A Favour - that isn't a pedicure

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Spiral feels that she owes Armand a favour. Unfortunately Armand doesn't seem to get that she's a psycho mistress of evil!

Spiral, Armand

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Central Park, NYC

Spiral and Armand chat on a park bench

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Morning time in Central Park and Armand's probably done a really early morning shift or is preparing for a work shift seeing

as he wears a pair of fitted black jeans, glossy dark green boots that lace up his shins and a dark green pea-coat worn over

a cream colored turtleneck, hair pulled back out of his face and tucked up into a black fedora's cap he wears at a jaunty

angle, golden backpack + messenger bag by his side as usual. He's busy working through a box of mini muffins, chewing slowly

and happily where he sits on a bench.

Spiral meanwhile has decided that now she has a bit of time to talk to Armand again, for some unfathomable reason. Finding

him is easy enough, and getting there even easier. When she approaches she's wearing a large coat which seems to sparkle

slightly, seeming even a little unreal when looked at closely. Her extra arms are apparently gone, or perhaps hidden under

the coat, and her eyes look a little more normal, but it's definitely her, with her long silver hair, and her face hasn't

changed at all. And she promptly settles down next to him. "Our paths cross once more.".

Armand wasn't expecting to see Spiral, he really wasn't. One moment he's sitting alone and the next BAM, Spiral is there

settling down beside him and he gives a little jump, his little scream muffled by the muffin in his mouth and his eyes widen

before he coughs softly, finishing his mouth full of muffin. He swallows and blinks slowly. "Ahh...oui. You are ah, looking

well. I was concerned about you..."

"You were?" Spiral replies, looking at him faintly suspiciously. It's hard for her to like these two armed creatures. Even if

they are helpful. "It so happens that that is why I am here. A courtesy call. I have recovered somewhat from the sorry state

in which you found me, and so I won't be in such a pathetic mess as to likely require your help anymore, something which we

will both, I am sure, be glad of.".

Armand quietly offers a mini chocolate chip muffin to Spiral as he listens, eyebrow raising before he snorts softly and

shakes his head. "I am not mad, happy, sad or glad about this news...I am relieved however that you are becoming healthier so

to speak. You are remembering your name now? And more about who you are?" He has to ask as he bites into one of his own

muffins, head tilting to the side.

Spiral hesitates, before eventually taking the muffin from him, with a slight headshake. "Somewhat. And I have obtained some

files on me from this dimension. Presumably it was myself and not some alternate dimension variant." she says, finding this

amusing. "The state I was in when you found me bears little resemblance to my self - that was merely a cruel jest played upon

She then gives him a sidelong glance. "I hope that you will not mention that unfortunate time to any others. The less that is

said of it, the better.".

"Do not worry, I do not have such an extensive social network where anyting like that would come up. The last time I helped

and individual with ah...how do you say eh...questionable or chaotic background, I was considered mad and a bit mentally

unstable by most." Armand shrugs a shoulder. "We all go through tings that are not common and many times unfortunate but...it

is not something to be gossiped about."

That is evidently a relief, though Spiral masks it somewhat. "You were considered mad?". She shakes her head. "No, you seem

to be just another two armed human in denial of reality to me.". A nerve has been touched here, it seems, as she promptly

goes on, her voice harsh. Unfortunately for you, as you live in an insane multiverse after all, as anybody who has eyes to

see will tell you.

Armand just gives Spiral a sideways look before his lips curve in a small smile as he works on eating another muffin. "You do

not know me...so it is interesting you would assume I have a being...in denial of reality, hm?" He tilts his head to the

side. "Do I once deny or refuse to believe your story or the origins of your being that you remember? The multiple arms?" He

shrugs his shoulder. "You are an interesting and beautiful woman, but whether two arms, four arms or even six...to eight

arms, it will not matter to me. As long as you are not attempting to strangle me with any of your multiple hands."

"No, no. You do not understand. But how could you.", Spiral replies, a little irked. Just a little. "And that story I was

spouting the other day was just nonsense, a cruel joke is all. You shouldn't believe any of that." she tells him with a small

"And do not lie to me about my arms! They are disguised for a reason.". She looks away from Armand, to the people wandering

through the park, just going about their lives, and tenses up visibly, a frown developing on her face.

"Very well, a cruel joke and you spoke all lies. You are never to have had..a parrot." Armand nods firmly and takes a bite of

his muffin, chewing slowly.

Spiral clenches her fists, and stares at Armand, only controlling herself with difficulty. She came here to thank him, after

all - at least, as much as she can manage, words like that don't sit easy on her tongue. "It is true that perhaps I have you

to thank for keeping the X-Men away, but even so, there is no need to bait me with old lies.", she eventually gets out,

turning aside from him to look out at the people in the park again, transferring her irritation with Armand onto others.

Armand's eyebrows raise as he really has no idea what is going on but he tilts his head head from one side and then to the

other and he sighs softly, sitting up a bit straighter in his seat. "If you wish me to never speak of it again, this is what

I can do. I will never speak of it unless you bring it up, how about this?"

"That is what I want, yes." she replies, and seems to relax, just a little. "In any case. You did help me, thus quite

possibly making my life a lot easier - there are much worse humans than you here. If I can return the favour one day, then I

shall.". She gives him a searching look for a moment - but then decides against offering body modification like she usually

does. After all, thats something of a two edged sword, a curse as much as a gift.

Armand nods firmly and gestures towards the muffin he gave her. "You should eat." He leaves it at that as he relaxes in his

seat and stares up at the sky, humming softly to himself as he tilts his head to the side. "My maman...she was a ballerina.

In Paris actually...sometimes I am watching the clouds and I think of her."

Spiral actually takes his advice, and nibbles on the muffin, though seemingly quite absent mindedly. "A dancer? She is no

longer a part of this time, then." she assumes. "... I am also a dancer." she admits, after some thought: it's not exactly a

secret, after all.
"But always dancing to someone elses music, in the past and in the present.". After a pause, she asks, "The clouds remind you

of her?".

Armand mmhms softly. "Non. She is teaching now." Then he's quiet for a while. "Dancing is good...you are built for it." Then

he tilts his head to the side and points to a whispy cloud. "Like smoke, ahs been my mother's life...never getting a firm

grip and fading into background, becoming invisible against the sky of her exsistence."

Spiral doesn't really like how this is going, as she shifts a bit where she is sat on the bench, uneasy. "Dancing behind

reality, from neverwhere to forevermore." she eventually replies, something in her memory jogged perhaps given how she almost

recites the words. "But why are you telling /me/ this?" she wonders, nose wrinkling a little. She dwells enough on her fate

as it is!

"Because we were having a conversation." Armand offers a wistful smile. "I do not believe I will be seeing her ever again..."

He quickly shakes his head and chuckles, looking back to Spiral. "It is easy to forget, non?"

"If it is only a case of transportation to see her, then I can help you there. But I'm sure you don't need me to do something

so mundane." Spiral offers, a little confused as to his choice of conversation topics, and still not thinking this

conversation is going in a way she likes!
"And yes, thoughts are slippery things." she agrees. "Ephemeral. ...You seem to be in a very melancholy mood today.".

Armand hmms softly and shakes his head quickly. "Non! I cannot...non..." He takes a deep breath. "I am in a thoughtful mood,

oui. Lots of muffins and no coffee to even out the weight I suppose. It is very interesting...also work was tiring. Lots of

mixing of batters and dough."

"Batters and dough.". Spiral slips back into faint amusement again, but also a trace of envy. He's so normal!
And she isn't.
"I have said what I wanted to say." she says abruptly, before her mind wanders again, as it usually does, to darker thoughts.

"Hopefully your mood will remain more thoughtful than melancholy.". Getting up off the bench, she draws her rather odd

sparkling coat around herself. "My offer remains in any case. I'm sure our paths will cross again at some point; but if you

need to find me just ask around, and I will hear of it. My name - my real name - is Spiral.".

Armand arches an eyebrow and he nods firmly. "Oui...I have a feeling that the paths will cross as you have said." He nods

safely. "Or maybe I will be having the desire to go for pedicures or ice cream or maybe to price jewelry or going to the

zoo...or something else that I won't want to do alone." He shrugs his shoulders and dusts off his lap, brushing off crumbs.

"Hmm...Spiral..." He tries out the name before smiling slowly. "It is very nice, to meet you. Spiral." He offers a polite nod

of his head.

Spiral doesn't make friends, especially with people whose problems apparently add up to cooking cakes. So she just gives him

a noncommittal look. "That is not the sort of favour I meant." she tells him, voice dripping acid. "I do not appreciate being

reminded... pah. Never mind. As we discovered earlier, you just do not understand.".
She can imagine that fat slug's voice even now, still half fogged by amnesia. 'Oh Spiral, look, he's pretending all those

arms don't bother him! It must be your winning personality!'. Ugh. It's just too much to be thinking that sort of thing while

attempting to have a civil conversation at the same time.
"Goodbye.". So she stalks off, to find a quiet alley where she can teleport in peace.

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