A Hair Raising Experience

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Hair Raising

Beta Ray Bill, Phantasm, Rex Gregson

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06/23/12 20:00

Upper East Side - Hotel

Rex and a bandmate are attacked in their hotel room, the attackers are in for a wolfishly shocking experience

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-----==[ Upper East Side - New York ]==---------------------------------------

The Upper East Side is one of the most expensive residential areas in the entire United States. Here you will find high rise apartments, overpriced high rise condos and the occasional mansion - though most are no longer private residences, occupied instead by exclusive clubs for the immensely wealthy, or embassies such as Latveria's taking advantage of the proximity to the UN. The businesses in the area are suited to that clientele - elite boutiques, expensive restaurants, art galleries, and so on. Most buildings in the area reach 20 to 40 floors, and the more expensive boast views of Central Park or of the river. Limousines are regularly seen among the taxis that crowd the streets - as, closer to the park, are horse-drawn carriages.

It was still chaotic in New York City as the citizens and services work to recover from the sudden and short attack on the big apple. There was still trails of smoke rising to the sky, a few bodies in the streets and chaos all over. Rex had managed to barricade herself with some of her crew. After the creatures had been banished, she had emerged... but it hadnt been quite safe yet.

Her along with one of her crew were now currently held at gunpoint in the hotel room, visible through the windows there. She was quite pale, a little bit shakey and still face-blotched form the acid earlier that week.

*CRASH* One of the four men with the guns threw something out the window, letting it tumble to the street. She winced. That was an EXPENSIVE amplifier. The guys were wanting more visible valuables though "I swear damnit, I dont HAVE jewelery. or drugs!"

With New York just starting the process of recovering from the- unpleasantness of the past couple of days it hasn't been a slow time for anyone who does the hero-ing around the city. This includes the ones that don't exactly have their name known around the city, be it by design or not. A purplish black raven flies about, looking to the scenery below. The bodies that lay still upon the street are left to others. He's already checked upon them before. There's nothing he can do for those. Instead, the bird is looking for those of the more active variety. Rex's voice raising up does cut through the distractions, causing for Phantasm to pretty much put the air brakes on. Standing in mid air, cartoonishly so, the bird's head tilts, looking in the direction the voice came from. "Fff-." Wings flap and the bird changes directions.

The sky is still clouded and grey...strangely -specific- torrents of rain have lashed down all over the city from time to time, quenching fires here and there. The alien thunder-god has been busy indeed, the matters of godhood having drawn his attentions, he left Olympian matters to the Olympians, as per the ancient pact of non-interference Asgard has with the other pantheons...still, he does what he can to help, and it has kept him busy, this precision. He cannot blanket the city in storm without interfering with rescue workers too much...

Rex Gregson cringes a bit and backs up... conveniently onto the balcony of her rooms. She had already hadned over her cash - her credit cards useless it seems in America (and still working on changing them over.). The guys though weren't satisfied with this at all as the rock star steps out onto the rain, hands still raised "Dudes, you have a few thousand in cash AND my keyboard. Just take it and go already!"

She didnt see the bird fly by nearby, and the rain was the LEAST of her problems right now as well.

Wings flapping even more, the bird picks up speed as the other rocker's appearance at the balcony helps with guiding him to the right window. Leveling, he actually aims himself at Rex's back, focusing upon the task at hand. Momentum made, the form shifts into something a litle bit larger, and a little bit more toothy. Upon his snout reaching the female musician, there's not even a poke as his nose and body fully passes through her. Promptly becoming tangible enough to knock down one of the men. The wolf's paws land on the floor, spinning the canine around as he bares his teeth meanacingly to the gun men.

Interesting...a crash from below. Senses that are a bizarre amalgam of alien technology and Asgardian "magics" pinpoint the location. Shining white eyes peer down from the sky and a cold wind whips downwards, flowing across the balcony...a wolf, yes...Bill knows those, he has run across them often enough in Asgard, a woman backing away...obviously the situation is...problematic.

The wind follows him down, cold and heavy with moisture, and he drifts down to pause, golden hammer whirling, shedding electrical arcs as he hovers in the air, perhaps 30 feet from the balcony itself...better that than to charge in and possibly get someone hurt - the innocents under threat must come first...to those below, it must be a bizarre sight, as someone -like- Thor, but with a strange, equine death's head drops into view.

Hands still up, Sombre Tyrannosaur cringes again as she sees one of te gun men brutally club her bandmade down, knocking him to the floor. She puts a hand over her mouth in distress... and then a wolf explodes out of her chest. Shrieking in shock her face pales even more as she remains frozen to the spot. Electricy crackles to one side of her vision, but all her eyes were on the now-shocked gunman with a great wolf sitting on top of him.

"THe hell! The bitch is a witch!" he shriekd, reachign to grab at the dogs' face and try and pull him off.

The other two look up, eyes widening as Bill became visible, his countenance QUITE recogniseable, even if the details were not. They both lifted their own stolen hand guns to aim, but not fire yet "C... Call off, and we'll go without a problem." one stammers.

The wolf's face moves back, avoiding the extended hand as he hops off of the gun man, shifting to where the four would have to look away from Rex in order to keep an eye on him. There's a low rumble of a growl eminating from the creature as the dark eyes pointedly just look to the four intruders. The lips hike up, emphasizing the teeth. They look rather sharp and likely not something they want to bite down on them. Ok yes, FINE, the guy with the lightning powers might be scarier. But hey! TEETH! GRR!

Outstretched guns? Metal...Beta Ray Bill's people are highly advanced in the realms of science and really, it's just foolish. His golden hammer swings up, still whirling about, and twin bolts of shockingly white-gold lighting sizzle through the air, trailing the reek of ozone and the *SNAP-HISS* of an exploding wire as they surge -past- Rex on either side, causing her hair to stand on end and the air to buzz, and strike the metal weapons, grounding out through the thugs...it isn't enough to incinerate them...might not even stop their hearts. Bill has learned that on this world, these matters are often best handled with a far more merciful touch.

This day was just getting more and more traumatic for the rock star as the two bolts zip by her, making her cower slightly as the two thugs were electrcuted before they could turn to the fearsome wolf before them. one shrieks before his body seized up. The other one had the gun explode in his hand as the electricity set off the last round in it. But suddenly, the last of the bullets were discharged randomly in ANY direction - six shots total between the two - as their tightened muscles pulled down on the triggers and held them there.

At the sharp sounds, Rex yelped and dove forwards, landing facedown and out of danger, hopefully. But she was biting back some pain... yeah, she got hit.

The thug that had previously been downed by Phantasm rolls to his feet, in time to see his two mates getting shocked. He blanched, looking from the giant wolf to the Thor Impersonator and back again, uncertain what the best plane of action to do would be in this circumstance. The fourth thug, the one still in the room somewhat, glances to the first and shook his head. The other one scowled, only toget another headshake.

The wolf growls, looking to the one getting to his feet and then to the other thug. Feet shifting, he moves, shifting himself between the one on the floor and Rex. The tail hangs low as the head lowers as well, but the teeth are OH SO MUCH STILL THERE. Snarling, the wolf slowly moves towards the one closest to Rex, seemingly in an attempt to herd the crook, and possibly the other one away from that side of the hotel room.

Funny enough, not a single bullet hit the wolf. Huh.

Well, except for the one in the floor near where it's standing, but it doesn't look like it's bleeding.

Bill's eyes narrow dangerously as the woman is shot, careless...and his sense of responsibility translates to a fearsome sense of anger and outrage at the perpetrators who still stand. He surges forward, landing heavily on the balcony, shaking the floor, and immediately stepping inside, his cape drifting by Rex as he deliberately steps in front of where she lies.

His words roll like distant thunder, "Surrender. NOW." The air is pregnant with the hum of an approaching lightning bolt, hair stands on end, and the cold wind returns, stirring the clothes of the two remaining attackers. Should they attack, he is hoping they will be so terrified they will aim solely at him.

The woman remained facedown, hands over her head protectively as she listens to this, rather soaked and wearied at this point. WAy too much stimuli this day. And a really bad week overall. She should just go back to England, really...

The ringleader steps back, his gun turning towards Bill carefully as he lets himself be herded into the hotel room by the two heroes "Let us go, and we'll cause no more trouble!" he returns to Bill, his voice wavering only a small amount. The other one, behind him, lowers his gun right away, not saying a word. The other two were quite down for the count, one huddled about his wounded hand, watching the dog fearfully.

The wolf's attention turns to the one who is still trying to negotiate. The response is pretty similar to before with the brandishing of teeth, with the exception of one. "There's a lot that can be done that won't kill you," the wolf growls out in a low, somewhat distorted manner, a claw slashes in the man's direction. "Give up."

"I don't recall offering a bargain." Bill says dangerously, his voice cold like the wind that even now builds slightly, but only towards the two thieves who remain standing as a speaker throbs to life, sending out random thrums and cracks as golden lighting dances in tiny arcs across the head of the now clearly-seen hammer with its spike and hatchet-back. Clearly not a merciful weapon. "Surrender, and you live." is all the alien 'god' follows up with.

It was down to the ringleader now, who was shaking quite badly. He looks from the wolf, to Beta ray, then back again. He looked to his 'partner', who had put his gun down carefully on the floor, and then back again, shaking badly. Finally he utters a curse, and tosses the gun over the balcony, where it dissapears into the blackness of the storm.

Surrender pretty much taken care of, The wolf's demeanor changes. Teeth no longer exposed, the four legged furball moves over to the 'partner', reaching a paw over to the gun on the floor. The paw shifts into a hand, pulling it away as the rest of the wolf changes into a hooded figure. "Good boy." He mumurs, making sure that any usable firearms are out of reach of the gunmen. Glowing eyes peer from the shadow to look over towards Rex, and then over to a room phone.

Rex Gregson lifts her head finally at this, blinking a few times. She climbed to her hands and knees... there was a rip in her shirt. One of the bullets had grazed her and she looked a wreck if only because she was soggy, tired, and half-terrified out of her mind. She sits back, sighing deeply as she nods "Thank you, thank you thank you..." in a weary voice to both of them.

The bizarre, alien figure turns, cloak sweeping out behind him as he takes a step and kneels by the fallen woman. His ferocity falls away and he does his best to look nonthreatening...perhaps that's a bit difficult, but his voice and eyes are full of gentle concern, "Careful...you are hurt." he says, looking her over, "I am sorry, my carelessness almost cost you dearly." he apologizes.

Her green eyes glanced down, then widened a bit. Then her pale hand covered up the wound '... So I am..." she notes, sounding surprised. Then the pain hit, and she winced visibly and sat back "... Uhm... Its okay. You meant well." she replies, to reassure the big, rather strange person.

The last goon remained standing. He glanced to the door temptingly as it seems attention was off him, but then common sense struck him and he lowered his head. The third one looked to the other two, shuffling that way to try and make sure they weren't dead... obviously more than just mugging partners "Hey Joe. You awake? " he snaps his fingers in one of their faces.

Phantasm reaches over to the phone and upon lifting it up from the reciever, he hits a solitary button. After waiting a few moments, he finally speaks into it, "Hey, there was a break-in at this room..." He pauses, glancing to the phone's dial pad. "Yes. That's it. We're going to need medical attention and police." Another pause, "...probably another room with a better lock too."

"I shall remain here until they arrive." Bill says evenly, "Remain calm." he says to Rex, "It seems our shapechanging friend here has the rest of this matter handled." He does take a moment to spare the still-standing would-be thieves a withering look, "And it seems they know enough to behave themselves until the authorities arrive."


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