descend a flight of black slate stairs flanked by walls papered in rock concert programs before discovering...

This is no ordinary urban mecca. This is no sports bar, no yuppie hipster watering hole. This... is the famed Voodoo Lounge.The lights are recessed into the wall, and of a golden hue, dimmed low enough that one can see where one is going, but still be able to consider the atmosphere intimate. People more than a dozen feet away will appear as mere shadows until one is right up on them. The walls are paneled in mahogany wood. The bar, that travels down the left side of the room is teak with a black marble top, polished to a fare-thee-well. Taps are visible just past the lip of the countertop. There's a recess in it so that a bartender can slide drinks to the waiting patrons. Behind the bar, the expected mirror -- this one beveled on the edges. Glasses and more elaborate drinkware hangs upside down from a wooden rack above.

The barstools appear to be leather and wood, but they are reinforced to handle patrons of superhuman size. The floor is carpeted in plush brown carpet, thick enough to sink into, though nothing seems to ever reach it if anything is spilled. There are cozy tables and booths clustered at the front and back of the room. A long, thickly stuffed leather sofa, also in brown, is along the entire front wall and side wall. A hidden moving light casts random shapes and sigils around the room in muted hues -- slowly enough so it's ambience-enhancing rather than disorienting. Potted palms flank the door and stand in the corners. There are hanging plants above the tables, leaves dripping lazily down toward the floor, but not enough to impede anyone there. Carefully hidden speakers pipe music into the room that varies from the contemporary to the exotic. There is no television behind the bar. The back wall has a floor-to-ceiling fountain that trickles away serenely. A few feet in front of the back wall is a modest stage, also set with small tables if there's no one performing.The entire vibe is like someone set a bar in a cozy little alcove in some exotic place far removed from New York City.



This time, Elsa Bloodstone walks through the front door. This time, she's not carrying any weapons. Well, except for a baseball bat. But that's not a weapon, right? Surely, she was just playing a game of ball with the kids down the street. "Barkeep!" She yells as she makes her way through the sparce midday crowd, "Club sandwich and a pint of something British and dark."

Yes the bar is open, it is after 12:00 pm. It's not to busy though, that doesn't happen until shortly after 5:00, when the 9-5ers get out of work. This also means that the only staff currently working is Topaz and one bored waitress.

Topaz is taking it easy at the moment, as the few customers have already been served thier drinks. Her attention is brought away from the magazine she is flipping through at the loud woman coming across her lounge. Grabbing a glass she fills it with the british ale she has on tap "It's Topaz, not barkeep." she replies setting the full glass (minimal on the foam) on the bar.

"You're behind the bar, you're the barkeep. Postion of pride, love. Embrace it." Elsa sets her rump down on a stool. Her bat gets propped up against the bar next to her. She takes a long swallow of beer and mmms. "Bitter. Good. Just what I needed. Turns out there really are weregators in the sewers."

Satana stomps up from downstairs, the redhead balancing a case of assorted liquor bottles on each arm. Making her way over to the bar, she sets the two boxes down and looks around the place. Giving the blonde a once-over, she offers casually. "You'll need to leave the sports equipment behind the bar, honey. This ain't a baseball diamond."

"Owner actually." Topaz says, giving a throaty chuckle at the boisterous woman, before the takes care of sending the food order to the kitchen via the POS terminal behind the bar. In the meantime she puts a bowl of snack mix near at hand. "I'm sure there are wererats down there too." she glances over as Satana lugs the crates of booze to the bar "Thanks Satana." she then gives another chuckle as she goes all bouncer on Else.

"Sure." Elsa says as she grabs the bat and sets it down on the bar, so Topaz can tuck it away. "Be careful with that, though. Jackie Robinson used that bat to beat down a living baseball diamond back in the day." She takes another pull from her beer and glances over at the redhead. "We're a joke waiting to happen, aren't we?"

Satana helps Topaz unload the bottles, smirking at Elsa. "A joke waiting to happen? Oh, you mean the old 'A blonde, brunette, and a redhead walk into a bar...' bit? That would probably work better if we had a chicken, a monkey, or a poodle in a tutu." A wink, and then she adds. "I'm Satana and you've already met Topaz."

Treating the bat with care Topaz leans it against the shelves behind the bar. The braclets on her wrists chime together as she moves, though some of the movement seems to have more purpose then just setting the object aside. There would be a surge of magic felt for those sensitive to it. "You seem familiar to me." if Elsa introduced herself she must have missed it "You are?

And, of course, Elsa radiates magic quite a bit herself. That red gemstone at her throat speaks of some sort of extradimensional power. "Elsa. Elsa Bloodstone. Met two of your mates yesterday, I bet." She motions towards the back room. "Tall guy with red hair named Hellstrom. Black voodoo priest. They asked me to help with a project."

Satana wrinkles her nose at the mention of Hellstrom and she smirks. "Mates? An Aussie, then." she declares, moving back around to check on the table arrangement. "And Daimon is my brother. I'm also a Hellstrom. So which project did they mention to you, Elsa?"

An eyebrow goes up, Topaz knows the name, through mutual acquintances. Her eyes follow the nod to the door going downstairs then back to Elsa "I wondered who tripped my wards. I will have to attune them to the the others." the last sentence is more a reminder to herself "Yes, Brother Voodoo and I go back quite a bit." she grins at Satana "To bad we cannot pick our family."

As Topaz speaks the waitress on duty comes to the bar and sets Elsa's sandwich in front of her, then wanders off to check on the other customers.

"Not oversized like everything in the states." Elsa says with a grin. She takes a bite, chews and swallows. "Heaven. Ta to the cook." She glances over at Satana. "Figures. You both have that 'I'll take you to hell but you'll be so busy having a bloody good time you won't notice' look to you. And I'm an American citizen, love. Just spent so much time in England that I picked up the accent."

"Yes, I cut a deal with the sandwich place next door." Topaz fills another glass of the british ale for Elsa. "That is an apt way to put it Elsa." her own indian accent, though muted by years of living in the states, makes certain words sound strange, yet more pleasing than if said with an american one.

Satana chuckles softly. "Actually I was just there, which is probably why I haven't heard of you." she replies. "No internet." Easing back over to the bar, she climbs up onto a stool beside Elsa. "So what brings you here, then? My brother?"

"You likely've heard of my da." Elsa explains. "Ulysses Bloodstone." She takes another bite. Swallows a bit more beer. Then she says, "I was in the city hunting down weregators. A small clutch was eating people down near Chinatown. Figured I'd stop in for a snack." She smiles at Satana. "Glad I did. Always like good company."

Satana looks from the blonde to behind the bar, where the baseball bat lurks, then back again. "You hunt weregators with a baseball bat? I'd at least use a golf club, myself." she offers. "And yeah, Ulysses Bloodstone rings a bell."

Elsa taps the bartop, then points to the baseball bat. "With a lot of werecritters, a good dose of silver does the job. With gators, though, you need to get through their hide. Good way is to use a blunt weapon. Soften them up. Beat them down long enough to pull out a knife and pound it in. Bat makes a good hammer, too."

Satana chuckles again, shaking her head. "My methods are... different... from yours." And she doesn't elaborate, at least for the moment. "Then again, I don't make a habit of stomping around in the city sewers, either."

Elsa grins. She takes a moment to polish off her sandwich before licking the crumbs from her fingers. Then she also polishes off the beer. "Mmmm. Delicious. I miss the days I could get buzzed, though. Nothing wrong with different, love. We both got what we got from our da, right? Just you got the nose twitching witchcraft and I got... very healthy."

Giving Elsa an understanding look, Satana nods slowly. "That makes sense, now." she offers. "So the boys wanted to bring you in as some extra muscle, then? What have they told you about our little... situation?"

"Lilith." Elsa says. "I've looked her up. Dad had some run-ins with her over the centuries." She shakes her head. "Bad news. Good news is, I'm aces up against freaks. Got a house full of weapons, plenty of strength and agility and..." She reaches over and, if allowed, takes Satana's hand. Uses one of those well cared for nails to slice a line from just inside her elbow down to her wrist. Hissing as the blood flows out. She heals fast, though. Very fast. The wound seals in a matter of seconds, with the blood the only evidence it existed.

Satana wrinkles her nose again, nodding to that. "We've all got our strengths, Elsa." she replies, watching the flesh knit back together. Raising a hand, her fingers lengthen and grow an extra joint, in addition to sprouting wicked talons. And just as quickly, her flesh fades back into human form. "The last Lilin was a teleporter. Very fast. Faster than me, even."

Elsa watches and nods. "Makes sense. That's why this is going to be a team job, right? Deal with things that none of us can handle alone? Or make it easier, anyway." She picks up a napkin and wipes up the blood. "The way I figure it, three birds as awe-inspiring sexy as us? We can handle anything. Especially with two blokes who prefer to show off their chests as much as possible."

Satana laughs, reaching out to pat Elsa's cheek. "Well one of those blokes is my brother, Elsa. I won't get in your way, but I don't wanna hear about it either." Winking, she continues. "But yeah, I won't complain about the sights."

"Maybe he'll get in your way." Elsa mumurs with a faint smile. Then she slips up to her feet. "I'll need my bat back. Time to go. Got homework, if you can believe it. A term paper to finish and turn in before the end of the semester."

Having been buy with phone calls regarding a sick employee and problems over shipments of the various supplies that bars need for daily business, Topaz returns to the two women at the end of the bar. "Leaving already?" she asks retreiving the make use weapon and handing it over "Hopefully next time my work will not intrude so much.

Satana watches as the blonde turns to leave, offering a finger-wave. "Hours are posted on the door." she offers to Elsa. And once the hunter has gone, she turns towards Topaz and asks. "So did -you- tell the boys we were looking for some added muscle? Not that I don't trust her, but I'm just getting to know her."

"Another time. I'll be here again. The kilometers aren't a problem." Elsa grabs her bat and lays it across her shoulders, sliding her arms around it. "I'll see you both later." She locks eyes with both women, giving them each a smile. Then she heads out.

There is a subtle shake of her head at the question as Topaz watches Elsa leave, "I was not told of it no, but I will not object. When dealing with Lilith and her children the more muscle the better." she cleans up the spot at the bar just vacated "She has a reputation of getting messy jobs like that done, usually cleanly, but not always. I would rather have her with us than against us.

Satana watches the door, nodding slowly to that. "Well it's not like our first Lilin was exactly a neat-freak." she offers, remembering how the teleporter just kept blinking around the room and slashing out at patrons. "I agree with you, though. If she's been down in the sewers swatting weregators or whatever with a baseball bat, I'm happy to have her on the team. Not sure if I want her at my back, yet, like you said."

"I could say that about quite a few people I have worked with in the past, and some I am working with now." of course she doesn't mean Satana, if she did she would have made that clear earlier and would not have hired her to work at the bar, "I trust her, for the time being. There was no falsehood in her words that I can pick up and she is as forthcoming as the rest of us." seems like that is a common trait in female magik-weilders.

Satana folds her arms beneath her bosom, leaning a hip against the bar with a nod. "Yeah? Alright, then. That's good enough for me." After another moment, she moves back to arranging tables and chairs. "So we have a new band tonight, boss?"

Topaz arranges a few things behind the bar "Not tonight. Though I will be trying Witch Hazel on Friday and Hexxen on Saturday." she makes a gesture to the stage "Geneivive," the jazz singer "will be doing happy hour tonight. Have you seen her yet? She is very..." she ponders a good way to describe the woman "Jessica Rabbit?

Turning over chairs, Satana pauses at the description of Geneivive to laugh softly. "Oh -very- nice. We should probably expect my brother to drift in, then. He likes 'em that way." Smirking, she adds. "I'll see about working close to the stage tonight. You know, in case the crowd gets a bit too friendly."

"And very french...though that may work to his advantage." Topaz nods to Satana "Good idea, some of the drunk business men last time were getting a bit vocal during her perfomance. Feel free to remind them that if they want ladies to remove clothes they can find that elsewhere. In whatever means you like, but please not to messy. We do have to clean the place.

Satana chuckles at that, gaze flickering. "Oh, you know me. I'll be discrete. And I'll throw the husks out into the dumpster." She winks at that, finishing with the chair setup. "I'll also protect her from my brother's... interest. Even if my own motives are admittedly less than pure." Shifting subjects again, she offers. "We'll have to compare notes with Elsa sometime, too. It's always good to know what skillset you have along on a hunt."

Topaz makes a gesture downstairs "I may have something on her father in my library. I would have to guess he was integral in her training. You are welcome to take a look if you have the desire." she leans forward elbows on the bar "I am sure she will return in a day or two. If not I could send her a summons." she grabs the glass that the woman drank from, which hasn't been washed yet and uses a napkin to wipe the rim "Just in case.

The red-haired demoness grins, moving back to the bar to climb up onto a stool again. "Oh, I don't think you'll have to do that. She'll be back, alright." And yes, she notes the wiping of the glass. A saliva sample should be all that's needed, true enough. "All the same, we can work the summons together. I'd like to try on your little power trick sometime, anyway."

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