A Hand For The Blind

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Firestar, Blindfold

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12/08/12 4:22

Central Park

Angelica Jones happens by Ruth while sketching ice sculptures in Central Park, the two begin a budding friendship

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Blindfold was walking around with Jean looming over her, even a headmistress needed some time out and about. Tapping her cane on the ground she was sneaking a feel of an ice sculpture with her well gloved hands. Most people got upset if you touched the sculptures, for fear of melting.

In her off time from high school and superheroing, Angelica Jones is something of an aspiring artist, so she as well took the time to come and admire the ice sculptures. And while she admired, and jotted down some reference sketches in a sketchbook held in her left hand and a pencil in her right, she spots Ruth and edges carefully towards the obviously blind girl trying to 'see' a sculpture, "hey, I don't mean to intrude, but it's an angel with its wings spread, sitting on a half crescent moon. It's a real beautiful work."

Blindfold turns her head, her cheeks blushing unwittingly "Oh dear, I'm sorry if this is your sculpture I wasn't trying to do any damage, please forgive me yes. I've heard of angels but...I've never felt one, yes thank you" reaching a hand up along the sculture lightly searching the features as her hand traveled upward "As beautiful as words can be somethings are easier to see then describe and sometimes words can't do sights justice"

"I do some ice sculpting myself, but this one isn't mine, no need to apologize...how else would you see it," Angel reaches to lightly put a reassuring hand on Blindfold's shoulder, just so she has a sense how close she is. "It must be difficult not being able to appreciate art with your own eyes, I hope my description was good enough." Tilting her head a bit, Angelica offers, "if you like, I could make one that you could touch as much as you like, so you have a good understanding of it." Angel reaches to lightly guide Blindfold's hand as she reaches to feel more of the angel, "you're right, especially someone like me, I'm not too good with words. Well, I do the best I can. Forgive me for asking, but have you always been blind?"

Blindfold turns her head toward the woman with a warm smile "Thank you yes, it's quite lovely" smiling as she lets the woman guide her hand "Oh I couldn't possibly impose on you to make a sculpture for me" then chuckles "I'm Ruth, it's nice to meet you Miss. Oh it's alright I don't mind, I was born blind due to a birth defect, yes thank you"

"I love to make art, it's when I'm most at peace, making a sculpture for you would be my pleasure...Ruth," Angelica says with a warm smile, even if the smile cannot possibly be seen by Ruth, "I am Angelica, but my friends call me Angel, I'd love it if we could be friends." There's a bit of a bitter undertone to Angel's voice, clearly touched by what she hears about Blindfold's condition, "I can't imagine facing a hardship like that...so many things that you can't truly understand...I wish there was a way for me to describe everything to you."

Blindfold smiles "Thank you I'd appreciate it and this is Miss Grey, I'd love to be friends, thank you yes" then tilts her head with a perplexed expression "It doesn't hold me back, I function quite well. Museums and art might not be places I can fully enjoy but most things you can do so can I, thank you yes. I was born this way but it doesn't get in my way. I can weave a basket underwater, weave lace and other things, we all have obstacles in our life to overcome, being blind is mine, yes thank you please"

Looking at the woman from afar, Angelica blinks, and then looks at Blindfold again, "Miss Grey? You mean Jean Grey?" Angel asks, curious, wondering if perhaps the girl has more to her than just her blindness, if she's in the company of Jean Grey. "Why do you keep thanking me, Ruth?" Angel asks curiously, before offering, "I would like to make you a few small wooden sculptures, if you don't mind, maybe to give you some reference for some objects...would you like me to do that? I'm not looking to insult you, just help, if I can."

Blindfold smiles brightly "Yes, the very same, thank you" confirming it was indeed Jean grey. Then shrugs shyly "It's polite and no matter who you speak with there's no excuse for not being polite, yes please. I'd like some wooden sculptures, it'd be appreciated thank you yes"

"Are you a student at Xavier's?" Angel asks next, without asking anything too personal on whether Ruth is a mutant or not. Angel can't help but giggle faintly at Blindfold's explanation on her constant saying of 'thank you', and hesitantly reaches to hug her, "I'm sorry, but you're such a good soul, I just have to hug you, Ruth."

Blindfold nods smiling "I am yes thank you Angel" giggling shyly as she returned the hug "Thank you, that's sweet of you to say, yes. I just..think...everyone has enough bad things in their lives I don't need to add being nasty to it, yes please"

"I have met my share of not so nice people in my life, so I cherish every chance I get to meet someone as good as you, Ruth," Angel says with a warm smile on her lips. "I agree, too many people want to add nasty things to everyone's lives. We need more people like you." Looking at her wrist watch, Angel sees she needs to get going, but does turn to look at Ruth again as she says, "I need to go, Ruth, but I will come to visit you in Xavier's when I have the first sculpture ready! Have fun!"

Blindfold nods "Exactly, life throws enough bad things at people, others don't need to contribute, thank you yes" smiling brightly with a wave to the woman "I'll meet you again then , thank you yes!"

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