This is your Family

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This is your Family?

Nightcrawler, Domino, Sunfire, Jean Grey, Richenda

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2013/06/10 09:45


Kurt's family shows up, spoils the picnic

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Cool and balmy, a fog has settled over the cool late spring air of NYC this morning. It is mingled with a lit spit of a rain that has forced half the regular denizens to bring out their umbrella's, some of which are opened. New Yorkers tend to prefer the black sort, but the occasional colorful one mixes its way in as does the occasional larger mutli-color sort seen at theme parks and carried by golfers caddies. It would be a normal day not far from the campus of the local Morning Side Heights public high school, George Washington, aside from the fact that most kids are out. A few are making their way to the school regardless, summer school. Enough that one might think regular classes are in session even.
Normal until, nearly out of the blue, appears Nightcrawler. Not so much a bamf and he's there, more like he'd been in a building and, following a crash or explosion of glass, he is hurled from inside to the outside. Good for him, more like than not, was that, whoever threw him, threw him at the glass instead of the wall. Following his eruption and careful landing in the street with a roll, two fellows emerge from within look similar to Kurt. That is, demon-like, not blue skin as is the ceiling elf, but one dark green near black, the other a violet-near purple. They are chuckling as they seem intent on following the elf.

As luck would have it, Domino is walking down the street, a block down from where Kurt happens to land. It's the middle of summer, so she can't run around with a heavy jacket on to cover up all her toys, so the mutant mercenary is dressed down, dark jeans with boots and a long, loose shirt. All the better to hide the pair of handguns jammed into the waistline of her jeans at the small of her back.
Spotting the elfin X-Man, a smile forms on Dom's black lips, and she simply continues at her leisurely pace and call out loudly, "Hey Kurt! What's this, family reunion gone wrong? Need some help?"

Moving to stand up himself, Kurt chuckles, a tone full of sour at the joke. "Heh-heh, reunion," a mock grumble under his breath, "Yes, actually." He leaps towards a nearby car for some leverage, turning at the two approaching fellows. "I don't think they were invited, but ..." he bounds off the care, "Who am I to refuse." With some momentum going for him, he bamf's and tumbles forward to try and kick into one of their chests, but somewhere between last bamf and the feet hitting the chest, the violet-purple one turns a little, catches the elf going past him, and does a grab/throw maneuver as if they have dialled in the elf's number, reading where he is porting to before he gets there. He's back near the car and the sidewalk, the two chuckling fellows still approaching, the green one produces some sort of mystical sword with fuming purple smoke similar to Kurt's bamf-errific effect itself.

Jean was planning on doing a little shopping this morning, though she was getting breakfast first. Emerging from the eatery, she blinks in a bit of surprise at not just Kurt, but Domino as well. Shaking her head slightly, she initiates a mindlink between the two and herself easily enough, >> Well, this is more than a little peculiar. Good morning, you two. What's going on? << She looks at the two wannabes, arching a brow in their direction.

From afar, Scarlet Witch snickers, and adds a Bamf plushy to her room desc.

"Looks like they must be from the angry side of the family," Domino remarks dryly as she continues down the street, getting closer now. And then Jean has her attention, a chuckle escaping the chalk-white woman, >> Oh, look at that. Must be Kurt's lucky day. --What's with the magic sword? I imagine getting stabbed by that won't be pleasant. << Shaking her head, Dom quickens her pace, jogging and then running down the street in the direction of the Kurtikins, specifically the one with the sword, >> Oh, and good morning, Jean. <<

Shaking off that last tossing, Kurt really does chuckle that time, "I think all my family has some wierd connection to the angry side, I escaped those genes, luckily." Then he bamfs up to a light pole, bamfs off with part of the top as his own makeshift sword. >> Yes, morning Jean, I can explain ... later ... I hope, << thinks the elf, but he's already tumbling back down and instead of porting close to the violet-purple one, he only gets close enough to run and start swining the makeshift sword object at it.
"Friends is it," says the one he's approaching, perhaps at the arrival of Domino who seems to know Nightcrawler, they're not yet aware of Jean it would seem. He clasps his hands and mutters something. Mystical most likely, but enough for Kurt to swing the pole at the creature. It resounds with a clang, bending to accomodate the shape of the imp-like fellow. It stops his chanting but not before an all too familiar bamf sounds a two little imps jump out of the smoke, chittering too each other, both red and scaly, again looking similar to Kurt but these two little fellows have horns.

Jean chuckles a bit, >> Well, if they can bamf like you, Kurt, my telekinesis won't be much use, but... << She narrows her eyes at the talkative one, then unleashes a torrent of psychic energy, meaning to telepathically blast them into submission. Or at the very least, unconsciousness.

What are those little things? Besides ugly. >> How many of these things are there. << Dom thinks as she dashes towards the Elf Family Reunion. >> I should probably keeps the guns tucked away, what with being outside a school, huh? << The thought is amused and the mutant mercenary keeps her blue eyes on the green fellow with the sword. Once she's closer, Dom ducks and snaps a leg out, dropping low to the ground as she attempts to knock the agile thing off its feet.

Chuckling aloud, Kurt nods, >> I suppose with thousands of years to work on it, my dad could have plenty more where they came from. << Jean's mental punch plows into the purple one, almost doing the trick and as it staggers backwards, Kurt has time to port-multi-attacks on him, as if ringing in the new year, with its face.
Meanwhile, down on the D-Ranch, the kick is effective, it had been starting a swing of the sword and the leg catches it off guard. But with agility not far from Kurts, it rolls a little to a crouched position. The sword drops from its hands, and it eyes between Domino and the sword, then makes to leap for its weapon - as if to see who might get to it first, assuming she's going to try and pick it up.
Pug 1 and Pug 2, meanwhile, see the purple going down and join hands to chatter away. The air shimmers a little and there seems to be some trail forming as if revealing the link between what punched the large imp and the TK puncher. They may be aware of Jean if this completes.

Jean arches a brow, >> Well, let's keep them from finishing this... << Her powers become more apparent now as instead of a telepathic attack, she telekinetically pitches Pug 1 into Pug 2, gesturing as she says, >> Subtlety is a bit lost on your father, it seems, Kurt. <<

Dom sweeps the green one off his feet, causing him to drop his sword as he tumbles back. Grinning, the merc meets the thing's eyes and then dives towards the sword as well, or appears to anyways. As she gets close to the sword, she plants a hand on the ground and swings herself around, a boot-clad foot aimed at the evil elfimp's head when the thing reaches for the weapon.

Foggy with percipitation, a light drizzle is falling on NYC, denizens make about their normal days. Except those, mostly students, near the campus of George Washington. School is indeed out, summer school is indeed in session. There seems to be a disturbance at street level near the school. Kurt has met some imp-like beings that look like siblings most likely, minus the fuzz. There are four of them now. One purple one thats is being battered by Kurt who is holding the end of a light pole like a sword, the pole is bending out of shape as it clangs upon the purple demon guy, who is nearly out for the count.
Domino is near a very dark green one, both were diving for a sword. Domino swings her foot down and his jaw crushes into the pavement, pushing some of it away (the cement). "You will pay," it threatens, trying to turn and grab that leg that came so close to his face (so close it made contact and injured him).
Two more, pint-sized like Bamfs, but more imps, less cute. They are doing something mystical which is revealing Jean's TK work as they try to find who is doing the TK tricks. But before they follow their noses, she bowls one into the other, they skimper out into the street as they roll from the force, and go under a car, there is a distinctive bamf from underneath there, a few red flashes, no telling where they are or if they're still around presently, at least by mundane senses.

Jean frowns, >> Lost track of the two small ones... they'll probably be lingering somewhere out of sight. << She looks at the purple one that Kurt's beating on, narrowing her eyes as she telepathically pokes into his head, >> Alright buster, why'd you come here in the first place. <<

Flying overhead a fiery streak appears zooming at nearly supersonic speed towards Harlem. And once outside the school, a flash of plasma fire bursts forth and then is disappears and suddenly the Asian superhero hovers directly in front of the school. Sunfire announces, "Tell me where to fire!"

Crack! Dom's boot snaps down into Greenie's head, slamming his jaw into the pavement. And then her leg gets got and the merc tumbles to the ground with a grunt. On her back, her other foot comes up to try and boot the elfimp in the face to force it to let go of its grip on her leg, >> Jean, can I shot it? It's starting to get on my nerves. <<

>> On it, << responds Kurt, hoping its dazed enough that Jean can just hold the purple one know, he starts bamfing around. >>Sunfire, get a bead on my trail of bamf.<< He doesn't teleport far, but is quick so his purple smoke does make a trail to be seen from overhead even.
The dark green imp is booted to the head, literally, his grip loosens, but it scrables to regain a hold, in part and perhaps favorable to Domino getting out, would be he is also trying to grab for the sword still. At least it wasn't monologuing yet.
>> To retrieve Kurt, << say the purple Imp to jean, its mental thought voice scratchy and with an echo. Just as Kurt is saying, >> Blast this car, one's under it, << and he leaves a trail like tracing smoke grenade to help highlight for Sunfire before he goes to get the other Pug.

Able to see the purple trail that Kurt points out, Sunfire smiles, "Finally. . ." He points his hands out and two streams of plasma burst forth towards the car, making a nice little explosion. With a grin on his face, Sunfire simply says, "Boom!"

Jean moves over towards the purple imp, >> Retrieve Kurt... for what? << She glances up towards Sunfire, adding him to the link, >> Glad you could make it. I got in touch with someone else as well, but I'm not sure if she'll be able to make it. Seems like thinks are being handled. <<

No answer! That means it's okay, right? And now there's some crazy kid blowing things up, so Dom yanks her leg free and rolls to her feet, drawing one of the handguns nestled at the small of her back as she moves. Coming up on one knee, Domino snaps her hand around towards the green imp, letting loose a few bullets in the creature's direction.

Jean's mental contact is well-timed: Chenda's getting off work at the latest of three convenience store jobs. At least she won't have to quit in the middle of a shift again! Even more fortunately, the store's only two blocks down.

So within a minute, a dark-haired figure comes dashing down the street, pausing beside a parked van to take stock of the situation. It looks like there are strangely-colored creatures fighting with her two friends and the two familiar-looking strangers with them. She does recognize Sunfire and Domino from pictures at the school, which does at least answer the question of who the good guys are here. Which means the creatures are the bad ones! She hurries to join the little group. "Jean! Kurt! How can I help?"

To Jean (and anyone in the link), the purple imp replies, >> Dad wanted to see his little blue boy for father's day, we weren't asking. << As if they were just doing their job and they seem to enjoy doing it. Except when they're getting beat up it would seem.

Sunfire literally lights up the car, an explosion and a smoking red hull of metal left, the bits that didn't melt off. The little demon is there as well, glowing like the metal car from the blast. Shaking, it makes a popping sound and vanishes, most likely not to return. Its friend, Pug 2, reveals itself then, but its starts a series of rapid ports, grabbing things like trashcans and dumpsters that are close by, and porting them over sunfire to rain them at him.

Kurt is coming to the same conclusion as Chenda, where to help now.

The bullets for the green imp are nearly penetrating the skin, while not 'killing' it, its like a serious of rabbid punches from a heavy weight and he is reeling from the rapid fire. Sword is forgotten as it brings its arms up to serve as shields, closing its eyes. "Darksword, to me," it says, and the sword lifts, flies to the demon and houses itself in its body (mystically, not literally). Domino might notice when the sword enters it, it starts to grow larger (the sword might be some power object that gives it more abilities), and smile even with bullets coming at it.

As it begins to rain garbage cans and trash around the Asian mutant. His body begins to glow aflame and as items rain down on him, his fiery body burns anything near him quickly incinerating anything. Trash bursts into flame and drop to the ground and any metal around him from the cans begins to melt away as chunks charred metal and plastic rain down as well around him. Sunfire shouts out, "Kurt, your cousins are annoying. . .Perhaps you tell your father that family visits need to take place in his dimension!"

Jean glances at the now-growing green imp, >> Actually, Shiro, I believe that's the /problem/. << She expands the link to add Richenda, glancing back at the purple imp and telekinetically slamming him into the wall to take him out of the fight. Jean's eyes then glance towards the green imp, as she murmurs, "Okay, this is going to be interesting..."

If there's one thing Dom hates, it's people who are bullet proof. As the green fellow begins to grow, she backs away, reaching for her other gun and beginning to fire both weapons at the big imp's head as she addresses everyone, >> So. Yeah. Help over here? People with laser eyes or something of the sort would be great. Do we have any of those handy? <<

"This is a /family/ thing? Can we just make him stand in the corner or something?" Chenda jokes unhappily, seeing that green imp growing and smirking as bullets bounce off of him harmlessly. Still he has eyes... Chenda frowns in determination and summons up a power-seed, priming it for maximum flash and at least /some/ localized bang. Fortunately, Domino seems to be doing a great job of keeping its attention. "Guys, /pull up your socks/!" she shouts, and hurls the glowing yellow seed straight at Greenie's face!

*FLASH!!! Bang!*

>> Ja, a family thing, and father can't come here, this is about as kind as an invitation as I'll get, << offers Kurt, who ponders socks as he doesn't wear any, so looks to Chenda then where her hand has tossed a seed. As much as it catches the vision of the big imp, perhaps 10 feet tall (3+ meters), its head is assaulted by both bullets and flashes. It stumbles back and crashed into a wall of the building where this all started. The purple one is pinned to the wall and his eyes close after the slam by Jean. The little one that was dropping things at Shiro stops when the big one flails into that wall, bamfing down to start talking to it, "Stand up, there in front of you." Using its voice for the lose of eyesight. Being crashed into that wall might give some cover from the laser eye (or ranged blasting power of Sunfire). But its trying to stand at the command of the little one on its shoulder.

As Jean points out the purple one, Sunfire flies over towards the purple imp that is slammed against the wall. "Too many cooks. . ." He mentions as once again, his body glows. "If anyone is hungry, how about some fried imp?" He tries to get as close to the imp as possible and lets out bursts of plasma from his whole body but trying to focus on the imp.

Jean, for her part, hangs back to coordinate, >> Well, why do I have the suspicion that he's not going to like taking no for an answer, Kurt? << She frowns a bit, and then decides to try a different tack. Namely, mucking with the smaller imp's perceptions so that no one is quite where he thinks they are. Just enough to keep the guide from guiding that well at all.

As luck would have it, Dom turns away from the big green imp just as the seed FLASHES. She was turn to look at Richenda, "What can--" she trails off as she hears the bang behind her, "--That works." Guns still in hand, she turns back around, looking to the imps as she asks everyone, >> How do we get rid of them? <<

Himself blinded, Kurt says, >> Beat them up enough, they'll go home, << holding his eyes to rub the stars out, much like the big green one. The little one is saying, "To the right, to the right, smash!" The big one stumbles out, swings and hits a car in the vicinity. >> Only way to keep one is to knock it out really, imagine me, bamf'ing and all, but more evil. << As if to cue that thought, the one Jean knocked out startles a little at the sudden heat being turned up and leaves Sunfire with handful of brimstone smoke, taking what was left of its life and returning defeated. Just the green one left now it seems, it is smashing aimlessly with both little imp and itself confused.

>>I'm all for /annoying/ them into leaving! I think Sunny's the only one really hurting Greenie there,<< Chenda pipes up, cupping her hands to summon another power seed. She holds it ready, primed for a powerful concussion, just in case Sunfire's target recovers enough to move.

And then Kurt speaks up. >>Okay, I can work with that!<< And she begins launching scatterings of concussion power-seeds at the ground around Greenie, trying to keep him off-balance and confused and unable to dodge Sunfire's blasts. Within seconds, the area in front of George Washington sounds like a Fourth of July display!

Having dealt with his imp, Sunfire remains aloft hovering up above the now bright area in front of the school. Sunfire, admittedly, is not one for teamwork, which is why he turned down the X-Men's numerous pleading attempts for him to join their squad. Now that he is a member, he decides to hold back. Again, "Too many cooks. . ."

Jean waits for the distractions to take their toll on the large green imp and his partner, then sends through the link, >> Now, Shiro, Richenda, take him down! << She continues to scramble the little imp's directions, not allowing him to get a clear shot at any of the X-Men. Or New Mutants. Or... well, you get the idea.

Lowering her guns, Dom crosses her arms over chest as she watches the green giant romp around. She looks to Jean, nodding, >> Right, kiddos, you heard the boss. Laser eyes and what have you, knock it out. I need to start carrying around grenades again, I think. Sound good to you Jean? I'll keep them away from the school, promise. <<

"On it!" Chenda ceases her barrage, then loads one more power-seed for maximum concussion. "Ready... go!" And she lets it fly, trying to coordinate with Sunfire's blast, aiming for Greenie's chest. With luck, their combined efforts can hurt the big lug plenty and knock him flat on his back besides!

And following orders, Sunfire zooms down and unleashes hell on the imp. Literally itâs like plasma burning fire on the thing. <<Jean, you are a much better leader than your husband. . .and better-looking. He can learn a thing or two from you.>> He does this coordinating with Richenda.

>> Yes, too many cooks, not enough ingridients, if only somone could add a powerful blast to its head, << so thinks Kurt, oh wait, that was mentally out loud. Regardless, the onslought of concussion seeds is keeping the big green guy off his feet and he's stumbling, but if he keeps stumbling he might end up at the school for collateral damage. Between the seeds and the big seed, and the plasma, little imp bamfs out, but big imp takes a direct hit or three and is knocked out, falling over, flattened on the ground, cracking pavement. To Jean, Kurt then says aloud, "Oh yeah, I still don't think dad will take no for the answer, but at least he knows I'm not willing for another reunion just yet."

Jean smirks, >> Careful Shiro, I'm married. And where do you think I learned the tricks from, anyway? << She glances at Kurt, letting the link fade out as the immediate trouble has passed, "Well, we'll get some added security at the school. I'll talk to Dani, she's more mystically inclined." A pause, and then she tilts her head at Kurt, "Wasn't expecting to see you guys here in the city."

"Thanks," responds Kurt to Jean, and a nod, "Yes, luck on my side." A grin, still trying to see properly after the flash-seed it would seem. He moves closer to the group at hand. "I didn't expect this either, just a little get away, checking pawn shops for swords. Maybe luck was on my side that you guys made a this little trip." Then he'll take a sitter to let his eyes have a rest, on a curb or bench, laying down with eyes closed.

"/Yes!/ Woo, good call, Jean!" Chenda hops over the barrier and hurries to rejoin the little group of mutants, her steps bouncing with restrained glee. They did it!

<<Married? That hasn't stopped people before.>> Shiro jokes, but does he? He lands next to the group, "Good work everyone. Surprisingly as efficient as when I ran Big Hero 6." He looks to Chenda, "Interesting power, girl. . .but I do not comprehend the socks reference."

"Oh, hey! Good job on that last shot," Chenda says, raising a hand and giving Sunfire... /Shiro/ a winning smile. "I think you put him out. High-five!"

Then she realizes he asked her a question. "Oh... that? I just wanted you to look down when I threw that flash bomb. I didn't want to let Greenie know what it was. Sorry if it was confusing," she explains, blushing a little.

Nodding his head, "What a confusing statement, and yet completely effective strategy. . .Good job indeed!" He looks up at her hand and stares a moment and then gives the high-five. "Sunfire, thugh my friends call me Shiro."

Jean gives Shiro a wry look, "Richenda was with the school for a while... though, well, aren't you with the New Mutants now, Dani's team?" She blinks and looks back at Richenda, seeming a bit confused. "I know you graduated and all between everything that happened, well, my own absence I'm still playing a bit of catchup."

"It's from a movie I saw," Chenda replies. "But thank you!" Knowing a little of Japanese customs, she bows her head respectfully. "Richenda Gray... but just call me Chenda."

Hearing Jean's voice, she smiles and looks back to her favorite member of the Xavier School faculty. "Hello again, Miss Grey. It wasn't so much a graduation as just getting too old to be in school. I ended up going to work, 'til somebody decided to shoot at one of the school's buses. I came back after I saw the story on the news, and I've been mostly working with Dani ever since. She made sure I had a home when she reformed the New Mutants."

Sitting up finally, Kurt can mostly see, he sort of looks in the direction of everyone chatting. "What'd I miss," as if he was out, who knows, he migt be joking about that. Regardless, he makes to stand, and comes to join and listen in as if to catch up on the conversation without making too much to disturb it either.

"Chenda, then." As Jean and Kurt arrive, Shiro looks them over, "Good job, team." He says it curtly, but means it. Then he continues, "So Kurt, were those demns relatives of yours?"

"Nice to meet you, Shiro. Hopefully we can work together again sometime," Chenda replies sincerely. "But with any luck, it won't involve any more technicolor demons!"

Hearing Kurt's voice, she looks over and grins. "Hey, Kurt. Catch up on your beauty sleep?" she asks, perfectly willing to go along with a joke. "This is now an ex-infestation site for demons. Which is good, considering we're right outside a school."

"I think my only part was bringing them here," responds Kurt to the teamwork part, but a smile is given, "Thanks are mine to give though, thanks." His teeth flash with the smile. A nod around, "Ja, they were most likely relatives, don't know how close or distant, but that they came wanting to take me could only lead to that conclusion. Its been a couple years since I'd heard from family, not that I want to."

"Well, if it was just you they wanted, wouldn't it have been easier for you to go with them? As opposed to starting battle in the middle of Harlem?" Shiro asks with all sincerity.

"I think that's the kind of trip you might not come back from," Chenda observes. "They /are/ demons, right? I don't know any taxi service that offers round-trip service to Limbo."

There is a nod from Kurt, "Something akin to demons. My father is Azazel, of biblical fame, a different race, but very much lived up to the role of pretending to be a demon. If he is looking for me again, can only mean he's wants to try and cross back into this world. I'd rather not let him do that."

"Fair enough. . .so goodness, I thought my family was bad. . .what with an evil uncle and the head of the one of the world's largest evil empires. . .your father is literally the devil. . .my condolence, Kurt." Shiro offers sincerely.

"And mine, too. And to you, Shiro," Chenda says softly. "I guess there are worse things than not having a family."

She glances up at the clock at the front of the school. "I'd better get back to the store and get home. Dani'll want to hear about this, just in case these guys show up again. It was good to meet you, Shiro. Come visit sometime, okay?" Kurt gets a quick hug. "Nice seeing you again, Kurt." And she turns down the way she came, walking away with a space-eating stride. But she does wave and smile over her shoulder.

Returning the quick hug, Kurt nods to Shiro, "That is appreciated, not my choice, and I think all his mistakes in my life helped make me better. So on that level, I suppose I owe him for being abandoned as a child and eveything that brought me. Its one of those Charles moments, we're not defined by our family but shapped by them?"

"I suppose. I was never one for Charles' astute observations. My tenure with the X-Men was brief enough that I was fortunate to miss out on his lectures." Sunfire nods, "But I guess, if I am to to join the X-Men, I am to become a part of this . . .'family' . . .perhaps a distant cousin."

Grinning, Kurt offers, "You could settle on associate. Its not so much joining a family as sharing a cause I think. Most of us have taken advantage of the family-like aspects that can develop by living and training together, but I don't think its required Shiro."

"Yes. . .and speaking of family. . .how is that bitch of a mother of yours? Is she dead yet?" Shiro eyes aflame a little as Shiro partially blames her for a lot of the misery that befell him. "Maybe she can join your father in his hell dimension."

Smile fading just a little, Kurt nods his head in a manner of indifference. "Not sure about her, one could hope I suppose that she be with my father. I haven't spoken with my foster family, they might be more attuned to that sort of thing. I was just trying to relax, maybe get a new sword."

"Yes well . . .sorry for the curt words about your mother. . .I despise the whore. . .but that is not your fault." Shiro offers, "Next time you are in the city, visit my apartment. I have a wide array of swords. You can have one. Most are ancient samurai or Japanese swords, but I am sure we can find a fencing one or two."

"Tugend," says Kurt, slight amusement over his features as he says the word slowly. "I would gladly take the offer, but I would feel as if I had robbed you if I were to take any sword from you. I would be just happy to see the collection."

"Are you sure? The sword are great for seppuku." Shiro laughs, "Very well. Perhaps we can test our skill against each other."

"Ja, that would be an honor and a priveledge," says Kurt, not even shooting for any form of flattery but a sincere honesty. He would say that to anyone with a decent skill level with the sword. Win or loose, it wouldn't be about the outcome so much as enjoyment of the challenger.

Sunfire says, "Very well. . .tell me, elf" Sunfire, "Should I be calling you, Father Kurt? I had heard you had become a priest. I suppose that would be an example of irony, no?""

There is a hint of a smirk, yet it fades quietly as he shakes his head. "I had taken to to seminary courses, but it turns out the ordainment was an Illusion. Such is Gods will I suppose, I was not ready to be a priest and come to learn every day that it is better I was not ordained."

"Oh? I am curious, despite the lives we lead and your family history, why are you not fit for the holy orders?" Shiro asks curiously, "I would imagine that of all the X-Men, you are the most devout."

Half a smile, as if opening up to a confession, Kurt says, "I have come to realize I enjoy the fairer sex Shiro. Deacon would not be out of the question, but I think it would be fitting to figure out a woman I would like to spend the rest of my life with. I'm not rushing to make that happen."

Looking almost shocked, "Really? I had always thought with your odd friendship with Logan and then Leyu would tell me of your overcompensating by overtly flirting with your female teammates, I had just presumed you and Alex were. . .well I guess not." Shiro nods, "Good for you. . .not that there's anything wrong with it."

A laugh starts to come from Kurt, but he contains it with a hand to his mouth, "Ja ... nein, I could see that. I can take that thought, but I wouldn't share it with Logan, he might not take it so well. No, freund, as friendly as I am with some of my male friends, my preference is and has been in the female department." A pause, "Come to think of it, if that speculation were true, that would be even better reason not to become a priest though.'

Shrugging his shoulders, Shiro dismissively responds, "With all the unfortunate news on Catholicism, I thought it was expected. . . better to be Shinto." Changing the subject before becoming even more offensive, "I should speak to Logan. . .I have found my soul taint from Apocalypse to be. . .diffuclt to deal with. Since Logan was once Death, perhaps, he can offer some insight."

"I would agree, freund," says Kurt, "If it invovles soul taint, Logan is your man." He is completely going with it and has no real idea actually, but if its less insulting, he votes yes. "I wish you the best of luck with that ... traking down Logan. Even if he's on a known mission, no telling if he's really on that mission."

"I suppose. Well, Scott, Warren, Lorna, and Remy have also experienced Apocalypse's soul taints, so. . .perhaps they may know of what I speak." Shiro looks about, "So. . .how is the little witch you were dating? What was her name? Your sister, as well, wasn't she?"

Grinning, Kurt shakes his head a little, "Foster sister I suppose, her name is Jimaine, but she goes by Amanda. That was a few years ago. She wouldn't mind being called a witch, but I'd be careful around the American mystics, some might take offense to that."

"Well, foster sister, makes it better. . ." Shiro rolls his eyes a bit, "I have been away for awhile so I am trying to catch up. So you are no longer dating your sister. . .er foster sister." e lokks around, "Idle chitchat was never my thing. . .But I am trying."

"You are doing well, freund, I was curious whether you were actually curious, or simply felt obligated to speak with me so have been drumming up questions." He suspects the later for the purpose of trying to get a rise out of Kurt, plenty have tried, Shiro wouldn't be the first attempting it on purpose. "If you really do have to go somewhere, I would not be offended if you had to leave. If you want to try idle chat, I'd recommend coffee or tea and a bagel, we could chat about sword play or sports or cute woman walking around the area."

Sunfire hmmmmns, "Very well, then. . .For the sake of the team and community building. . .blah blah blah. . .Let us go for saki. I know a great place for that. . ." Shiro hmmmns and he looks he is still in costume, "I do not suppose you have an extra image inducer on you."

Shaking his head, Kurt says, "I only have one, if you prefer to use it I'll let you take it ..." Leaving it open ended, to be accepted or declined as Shiro wishes. "I'm comfortable like this, unless this saki place you're talking about isn't keen to mutants that is ..."

"Mutants, they are fine with, but dem. . .No, we'll be find. I believe there is a diner in Mutant Town we can go to." Shiro offers in place of the saki place.

Nodding with a grin, Kurt doesn't comment on the conclusion to go to Mutant Town. "How fast can you fly actually? Think if I gave you a head start you could beat a port, or want to try a ride on the bamf express Shiro." He stage whispers, hand in front of mouth, "I know the location well, it would take us two seconds to get there."

You paged Scarlet Witch with 'I still feel bad about earlier, I want to offer more apologies your way'

"While the offer of teleportation is welcome. . .I think I'd rather not. Go port over and get us a table and I shall arrive shortly." Shiro lifts off and zooms skyward at supersonic speed.

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