A Decision For the Future

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Decision For the Future

Armand, Phantasm

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Mike's Apartment - Tate Apt Bldg - Chelsea, New York

Mike and Armand discuss Armand's future. Armand agrees to an appointment with an Xavier school rep.

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-----==[ Mike's Apt - Tate Apt Bldg - New York ]==----------------------------

This studio apartment is quite simple. To the right of the entryway is the kitchen and bathroom, to the left a closet and a washer/dryer. Straight ahead, the Living/Dining Room combo. Walk to there and there's a sleeping alcove to the right. As far as furniture there are five notable pieces of furniture. Two futons in the alcove, two more futons in the living /dining room area, and a rather beaten, and likely salvaged from a street corner on trash day, coffee table. Resting on the table is an old TV and converter box.

It is unsure to what is sadder. The minimalism of the furniture, or that four guys pooled their money for this and this is all they did. But factoring the amount of sound proof paneling around the place along with the drumset, guitars, keyboard, recorder, and practice drum pads scattered about there's likely a good reason why the furniture count stopped where it did. With just two people sharing the apartment now, this quasi-two room, quasi-kitchen, one bathroom apartment seems quite spacious. Although, the occupants would prefer it much more if the other two former occupants were still there.


On a late Saturday afternoon, there's little chance of finding Wade Shaw in the apartment that the former Greysong members share with Armand. But, as it's coming closer to the evening, a Mike has returned from, well, wandering around and looking at stuff. It must be great not having a typical work schedule. Upon opening the door, he lifts up a hand to tug off the knit cap he uses to hide his trademark locks. His other hand pitches an empty travel coffee cup into a nearby trashcan, causing for a wimpy conclusion to the door opening/closing sounds announcing his arrival.

There's a quiet mouse working around the kitchen in the Apartment, working on stirring something in a pot and it smells like some type of soup. A tray of buttery flakey biscuits is on the stove top still on the tray and Armand wears an oversized blue t-shirt over a pair of black jeggings, feet bare and hair pulled back in a braid. He paused as he glances over to Mike as he enters. "Ahh...Bon-eh, I mean Hello Mike...you are here before I finished..."

Mike pauses in the doorway, looking to Armand and then to the attire the younger man is wearing. He remains still, not speaking for a few moments before blinking and walking further into the apartment, tossing his key on the kitchen counter. The key hasn't even finished rattling on the counter top before Mike reaches the first non-converted/unclaimed futon and flops down on it. Sliding his hand into his coat pocket, he pulls out a notebook, "Didn't have anything planned today so I thought I'd swing back early."

Armand hesitates before he gives a tiny nod and sprinkles some more seasonings into his soup. "There was a discount on the stew meat, my apologies...I have not um, finished it all." Then he nods slowly. "I am not having work tonight, but have to be in early in the morning." His nose wrinkles. He's been more quiet and a bit shaky since the last run in with Empath but covering well by baking...alot. There's still probably a couple of pies and a cake in the fridge.

You say, "It's alright," Mike replies, tugging a pen from the spiral of the notebook before opening it, "I have stuff I can work on." He shifts on the futon, making himself comfortable against the cushion."

"It's alright," Mike replies, tugging a pen from the spiral of the notebook before opening it, "I have stuff I can work on." He shifts on the futon, making himself comfortable against the cushion. "So, no work tonight eh?"

Armand ohs softly and nods as he moves to the fridge to remove a jug of orange juice from the fridge and he selects a couple of glasses, filling them carefully before he chooses a glass to bring it to Mike, offering it thoughtfully. "Non, not tonight. They are training new employees."

"Ah." Mike glances up, reaching a hand over to take the offered glass upon realizing it was for him. "Seems like you were just starting there just a little bit ago. Hard to believe you're still not new there." He takes a sip, "So, I take it you like it at your job?"

"Oui, I am sometimes doing serving as well so I make extra tips." Armand admits before selecting his glass of juice and taking a sip as he blinks slowly and just peers curiously at Mike for a few moments. "So maybe I will be able to buy more groceries, non?"

"If you want." Mike replies with another sip of the orange juice, "We don't eat THAT much." He looks down to the notebook, "I know we haven't talked about it that much but, have you figured out what you want to do school wise?"

Armand considers that as he settles down on the floor, resting on side and propping his cheek up on his fist as he smiles wistfully. "I am...going to get my GED first I believe is the most responsible, oui? Then I wish to study ahh...culinary arts? Perhaps history as well."

Mike nods, "Okay, so you're absolutely certain you don't want to finish school the old fashioned way?"

Armand hesitates for a moment before blinking and lowering his eyes. "Everytime I try to be doing this old fashioned way...tings happen that are not very good at doing this...."

The musician turns his head, looking up towards Armand. "That wasn't really an answer to the question," Mike comments, closing the notebook, "But, I guess people shouldn't wait until their absolutely certain about something before they do something, otherwise nothing would ever get done." Straightening up, he sets the glass on the floor before looking back to the baker. "Let's rephrase the question. What is the one thing when it comes to your education options that you value above everything else?"

Armand worries his bottom lip as he considers the question. "I really...want to live to get a college degree. I value surviving each day to study and learn and finish and move forward with my life."

Mike nods, considering the words. "It's smart that you left your old school then. Kind of thought that place as a bit...iffy." He grows quiet for a few moments, "I'd stay away from that Manny guy and his friends if at all possible. He's bad news."

"You need not warn me about...the Manny." Armand is quiet as he murmurs the response, sitting up to hug himself with a small nod. "I will never be free of that school, Monsieur...ah, never Mike."

"No." Mike shakes his head, eyes narrowing, "Do not let what happened to you in the past dictate what you can or can not do in the future." He gestures in the general direction of the city the Hellfire Club is located in, his voice betraying his distaste for Manny and his friends, "Do not just ACCEPT that you're caught in whatever web you think they've got you in. Make your allies, and make sure that they can't do a damn thing to get to you."

"I do not like being...violated in my mind and in my feelings, it leaves behind the residue. It is dirty, it is wrong and it is making me feel as though I am having no 'powers' or 'abilities'." Armand takes a deep breath. "I am just...perhaps wrong? I attract friends in those who never have any friends. I am helping those who need help and am considered wrong."

"Armand, You're not wrong in being nice to others, but for someone who wants to live to see a college degree, you're really lacking in the skill planning ahead to make that happen." Mike shifts, resting the side of one leg on the top of the futon as he turns his body to face Armand a bit more as he focuses his attention completely on the other guy. "It's one thing to be polite and nice to those who can beat the shit out of you easily. But when it seems like you're consistently hanging out with them, then people will start to wonder if you also share in their beliefs and goals. And until you clarify your intent, they're going to be forced to assume it to be true."

"I did not ask for Loki or Spiral or any of the others." Armand grinds his teeth together before exhaling softly. "I do not want to be a good guy or a bad guy, I want to be the guy who does good things for all the other guys." He pouts a bit before giving a small nod. "But oui, I do understand what you are saying..."

Mike looks over to Armand and gives a small smile, "Armand, I probably understand you a lot more than you know. If I thought you were a bad guy, there's no way in hell I'd let you room here. And I'm probably not the best person to be talking to you about maintaining appearances but... You do have to be mindful of what others might see."

He shifts in his seat before continuing, "Now, back to the education topic..."

Armand offers a small smile and nods as he brushes a hand up and down his own arm before taking a deep breath and nodding slowly. "Oui..." Then back to the education topic, he hops to his feet and scurries to the kitchen to check on his soup. "I am listening if you are having suggestions?"

"I've talked to an aquaintance of mine and they believe they can get you into Xavier's if you want it." Mike replies, "As far as protection from your old school, that's probably your best bet."

"Xavier's a school that is a target is it not?" Armand has to ask. "Would I have to be leaving here and living with them and going to the classes and doing those tings and such?"

"Being that it is a school and you haven't gotten your degree yet, most likely, you would end up living there." Mike admits, "But you still have advantages." Mike lifts up a finger, "One, it is within an easy transportation distance from this city which is managable. Even without teleportation." A second finger lifts, "Two, they know about that other school so they are best suited to take care of any problems stemming from them and since that's your biggest concern right now, that puts this place pretty damn high on the consideration list." Another finger lifts, "Three. Yes, GEDs are fine for a lot of stuff, but some places, whether they admit it or not will not look at it the same as a high school diploma. This might hedge your bets for the college you want."

Armand worries his bottom lip and sways a bit before turning in a circle one way and then the other before he stirs his soup with a wooden spoon, silent as he listens. "I like the Apartment." He finally admits, shrugging his shoulder. "But I will consider it, oui. Perhaps there are...corrospondence like the classes...after all, I am only needing to get caught up to be preparing for my graduation and finishing credits..."

"Well, there's always the apartment for the weekends and breaks from school," Mike offers up, "I'm not trying to kick you out or anything like that, Armand. I just want to make sure you can get started with the rest of your life." He considers Armand for a few more moments, "So, should I talk to my aquaintance and have her set up a meeting between you and the school rep so you can see if they can help you with your specific needs?"

"Oui." Armand's response is simple and soft. "I do not wish any more affiliations, but I wish to further my education so Oui. Merci...Mike, you are indeed a good friend, and I am glad to have met you."

Mike smiles, "And you're a good one as well, Armand." He picks up his notebook once more, "If it turns out they can't help you, we can try for the GED route or look for another school then. But I think it's for the better you at least check this option out. And likely better sooner rather than later."

Armand nods firmly, finding the right bowls to begin scooping soup into, squinting at the thickness of the mixture. "It is a start, oui. I will begin preparing the right outfit for the meeting." He laughs softly. "Do ye be wanting one or two biscuits?"

Mike glances up from the notebook to look towards Armand, "What a silly question. Two of course!"

Armand snickers softly. "Ahh, of course, two biscuits and I'll save the others for Wade." He gives another shimmy before moving to start serving up the thick stew and biscuits with a happy whistle.


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