A Field Trip Gone Bad

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People are not who they are anymore.

Human Torch, Blindfold, Seth, Jean Grey, NPC: Trent Stone, Serena Deveaux

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07/16/12 13:00

USS Intrepid Museum Ship

People are not who they are anymore.

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The Hudson River, the USS Intrepid museum ship. An aircraft carrier converted to a floating museum. The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum holds exhibits such as the old lady herself, the submarine USS Growler, a Concorde SST and a Lockheed A-12 supersonic recon plane (the precursor to the famous SR-71 "Blackbird". Giving the tour is Executive Officer Trent Stone, a fine example of clean-cut American manhood. Square-jawed, perfectly scuplted jawline, deep blue eyes, and a friendly, yet commanding voice and demeanor.

Accompanying the celebrity Johnny Storm, is Chief Petty Officer Serena Deveaux, who fills out dress blues in all the right ways. She contacted him and asked if he'd come to the Intrepid to discuss a potential public appearance and promotion for charity between the United States Navy and the Fantastic Four.

Officer Stone speaks to the tour group led by the redheaded teacher "Since we were informed you'd be bringing a special-needs student-" obviously referring to Ruth, "-I asked the museum president to make a few exceptions for the young lady." he speaks both to Jean and to Ruth now, "Normally most exhibits can't be handled, but if you promise to take care, I think we can allow for some tactile examination." his delivery is friendly and inviting, and those blue eyes go to Jean for a moment, charmingly, at those last words.

Having gotten the invitation to come over for a discussion, Johnny made time to swing over after leaving his other job. Dressed in a specialy made FDNY shirt (Thanks Reed!) and just as specially made pants. (Once again, Thanks Reed! Without you, Johnny'd just burn through his clothing allowance like crazy!) Upon viewing his company for the time being, there's no wiping away the smile from his face. As she addresses him, he uses the excuse to look at her again, enjoying the view. "It's always good to meet a fan." He replies, offering her a hand. See?! Totally professional here! "And I'm sure we can find some arrangement that'll make both sides very happy."

"Thank you, Officer Stone. We really appreciate it," Jean responds to their tour guide, her tone friendly and expression bright. There is no better way to get students that have been confined to the mansion into the city than with a field trip. Jean Grey leaves her formal attire at the mansion today, wearing a casual green t-shirt with a red raptor on the front, jeans, and comfortable shoes. A small glance goes to the few students she has chosen to accompany her on this day, and then emeralds return to Stone. "Some of the students have been dying to get away from the school for a while, and I believe this would certainly be the best place."

Blindfold nods in the direction of the tour guide, almost bowing her head and smiles. Wasn't everyday you got to touch historical artifacts, ranked right up there with meeting a horse for the first time! her cane in one hand as she wore plain blue jeans, a purple shirt and blue blindfold over her..well where eyes would be, and comfy sneakers. "Yes, thank you sir, it's a rare priviledge to be afforded such an exception, I will take utmost care, thank you, please" her voice quiet and soft, shy

Taking a look around as he moves along with the group, is Seth. Hiding his mutation from the public, he's using a pair of pitch black sunglasses that cover his eyes. As for his hair, though... well, youngsters these days paint their hairs in the most awkward colors, and in his case, it's silvery white. He hasn't got much to say, to be honest, so he just remains silent, wanting to see where this is leading. But it's good to be out of the Mansion, though!

"No trouble at all, young lady." Officer Stone says brightly, "It's always a pleasure to see young people interested in our nation's history. One thing we can do - the space shuttle Enterprise is here, and we can let you get a feel of the heat resistant tiles on the underside. Get to handle something that's been out in space. You can brag to your friends on that one." he says encouragingly.

"Well, Johnny." Officer Deveaux says, casually laying a hand on his arm after the handshake, "We were thinking a choreographed aerial display with you and some of our pilots. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society would be the specific charity. It provides, financial, educational, and other assistance to members of the Naval Services of the United States - active and retired, their eligible family members, and survivors to achieve financial self-sufficiency and find solutions to emergency needs." she explains.

She steps a touch closer, "I'd love to see you in action, up close, sometime." she says smoothly.

Johnny's eyes follow Deveaux's hand towards his arm and lowers his hand as she ups the greeting to something a bit more intimate in manner. One side of his smile hikes up a bit higher than the other as her second part of the pitch comes in. "I'm- sure that could be arranged," He replies, "Both of those." The presence of the field trip group escapes Johnny's notice as he's a bit more preoccupied by the lady naval officer, "It will take a bit of coordinating... making sure that your folks and I are on the same wavelength. Last thing I'd want is for any of us to be off with our timing."

Even though she is still quite uneasy about space shuttles, Jean's smile maintains as Ruth speaks with Officer Stone, and the officer offers more than politeness to her student. Before things get started, Jean then turns back to her group, collecting a mental inventory of each of their presences. A brief observation later, her eyes stop on Seth, and the teacher maneuvers through the small gathering next to him. "How are you feeling, Seth?" she asks, wrapping an arm around his neck and laying it on his shoulder.

Seth continues looking around, then mumbles to the group he's with. "I thought this was supposed to be a field trip, not a lesson on double entendres and pick-up lines." He clears his throat some to stiffle his chuckle. Then more loudly, so that people can listen. "Oh, I'm fine Ms. Grey, thrilled to be here and sorta overwhelmed at all the museum items here shown."

Officer Stone favours the young man with the silver-white hair with a smile, "I know, a lot of the items on display here might surprise you. Lot of history in this grand old lady. Now, if you'll come this way, we can start the tour." he gestures to the ladies to go first, "In 1986, the USS Intrepid was declared an historical landmark. She was commissioned in 1943 and I think we can start the 'handling' portion of the tour with the bell at the entrance. It's the original signal bell from 1943. Oh, and speaking of space - Her notable achievements include being the recovery ship for a Mercury and a Gemini space mission." He gives the speech not with the tired, vaguely bored air of someone who's done this too often, but with a genuine interest and charm.

Meanwhile, over by Johnny, Officer Deveax notes, "Why don't we head down to my office and we can go over some basic details. You know how the paperwork for these sorts of things get...it might take a while to get all the details to fit, just so." She starts to lead him towards the edge of the deck, "Since the museum doesn't move anymore, we'll need clearance for the airspace over the Hudson. I'm sure the FF can handle -that-, considering they have a hotshot like you always flying around."

Blindfold hearing Jean's voice she manuevrs over to her and seth and speaks softly with a worried expression "Pardon me, ma'am, I hate to inerrupt, I'm sorry, my apologies." and wiggles her finger for Jean to lean in close, then whispers to Jean <I think we're in for some trouble, I'm sorry, My apologies ma'am. Explosions...fires on deck...unfortunately that's all I'm seeing at the moment, I'm sorry>

Johnny nods as he allows himself to be led over, "Your office is on th-" He pauses, shaking his head as he continues following, "Cle-" Hmm. Sounds like something the staff would handle. "I'm sure we have someone who can handle that but I'm finding it hard to believe a Navy backed cause would have difficulty with that if it's able to free up the planes and pilots for it."

Platinum earrings of an 'x' dance wildly as Jean nods to Seth's reply. Before she can respond, though, their guide interjects and the red-head is more than happy to oblige his comments. "Alright, guys, listen up and behave," she says to her group, eying Jubilation Lee during the latter of her comment. When she turns, Ruth is standing in front of her which shocks Jean somewhat. A hand rising to her chest as if to cool the mild pressure, the instructor wonders, "Is he to blame?" She points in the direction of the Human Torch, and then starts back to the front of the line at the officer's gesture. And they're walking...

Seth speaks again in a low voice for the group to hear. "Oh, I'm behaving, someone here isn't", discreetly pointing to the Human Torch. "Well, she lit his fire pretty good, but is that a flaming passion that will consume us all?" He looks at Johnny again, and again he's mumbling to the group. "I got a hard time believing it. Johnny Storm may be a hot-shot, but if he were a fire hazard, he'd be on the run from the law or in jail, not being loved by the people."

There is a snapping hiss and then a roar as a section of the deck erupts into flame, but not just caused by the explosion, the air is filled with threads and sprays of some burning liquid that splatter and land on the deck, starting to burn into the metal. Officer Deveax's hand tightens its grip on Johnny's arm at the commotion...healthy grip there, but then, she is in the armed forces, right?

Officer Stone looks towards the spreading flames and calls out "Everyone stay calm! We'll handle this situation! Please proceed toward the emergency exit in a calm and orderly fashion. Miss Grey, can you handle your student?" he indicates Ruth.

Seth wants to act, but he's not about to reveal himself without Jean's say so. He knows he's not a millionth as experienced as the X-Men, so he defers to his redhead teacher by means of asking her once Stone is out of the way. "Your instructions, Ms. Grey?"

Johnny's head turns at the sound of the explosion, drawing his attention away from the officer. "Wha-" He starts to move towards the commotion but finds his arm being jerked as his body may want to go forward but Deveax's grip isn't wanting his arm to. He glances back, giving a strained smile, "I got to go help. Let go." He tugs his arm once again now that he's clarified her need to let go.

Blindfold shakes her head to Jean "I do not think so...this..."and then the commotion starts and she flinches, moving closer to Jean with a yelp. Even when you knew what was coming, the sounds of what you couldn't see could still startle you "I'm sorry ma'am, my apologies, definitely not his fault"

Jean's hands spread out to her sides at the sounds of hissing, an explosion, and smoke slowly rising. Emerald eyes scan the vicinity around her, careful to take in the children she is chaperoning. At Stone's mention, Jean takes a long glimpse at Ruth before her words become reality, and the red-head curses silently at not heeding them sooner. "Go help the others," Jean answers, signifying that she has her charges. Turning towards them, she continues, "Alright! File out in an orderly fashion towards the emergency exit. Ruth--" Jean places her hands on the student's shoulders. "--you're with me, lets--"

A fist suddenly lashes out at Jean from an entirely unexpected direction. Officer Stone has dropped into a fighting stance and aimed a perfectly delivered right at the redhead's jaw. His expression has gone from heroically concerned to strangely blank. Worse still, there was no telepathic intent in his action at all.

Over by Johnny, Deveax's expression also remains cool, save for an eerily bright smile, "Sorry, Johnny, but you're staying - or rather coming - with me." Yet another deouble entendre, the fun never stops! And neither does she, as she leaps for the edge of the deck, her grip like iron on his arm.

Blindfold nods her head to Jean and puts a hand firmly on Jean's arm before taking a deep breath and hoping that she can see attacks coming...she hoped!

"HEY, WHAT THE HELL, MAN??!", Seth blurts out as his teacher is punched. As he nears Jean, he also pulls Ruth away from Stone's reach, which he does more hastily as the guy goes blank and into a fighting stance. "Oh, man! Oh man, this can't be good...!" Through the corner of his eye, he looks at Johnny to see how he's doing, to see Deveaux pulling him and making an abnormal leap for the edge of the deck. "This is definetely not good..." He wished he'd knew more, so he could act accordingly.

Mentally or physically, Jean did not see the fist coming, and as a result, she fell to the ground in agonizing pain. Manicured hands rose up to her mouth as the instructor assumes a fetal position, and a salty liquid falls from her eyes shortly afterward. She looks up from the ground at her attacker, shock instantly taking over her expression. Removing her hands, blood falls down the side of plump lips as she positions herself toward her student. "EVERYONE RUN NOW!" Her scream is inevitably heard, combining her voice in the minds of her students and their ears. Jean winces as she begins to get back up to her feet, stopping short into a crouch. She scans Stone telepathically to receive a blank spot, and instantly, Jean knew what she was going to have to do.

Johnny's weak-hearted smile dies completely as his his inner fan-detector is starting to blare a siren at the 'Misery' level. Not wanting to find out the equivalent of the sledgehammer and wooden blocks, he yanks his arm again before finding himself being pulled as she's leaping with him in tow. And despite her jumping towards the edge tugging him along, there's an odd look of relief upon Johnny's features as he opens his mouth. "FLAME ON!" Fire spreads all around, and his first reaction is to put what he can to redirect the jump the HELL AWAY FROM THE @#$@ing WATER!

Blindfold yelps as she stumbles, losing Jean as she's knocked down, then grabbed and pulled away by Seth as she clutches his arm, raising her cane upabove the floor as she didn't need it. Not that it would b very useful, bent now from the stumble.

Deveaux's grip, terrifyingly, does not falter as the Human Torch erupts into flame. Instead, an awful smell fills the air as synthetic flesh chars away, revealing composite ceramic and polymer 'bones' beneath. Jet black hair crisps at the edges from the radiant heat. She speaks, still in a delightfully flirtatious manner, "Now you've ruined the surprise, hot stuff. Agent Cheesecake, S.H.I.E.L.D. sexpionage LMD, at your...service." Oh how she puts so much into that last word. On the other hand, she's also maintaining her grip while sweeping a kick at Johnny's legs, trying to get him to crash to the deck, stop him flying away.

At the same time, 'Officer Stone', (actually Cheesecake's counterpart, Agent Beefcake) has drawn his sidearm and taken aim at the redheaded mutant lying in pain before him, "S.H.I.E.L.D. knows all about your school, Miss Grey. A shame you won't be around, but maybe it's better you don't get to see the other die." He sounds genuinely sympathetic as he says this - and he squeezes the trigger.

With the kick to the legs, it does cause for the burners to turn, and them as a result. Johnny sticks his other hand over to swat at the woman as he kicks his feet back in order, "HEY! QUIT IT!" He kicks his feet, aiming them to go up higher, and starting to get a bit hotter, "I'd like to cancel this service! Your package blows!"

"Okay, you heard the teacher! Let's get moving!", Seth exclaims, pointing to one of the emergency exits. He leads Ruth, and as he does so, he asks her, "Ruth, predict us a safe path out of here." He looks behind and notices Stone aiming his gun at Jean. "Go with the others! I'm right behind you!", he tells Ruth. He knows he should obey his teacher, but right now it's her in danger, and he's not going to sit idly by. So, he turns and fires a blast just as Stone shoots his gun. Hopefully, the energy will destroy the weapon and the guy's arm before the bullet is shot off the barrel...

"That's not -all- that blows, honey." Agent Cheesecake lobs back with a sizzling suggestiveness matched only by the sizzling of her less durable components. As The Human Torch starts to head upwards, she decides to bring things up a bit herself- namely her left leg, she aims a kick at his jaw from a position where she's holding onto his arm...-flexible- little minx, isn't she?

The bullet is away, Beefcake is all pro (and all man...well, all synthetic man) but his right arm and the firearm are caught in the blast from Seth, and sheared away. But he deals with it square-jawed, stoic resolution.

A hand still clinching her jaw, Jean watches Officer Stone closely. Her telepathic senses lash out, invisible and vast, to check on her students as she begins to peer at her attacker. The last of her tears fall down a redden cheek and she listens intently to the man's words, the latter exciting a protective fury within her that is shown in her expression. A mental switch flips in her mind and Jean turns around immediately to find Seth still in the vicinity. "Seth, take the others--" Jean's words are cut short as her student's powers sears the man's arm off, taking notice of its mechanical devices. Taking advantage of this situation, Jean extends a hand and concentrates, saying, "No robot will extinguish my FLAME!" A telekinetic blast aims at Stone, and when she fires it, the area around it is thrusts away at a fantastic level with the intention of doing the same to the automaton.

And HERE comes a foot. Johnny tilts back instinctively as he sees the foot, causing for the flying pair to basically flip in a circle. Not really in the mood to be kicked, Johnny's free hand grabs at the android's ankle, grabbing onto it, making for some, uh. HO- Ah yes. VERY Flexible. This, is definitely not a PG or G scene. Grumbling, Johnny starts burning hotter. Everything's got to melt, right?

Blindfold turns her head toward Seth worriedly before taking a deep breath, hoping her abilities would show her a safe way out "I could stay and help?" then she gets an idea "Wait...If you would please let us try something. Please, thank you, stand behind me and point me at him, when I throw my can, blast it. Hopefully, I pray, it will accelerate my cane, creating a javeline to impale him, please?" looking to the other students "Out the door, over the side, please, hurry, thank you"

"Holy...!", is the comment coming out of Seth's mouth as Jean makes her fantastic display. He's not about to argue with Jean, resuming his course towards Blindfold's projected path. But first, he grabs the blind girl's cane. "Ruth... The agent was a robot. You think Ms. Grey destroyed that thing, or do we see it or others like it coming our way?"

Agent Beefcake is smashed back against the door of the museum, denting the metal bulkhead and falling to the deck. He unclips one of his decorations with his left hand and snaps it towards Jean's throat, like he was Bullseye or something.

Up in the air, Agent Cheesecake does it -again- with her right leg. Wow, S.H.I.E.L.D. built her for some simply fascinating gymnastics, didn't they? Of course, most of her synthetic skin is charring off and the exposed teeth and robotic eyeballs are sort of a turnoff for most people, "M-maybe we'll sssseee wh-wh-wh-who lasts longer, sweetie." she says.

Ew. Kind of expecting another attack by now, Johnny's moving his head back to avoid the kick, giving out a curse as he can just feel the force of the kick from it passing by. Angry, not really wanting to deal with this any longer, positioning and all, Johnny adjusts their path to where they're not directly over the museum and instead are over the water. He then proceeds to turn the temperature up as hot and as quick as he can. MELT GODDAMN IT! MELT! Doesn't have to be everything, just let go! "Honey." He bites back, "I'm just too hot for you."

Blindfold determinedly keeps hold of her cane "I'm sorry, I apologize, but I may be blind, doesn't mean I'm helpless. We work together and we help our teacher, as she does for us. It is the right thing to do, sometimes rules need to be followed, sometimes they need to be broken to do what needs to be done, please! thank you! No, thank you, only these two, neither are destroyed,I'm sorry, my apologies"

When the robot smashes back against the door of the museum, it's movements are recorded by the telekinetic, who stands at her full height with an arm still extended. Nothing escapes her visuals, so the thrown decoration is spotted and caught in a mental net, stopping short of Jean's neck while still rotating in midair. The red-head grows impatient and the object begins to rotate faster and faster, and then it is thrown back at its owner. It rotates vertically and is aimed at the machine's left arm socket. Oh, she did not forget about the students, saying telepathically, <<"I told you all to leave. Why are you still here?">>

There is a snapping, popping sound as composite 'bones' give way, and Agent Cheesecake drops away from the Human Torch, to hit the deck with a loud thud, scattering charred debris in every direction. She's certainly seen better days - doesn't seem to be moving much, either.

Her counterpart, on the other hand, has his left shoulder blown through by the spinning Naval decoration. His arms judders and raises, then locks in place. Oh well, make the best of it...he vaults into the air, aiming a kick at the telekinetic.

"God... DAMMIT!!", Seth exclaims as he hits his fist on a wall! "I'm going back there and help Ms. Grey!" He looks at the other kids who came along for the ride. "You all, get to safety along the path Ruth said!" He replies, <<As students, we're a bit reluctant to leave without our teacher. If something happens to you, how are we going to face ourselves every day following?>> Seth's body begins to shine, as his hands crisp with energy. And he hovers from the ground. "Ruth... aim your improvised spear for its head!"

There is a snapping, popping sound as composite 'bones' give way, and Agent Cheesecake drops away from the Human Torch, to hit the water far below with a loud splash, scattering charred debris to float on the surface. She's certainly seen better days - doesn't seem to be moving much, either as she sinks.

Her counterpart, on the other hand, has his left shoulder blown through by the spinning Naval decoration. His arms judders and raises, then locks in place. Oh well, make the best of it...he vaults into the air, aiming a kick at the telekinetic.

With the weight removed, Johnny lifts up higher as a result, the ascent soon stopped as he hovers, looking to the wreckage of the slut-bot, giving a sigh of relief and an unenthusiastic, "Wooh." Shaking his head, he flies back towards the ship, guaging extent of damage to the ship and looking for any other problems.

Blindfold follows the sound of seth's feet as she thinks 'Who will us what we need to learn about mental abilities? Her death would be devastating to the school and students...to Scott....a major devastating impact if not permanent. Live or die, wedo what's right and what needs to be done. Sometimes..even a teacher needs help' "Seth, if you would please, can you manage a firehose and your energy at the same time? we might be able to short circuit him" running...and hoping nothing is in her way to trip her! she takes aim and throws

Seth flies off along with the improvised dart, and he places himself right behind it, his hands charging with energy. Energy which in turn he fires at the dart, turning it into quite the fast projectile, aimed for Beefcake's head - and, if god's willing, the CPU -, which hopefully he won't be able to dodge.

There's a problem down here - you know, with students and teachers being attacked and all! The telepathic messages Jean receives are all reminiscent of a past she remembers clearly, when she was Marvel Girl and Professor Xavier was her teacher. She listens to their pleas to remain, and her telepathy siphons a growing confidence from each of them that fuels the fire inside of her. When the robot vaults into the air and aims a kick, Jean shakes her head as her telekinetic abilities easily wrap around the robot. "You're not a very smart robot from S.H.I.E.L.D.," she says, holding the robot in place and straightening his frame. She turns in an instant and the thrown cane increases in speed, launching toward Stone's head. With another psychic push, Jean focuses the robot for its inevitable doom.

With a sharp splintering sound, Blindfold's cane punches into Agent Beefcake's cranium, shattering ceramics and spraying circuity out the back, along with shards of wood. His damaged body goes limp, hanging in the air like some grotesque marrionette.

As Johnny comes close to find Beefcake being, well, handled, he slows his descent, cooling himself down as he comes back to the deck area, not touching his feet upon the deck but hovering over the burning portion Extending a hand out, he points it in the direction of the flames, seemingly pulling them towards himself.

After a few moments, once again, the Human Torch becomes the only thing flaming around here.

Seth looks around as the two automatons are wasted. "Okay... We got all of them, right?" After it's confirmed, he takes a deep breath. "We made it."

"Flame off!" Fire quelched and threat gone, Johnny drops the final foot to the ship deck. Glancing around, he looks to the damage, the remaining people on the boat, and then towards the gift shop. Gift shops sometimes sell bottled water, right? He heads over there to find out.

Blindfold turns her head this way and that "Is it over? Is it dead? There were only two, no more, please, thank you. We are expendable, only just beginning our training, but the teachers are not. Without them there is no one to guide and teach the next generation and it all falls apart, I'm sorry, my apologies. Miss Grey is a moter to the entire school, if something happens to her, all the students lose their mother all over again. I never knew mine. Sometimes we must do what' right even if laws ad rules say it's wrong, yes thank you. Perhaps a firehose would help, just a thought though, I'm sorry"

Just to ensure the machine is dead, an open palm turns into a fist, and the robot's head snaps with a glitch. Relieved and exhausted all the same, her hold on Officer Stone ends and a wave of stress seems to lift from her mind. The ache in her jaw does not disappear, however, and Jean looks to her students proudly. "Ouch," she finally allows out, quite the counter to how fully composed Jean was earlier. "Lets go home now. Jubilee... you're driving."

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