A God and His Oracle

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Ares, Mockingbird

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06/25/12 21:30

Grapevine Cafe

Ares comes looking for Mockingbird after the New York invasion

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It's after the normal dinner hour, and Bobbi Morse finds peace and quiet in a cafe fairly near to the Mansion. She's tired, mostly from an intense workout in the Avengers' fight gym, so now she's drinking coffee and catching up on a few science journals. Wearing a tanktop, jeans, and boots, she wears her long coat over everything.

Who says that the God of War does not know subtlety? Does he appear in a swirl of preternatural power, stepping through a portal amongst the quiet diners within the confines of the restaurant and thus send them all into a panic? No. He steps through the door like anyone else, not making waves, and to most anyone he's a man of little remark save for his height.

He pauses there, the little bell in the doorway jangling. Ares turns to consider his surroundings, then espies Mockingbird. His features sharpen, then he starts to walk down the aisle.
A waitress calls out to him as he passes, "Be right with you, hon."
To which he holds up a hand and answers, "I'll be just a moment." And if she hadn't caught sight of him she might at the least recognize the gravelly voice.

It's habit, really. Habit borne of training. Bobbi hears the bell and she glances up to see who's stepping through the doorway. Glancing up, she recognizes the face and then looks back down to her reading. Taking a sip of coffee, it's like nothing happened.

Stepping across the way, Ares pauses by her booth and gestures with one hand to the seat opposite her. "Ms. Morse," He tells her levelly, "I will trouble you only a moment and then depart."

She doesn't look up, not even then. Turning the page, Bobbi offers. "You can sit, if you want. And I'll save you the trouble of explaning yourself, John. I've already seen the holo log." Only then does she look up, and gesture silently to the chair opposite.

"I had no intention of explaining to you. My impression was you had no wish to know aught." Ares takes a seat and settles down with his hands upon the table, interlacing his fingers before him. "And had already passed judgement."
He looks to the side and says quietly, calmly. "Because of your connection to me there are those who will wish you ill. I would speak to you of this." Ares looks back to her and for a time his eyes try to find hers.

Bobbi regards him with cool professionalism, now, blue eyes unwavering. "Your impression was right, John, and my opinion of your methods has not changed." Without taking her eyes off of him, she sips her coffee again. "Well I can't -imagine- who might wish you ill, after your part in remodeling and depopulating New York. But go ahead."

Normally he's so controlled, such a tempered blade held in check. One hundred years as a mortal taught him the need of such reticence, but now that contrl frays as he holds her gaze and says intently, "I never deceived you."
Those words hang there for a time. "I told you what I was. What I had done." There's a faint accusation in his voice, and what could almost be considered anger or even pain, but the blaze of his eyes prevents a true glimpse into his thoughts or feelings.
He shakes his head and he looks away.

Bobbi holds up a palm when he starts reminding her what he's shared and done. Drawing a deep breath, she exhales slowly. "I'm not going to get into this with you, John." she replies softly. "I'm not saying you lied to me about who you are or what your nature is like. I accepted that. I can handle that. But with this stunt in New York, yours was a sin of omission. And that's the kindest think I have to say about it." Another deep breath and she sips her coffee again. "Tell me more, or are you just going to leave with a crypic and general warning to watch my ass?"

A growl twists his features, "I could not give more warning, damn you." His features sharpen and for once there's a rage of fire. His hands gestures sharply to the side, "I could _NOT_, I was bound to Zeus, by oath, geas, ritual, and rite. Do you understand the risk I took? Understand what I had to endure to go to the Avengers that day and give what I could?"
His eyes narrow, "What I gave to you? Did ANY of you respect it? When madness broke out where were your Avengers? And you have the GALL to speak so to me?"

As he begins to rage, Bobbi remains impassive and just watches him for a moment. "John, I already said I'm not going to rehash that with you. We've plowed that ground already." she replies calmly. This is -her- game, now. It's why she's called Mockingbird. "Are you finished with your tantrum, now?"

"Yes, let us not trouble with matters such as facts or reality." Ares cants his head to the side. "But no, what should I have done, Mockingbird. What was the correct call?" He leans towards her, head canting to the side.

Bobbi shakes her head and smirks at his question. "Nope. Sorry. I'm not going down that path. I'm just not the Monday-morning quarterback type, John. But answer me this, if you will. Which of your divine family should I expect to come calling first?"

"You do not answer because you cannot answer. Because there was no better path. You just wish to cling to your anger and grief. I have had it up to here with you and yours coming before me in impotent rage, railing at me."
Ares smirks and there is indeed a wildness in his eyes, "Ares, why did you not warn us? Because I couldn't. Ares, why didn't you bring these mortals back to life? Because it doesn't work that way you idiot children."
He snorts and shakes his head, gesturing to the side, "Ares, why are you so mean. Couldn't you have saved the universe in some other less messy way that would let us feel not so bad and so inconsequential. No, mortal. I am sorry, I could not."
At that he plants his hands upon the table, "Your idealistic nonsense is offensive."

Bobbi purses her lips at his reply, watching his reaction and remaining impassive. Calm. "Impotent rage, is it? Take a look in the mirror, God of War. Your eyes are beginning to show." Taking another sip of coffee, she adds. "And I'm tired of your self-righteous rhetoric. I told you already that I was finished with you, and this does nothing to change that. If you're truly tired of us idiot children, then just get the hell outta here."

There's a small shake of his head, then he says simply. "I had wished you would understand." Then he looks to the side, features shifting faintly before he looks back to her. "In any case, I do fear that there could be two assassins tracking you. Beware of twins that move together as one, and an exceedingly thin individual. I do not know what form they would take otherwise."
He rests his hands upon the edge of the table and pushes himself to his feet. "If you have the chance, you can always have Dr. Strange divest you of any connection to me." He pauses, then adds. "Or any unpleasant memories." That said he turns to withdraw.

She regards him as he relays the warnings... premonitions... or whatever you wish to call them. Bobbi makes again with the game-face, and as he rises she replies simply. "Thanks for the heads-up, anyway." He doesn't need x-ray vision to see she's packing today beneath that long coat, and it's likely she'll be doing so for quite some time. A natural, post-combat reaction.

Quietly, Ares says, "Barbara. I know you despise me and would never do so. But whatever occurs, if you do need my aid. I will come." And when he says that he will not meet her gaze. He straightens up, adjusts his jacket. Then he turns and moves down the aisle towards the door, leaving his back to her.

Bobbi watches him go, waiting until the door closes completely before returning to her reading. She spends the next half an hour reading the same paragraph over and over. Fueled by adrenaline, her mind stirs to process what he said. As well as trying to sort out her feelings.

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