A Changing of the Guard

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Changing of the Guard

Gambit, Blindfold, Mike

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Harry's Hideaway

Gambit's chaperoning duties gets transferred over to Mike

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-----==[ Harry's Hideaway - Salem Center ]==----------------------------------

Harry's Bar can best be described as comfortable. The furnishings, mostly darkly stained wood, are old and scratched. The leather seats are worn and cracking in places. Despite the worn appearance, the proprietor keeps the place relatively clean. The back corner is devoted to a dart board and pool table, while booths spread along the other walls. Tables take up the middle of the room, while a long bar stretches along the left wall. Bar stools cozy up next to it, while the traditional array of bottles and mirrors take up the wall behind the bar. An old jukebox is squeezed in between two booths by the bar.

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Gambit nods, taking another sip of his ale. "Luck it is, then. Xavier's is a good place. You fit in alright, petite?" He is sitting at the bar next to Ruth. He drinks an expensive imported drink, while a simple coffee sits in front of her.

Blindfold smiles taking a sip of her coffee "I don't get along with everyone but I try and I'm not shunned like I was before I came to xavier's so yes thank you, I fit in very well. Miss grey asked miss frost to teach me and I have some other lessons as well, please thank you"

Gambit nearly spits his latest mouthful across the bar. "Miss Frost? As in Emma Frost?" he intones with credulity. "Merde. Ce n'set pas bon. She be your teacher?"

Blindfold giggles, as anyone would when someone spit takes. "Yes the very same, Jean invited her to teach at the school part time as miss frost also is running the academy now that selene isn't around to run it. Strange thing is no one had been able to get into my head yet, yes thank you"

With the evening rolling on in on the day of days where the rockstar's alcohol consumption is kept to a minimum after a certain time, Mike's entrance to the bar might seem a bit off without a Bill Baker to greet him on the inside. But here he is coming through the door. Lengthy hair tucked under his knit cap and collar of his coat, he makes his way over to the bar, looking over to the one behind the counter, grabbing a menu.

Gambit shakes his head. "Not so sure you want that particular salope in your head, fille." He takes note of the new occupant at the bar, but says nothing. "But if Jean thinks c'est bon, who am I to argue, non?"

Blindfold smirks warmly "You can talk to her about I'm sure, miss frost says she can't read my mind so teaching me is somewhat of a challenge, thank you yes. You might find out more from miss pryde about it" then turns her head down the bar and waves to Mike "Hello Mike it's nice to meet you again. Mr Lebau please meet Mike a good friend of Scott, Mike this is Mr LeBau"

As Blindfold speaks to him, Mike glances from the menu over to the pair and lifts up a hand in a bit of a wave to the blind girl. The side of his lip quirks up as Ruth describes him as a good friend. "I wouldn't really say that," Mike corrects, "Other than the arrangements for the concert and that incident. We haven't spoken much."

Gambit says, "Pleasure." He seems pre-occupied now. He rubs again at his chin, and finishes off his drink in a rush. "Been a real treat," he says to Ruth as he places a few hundred dollars on the bar. Surely his drink didn't cost that much. "That should cover the three of us, Harry. Un petit quelque chose pour vous-même, aussi." He turns his attention back to Ruth and Mike. "It seems I have some catching up to do," he says dismally. "You make it home on your own?" he asks Ruth, completely forgetting that he was supposed to be chaperoning her."

Blindfold chuckles "good friends don't need to soak everyday they go a long time without speaking and pick up the phone as if a day hadn't passed, I bet Scott would consider you a good friend, yes thank you. Mr LeBau had just returned from a hiatus but found his way back home to the school" tilting her head toward gambit "yes of course thank you, please take care Mr LeBau" well this was a pickle...maybe Jean wouldn't hear about it?

"Ah the power of a good concert it seems." Mike glances over to Gambit, nodding to him as he asks Ruth. "Nice meeting you briefly, Mr. LeBeau. Maybe we can chat another time." He glances towards Blindfold before looking back to the supposed teacher, "I'll pick up the chaperoning tonight."

Blindfold smiles to Mike with a dip of her head "thank you, it's much appreciated Mike, I think Mr LeBau is still adjusting, he just found out that miss emma frost is teaching part time at the school, he just arrived back a few minutes ago."

Mike shifts to his feet, and moves over a few seats to get a seat next to the student, "Well, this is a surprise." He pauses, tilting his head, "Emma Frost?"

Blindfold nods sipping her coffee again "The Massachusetts academy is still a bad place don't get me wrong and a group of students did due under miss frost's care but it wasn't het fault and she didn't mean for it to happen, no sorry. She was lost and numb and grieving and selene asked for het help opening the academy but didn't tell her everything. miss grey invited miss frost to teach at the school as a part time position, yes thank you"

At the mention of Selene, Mike's brows raise as he looks over to Blindfold, "Frost is from the Academy?"

Blindfold nods "Miss frost didn't know what the academy was really for, when she found out she was against it, she bottles so much up...blames herself and carries so much grief and guilt with her. miss frost had done bad things but now she's trying to turn it around prove to everyone that despite her past she wants to do good she wants to turn over a new leaf, she just needs a chance but she's willing to work for it, yes thank you. the academy had the hellfire club, with Sebastian Shaw, Empath...hellfire club is bad news in a major way"

The other eyebrow soon raises, "...Shaw?" He frowns, resting an elbow on the counter as he brings a hand to press the palm of his hand against his face. He recalls the time he saw Empath approaching Phantasm and Shaw asking questions, "F-" He bites his lip, opting to shake his head again.

Blindfold nods "there are few names that will get Jean to nearly hit the roof, super skrull is one Shaw is another, a chess player and people are his pawns, yes sorry. I once met him from a distance, news of that and my tea time with super skrull..she screamed in more then one way, it's why not every faculty at the school can be my chaperone" then tilts her head "muggers..a son of a doctor..." then hmms "I really should have a chat with morbius, yes thank you"

"Wha-" Mike pauses, shaking his head as he looks to the menu. Sometimes, it's just better not to ask.

Blindfold smiles reaching out a hand to pat Mike on the shoulder "I have a tendency to meet people, not all of them good, when I told Jean who I'd met..well she became understandably concerned for my well being, now you could say I'm under protective custody. miss grey didn't get rattled often but the news of me meeting Shaw from a distance my head was ringing for a few minutes, yes thank you. you know how bad seller and empath can be Shaw is just as bad but more scheming sinisterly, sorry yes"

"I'll keep that in mind should I run into him again." Mike murmurs, looking back to the menu. "They need to pass out a 'Who's who' book or something."

Blindfold chuckles and nods in agreement "with at least three large groups...they're working on sharing and combining their files, I'd ask sandman for some help with that who's who...or y'know you could make your dream come true and that would help you with your current problem and the who's who, yes thank you. after all people already think you're an avenger, might add well be one for real, sorry forgive me, I'll try to stop" not that she didn't have good points.

Mike looks over to Blindfold, and then glances around the bar area for any other persons around, "Do you normally talk about other people like that in the open?"

Blindfold turn a shocked face toward Mike before her face turned very red and it looked like her heart sunk to the floor as she sat there quietly as though she wanted to sink into the cracks of the floor.

And quiet it got. As Blindfold worked on her drink, Mike got an order of food to go...

But at least Blindfold wouldn't get in trouble for not having a chaperone.

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