A Good Old Angst Fest

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Wolfsbane and Mirage

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Grounds - X-Mansion

Mirage confides in Wolfsbane and other stuff

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-----[ Southern Grounds - Xavier Estate ]-----

Beautifully manicured, this expanse of lush green land offers a scenic view of opulent gardening design. Hedges, flower gardens, pathways, small ponds and even rock gardens are featured here.
This area encompasses the immediate region to the south of the mansion. Here one can access the hedge maze and the mansion itself through the side entrance. To the northeast is the Eastern Grounds, to the northwest is the Western Grounds and to the immediate south is the southern forest.


It's a quiet day at the Mansion...well there are no Sentinels wrecking the place and the students are all in classes, so it's as quiet as it ever gets. The sun is shining and it isn't to hot so outside is a nice place to be. Especially if you need some peaceful downtime away from the stress of team politics, etc.

This is where Dani can be found, she only teaches the one class so far, and that one doesn't meet everyday so she takes advantage of her day off. She is sprawled out on the grassy lawn, her asgardian war poodle nearby chewing on a rawhide chew toy. They are both resting and relaxing after playing a vigorous game of fetch.

The link is stronger before either woman is in sight of the other as Wolfsbane walks closer to the southern part of the grounds, knowing Dani's there. She hasn't had anything to teach and in the aftermath of the mansion's destruction and rebuilding, some decisions have been postponed. Mostly, she's been training more than she had for a while. It may be there's a need to get back into better fighting shape.

Upon coming into sight of the Cheyenne and the strange war poodle that has a lot more to it than one would think, she continues closer. "Hullo, Dani. How's yuir friend?"

Upon sensing the arrival of her friend Dani sits up and waits for her eniment arrival "Hey Rahne." she gestures to the lawn "Pull up a peice of ground." she smiles up at the scottish woman "He's good." she assumes that Rahne is talking about the poodle, "But I can't say the same about my room. He chews on everything." she doesn't seem overly upset about it. As Rahne approaches the tiny poodle in question jumps up and begins to pounce around Rahne's feet barking in his own welcoming way.

"Better yuirs than mine," Rahne answers, having left the costume behind in exchange for loose clothes, shirt and shorts while going barefoot as is often her usual when in the fur. The dog's yapping draws a curious tilt of her head before she reaches down to rub between its ears, then she sits. "I wonder what he thinks o' me," she begins.

Dani isn't in her costume today either, just her usual cutoffs and sleeveless shirt and is barefoot as well "He likes the way you smell, you smell better than anyone else he has meet." she answers as she looks at the dog enjoying the petting "Even me. You are pack." she leaves the answer at that.

Wolfsbane sniffs, not the sniff of a dog but of someone seemingly expressing some thought. "I suppose ye're right about tha' in some way, but he can still sleep in yuir room," she says with a small grin, hand idly near the..war poodle. "Yuir Valkyrie friends have an odd sense o' humor though, I think." Then it's right into another subject. "Tell me what's going on with X-Factor. I've heard a lot. Th' rescue, breaking off from th' government.."

Dani gives a sigh and a frown, through the link can be felt a turmoil of emotion, hurt, anger, betrayal, it's not as strong as it once was but it is still there, and the dog seems to feel it too, he lets out a low whine, "That was a big charlie foxtrot, Rahne. I almost up and left the team." shoulders sag "I didn't, I couldn't, not with everyone else staying and giving Alex a second chance.

"Charlie foxtrot?" It may be Rahne is not up on the meaning of that, but the emotions that cross over are enough to tell her how bad it was, a frown forming even as she gives the dog a look. Must be that link, and she rests a hand against its back. "I helped find th' clothing th' messages were hidden in, but I was na involved with any o' th' rest. Everyone hates Alex noo?"

"That's what Leyu told me. I know that was the extent of your involvement and I know everyone." well Leyu, Sybil and herself, "is grateful for it." shaking her head "It doesn't appear that way, except maybe Leyu, I haven't asked her straight out, but I know she will never trust him again." she doesn't hate Alex, she is just seriously not happy with him and not sure she can trust him either. She also feels a bit estranged from the team. Alex and Kurt have thier bromance. Leyu and Sybil have whatever they have going on. Dani on the other hand, while a functional team member on missions, really doesn't fit with the social dynamic of the team. All her feelings on that come through the link at the simple question.

Wolfsbane exhales, glancing down at the war poodle again. Somehow its mere presence and the knowledge of what it is makes everything a touch less serious. Doesn't mean it's light and silly, not right now. "Maybe they did what they had tae do, but I'm na sure why they had tae be so secretive about it," she answers, and even if she doesn't know all the specifics of what's going on between the people involved, the overall mood is clear. "If ye're na happy about yuir place there, quit X-Factor. I was na gaunae be a part o' it as long as there was any connection tae th' government, but it sounds like there are bigger problems than just tha'."

"I can't, I already told Alex I'd stay. He even apologized." which Dani finds shocking in itself "I can't back out. Besides they need me. Like on the last mission, they couldn't have taken Sabretooth without me..." she pauses, "At least not without major casualties." with her loyalty to her team and friends is not only a perk but a flaw and prevents her from just up and quitting.

"Oh." That throws Rahne for a loop, though she knows all about her friend's loyalty. It's part of why now the wolfen woman seems a bit torn on what to do. "Well, I've na officially joined th' X-Men yet, with all that's been going on lately." She leaves it hanging there but it's easy to tell the conflict inside.

Dani is conflicted too, as much as she would love Rahne on the team she knows about all the stuff that happened with the former team, Alex and Genosha, etc and wouldn't want to put her friend in a position where she feels uncomfortable "Were things with the New Mutants this complicated? Or is just enough years have passed that the emotional connection to the complications have faded?" she doesn't answer the question. Rahne knows her feelings on the which team to pick issue and isn't going to pressure her into a decision..okay maybe a little, but not much.

Wolfsbane's attention flickers between Dani and the dog, perhaps wishing she was scritching the ears of someone else. Ahem. A little something surfaces in her thoughts before she pushes it back down. It's the Asgard connection, surely. "We were na old enough for it tae really matter back then," she says. "We were all just focused on learning things an' graduating someday, na which team we wanted tae be a part o' going forward."

"Boy were we dumb. Anxious to grow up, wishing it would go by faster..." not that Dani wants a repeat of it, there are parts she would just rather forget "I'll just have to deal with it." she glances down at her hands, trying to get a grip on herself, "Stick to the missions and try to keep all socializing on a professional level." which is definately not how things were done back in the old days and it is something she will miss.

"We wanted tae prove ourselves an' na be seen as just th' X-Babies," Rahne admits, the words true enough. "Noo there's th' two X-Men teams, X-Factor, even X-Force oot there doing things. I'm still na sure where I want tae be in th' end." It's her confession, an admission of uncertainty. "It'd be nice tae be an X-Man, but a big part o' me misses working together with ye."

Dani nods at it all, "I miss having you around to." its easy to day, not that she could hide it with the bond they share, "And we could also use a scrapper and I know no one else on the team would have a problem with you being there." she doesn't say it but it is clear that having Rahne on the team would make it easier for her.

It isn't difficult to see that Rahne continues to debate with herself over what to do about this. "An' it sounds like Alex needs someone else tae help keep him in line," she says dryly. "Because if he ever tries tae hide anything from me, he'll hear about it." So there. "Logan's already on th' Blue Team an' I'm na sure what good there is having me there with him. Maybe I'll talk more with Scott an' see what he thinks. I guess..Alex, tae." It could be enough time's gone by that it's a conversation that's needed.

Finally a smile comes to her face, "Oh he heard about it all right, Leyu gave him a peice of her mind," she pauses the smile reaching her eyes "I gave him a peice of my right fist." that makes her feel at least a bit vindicated.

This causes Wolfsbane to grin. She's somewhat known for possessing a good gut-punch of her own. Just ask Sam. "I hope he learned a lesson. I still dinna know what tae think o' Sybil but it was na right tae put Leyu through what they did."

Nodding as well as sending her mental agreement, "I wasn't sure about Sybil when she was first brought to the team." she leans back on her elbows "But what she went through and sacrificed to bring down the corrupt organization, well that makes her okay in my book."

"Does tha' mean ye trust her?" Wolfsbane asks, a somewhat important distinction in how she may go about thinking of the woman from now on. While she listens and takes in the things through the link, she goes back to giving more attention to their unique 'friend.'

"More so than Alex at this point." enough so that she even cut some of her hair off so the woman could make herself a wig to cover her baldness. Her hair falls to just below her shoulders, barely long enough for a proper braid. She does like the new look and it made both Sybil and Leyu happy so she doesn't regret it.

Wolfsbane's hair would be the wrong color for that, but it's closer to the small of her back now. So much longer than it was when she was a New Mutant. "I'll remember tha', then," she nods, then it seems she's at a bit of a loss with what to say next. Finally, she wonders, "Have ye heard anything more about th' bear?"

She shakes her head, the question bringing up another whole set of emotions in her, mostly worry and concern, "Nothing. And it seems like all the victims will be okay, even the last one we saw." she lifts a shoulder into a shrug "I guess the Demon is giving me time to act on his warning before he does anything. Though I'm still not sure what he meant.

Concern is also felt from the shifter as Rahne frowns. "I dinna like tha' one bit but ye know ye can count on me, whatever ye need with any o' tha'." They were all sure the thing was gone for good.

"Another good reason to stay with the team." Dani comments sounding at least positive and she is certainly feeling better now that she has had someone to talk to about it, "I know if the Demon Bear shows up again you won't be the only one at my side.

"Well..th' alternative I was gaunae suggest would be talking tae Scott an' seeing if ye could join me," Rahne says with a brief smile, adding, "But I'd rather be on th' same team with ye nae matter which one it is, if we can."

Sitting up again Dani leans over to give her friend a brief hug, and pet the poodle in her lap "I'm sure Alex would be agreeable to you being on the team." she gets a mischeivious look on her face "And if not, I'll punch him.

Yes, by then the dog has moved to be that much closer to the seated shifter and Wolfsbane's more aware of its weight relative to its small size. "Aye, but I still want tae talk tae Scott first an' see what he thinks. He did make me th' offer."

"Totally understandable. Scott deserves to have an opinion in the matter." note that she didn't imply he had a say in the matter, there is a bit of a difference, "I'm hoping that now that we have the scholl rebuilt and the after all the team is stable again I can focus on our feild trips. I think I will talk to Scott about going to Asgard first and then Limbo.

"Aye. I dinna want him tae see me as stringing him along," Rahne says, self-conscious about it as one might expect. Though, the mention of Asgard - something that had come up already in the past - brings forth a new sense of eagerness the wolfen can't keep out of her emotions. "I..well, let's hope we can," she coughs, looking down at the dog again.

Dani seems to share that eagerness...not for Hrimhari but for Asgard in general or perhaps someone she was friendly with during her stay there...or else she is infected by Rahne's, probably both, "I could certainly use a diversion. Russia was nice, but shortlived and despite what others think, not all /that/."

"I just hope he's been well. We canna easily write," Rahne says, no question who she means, and that /would/ be pretty difficult to do given the complications in getting from one place to the other. "I missed Russia, but I've missed a lot o' things."

"It was just Alex, Kurt and I drinking with Winter Guard after the dropped off Sabretooth. Not much to miss." she grins "Ursa Major is looking good though." quite good and is probably who they (Kurt and Alex) think she had a good time with "He was the bear that was in the medbay a few months ago. The one we rescued in Canada."

The drinking wouldn't have involved Rahne, no doubt about that. Rahne finally helps guide the toy poodle out of her lap, which might be done with reluctance on one or both sides. "Oh, I might have seen him briefly," she answers. "There's just a lot I'm na in th' loop with when I'm more on muh own."

"Which is another reason you need to pick a team, be it X-Men or X-Factor." Dani seems concerned about that "With everything that has been going on lately it isn't good to be uninformed." she glances up to the Mansion "How about we go see is Scott has some time to talk with you....us." she is more than willing to be at the meeting for moral support if anything, but only if she is wanted. Getting to her feet the offers a helping hand up, so the two can go hunt down Scott.

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