2013-04-08 While You were sleeping

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While You were sleeping

Beast, Blindfold, Phantasm

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2010/04/08 20:40

Mike's apartment

Blindfold fills Mike in on what happened while he was sleeping. Colorful language ensues. (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Mike's Apt - Tate Apt Bldg - New York ]==----------------------------

This studio apartment is quite simple. To the right of the entryway is the kitchen and bathroom, to the left a closet and a washer/dryer. Straight ahead, the Living/Dining Room combo. Walk to there and there's a sleeping alcove to the right. As far as furniture there are five notable pieces of furniture. Two futons in the alcove, two more futons in the living /dining room area, and a rather beaten, and likely salvaged from a street corner on trash day, coffee table. Resting on the table is an old TV and converter box.

It is unsure to what is sadder. The minimalism of the furniture, or that four guys pooled their money for this and this is all they did. But factoring the amount of sound proof paneling around the place along with the drumset, guitars, keyboard, recorder, and practice drum pads scattered about there's likely a good reason why the furniture count stopped where it did. With just two people sharing the apartment now, this quasi-two room, quasi-kitchen, one bathroom apartment seems quite spacious. Although, the occupants would prefer it much more if the other two former occupants were still there.


What a day, what a day. After waking up in the hospital to being snuck out of there by a master thief, Mike is now back home. And with him being very well rested, he's not heading over to the futon to sleep. Instead, his first action upon entering in his residence is head over to the fridge to grab a beer and glance at a note left by Wade. Likely one meant for Armand. Won't his friend be in for a surprise when he returns from his 'hot date'.

Accompanied by beast, Ruth came knocking on the door to check up on her friend.

The knocking is not immediately rewarded as Mike's in the middle of the ever important action of opening the bottle in his hand. With a pfft of the cap being pried off, he allows for the cap to land on the countertop and rattle away as he turns towards the door. The bottle opener's chucked onto the counter on the other side of the kitchenette on the way out. Opening the door, he looks to oversized blue furball first, and then to Ruth. "Hey Hank," He nods to the both of them, "Ruth."

Ruth smiles toward mike and reaches to give him a hug "If I might ask please, how are you settling in? Dr McCoy wanted to check on you and make sure all was well, yes thank you" doctors and making double sure a patient was out of the woods and all.

Mike holds up the open beer in response while waving the two in with the free hand. "Well, I'm not tired." Once he's sure they're both in, he closes the door and heads towards the kitchenette, "Want a drink? Got some under 21 beverages available other than the basic milk and juice now." Ah, behold the effects of Armand doing the grocery shopping.

Hank requests a beer if it's not too much trouble. Ruth chuckles as they enter "A soda please if I may? So is there anything I can help with filling in blanks or answering questions, please if you don't mind my asking?"

At the request for beer, Mike gives a bit of a smirk before setting his own drink down and raiding the fridge for another bottle, and a can of soda. He hands the soda over to Ruth before heading over to retrieve the bottle opener to take care of Hank's drink. "I'll probably want to get as much info as you got on Saint George, Michael, and Cadmus," he answers, popping the lid off of the beer and presenting it to the blue X-Man. "But, cliffsnotes for what I missed?"

Ruth smirks feeling the top of the can fire the tab and popping it open. "That's a long list but I'll try, yes thank you. Well let's see...lady thing you probably knew the American gods were going crazy and washing war, right? Elk before we ended that war and made sure their world could never pop into ours again, genosha came back and brought some complications, yes thank you. No one sends to have done anything to bring it back, it just mysteriously reappeared but apparently with it came some treat or something in reality because other dimensions started bleeding in to ours, things are blending together still and people started changing, yes sorry. miss grey had sorry haute and a tattoo on her face, lady I saw miss moonstar she was 5yrs old, Rex is an elf worshipping Loki, Cessily is a boy, miss tanya is back to normal thankfully yes please"

Mike nods, slowly as Blindfold's cliffnotes are quite long. He turns back into the kitchen to retrieve his beer before starting to lead the way over to the futons. Might as well sit. Head tilting at the mention of Rex, "I...kind of got the view of her with pointy ea-" He pauses, "...was there really a me with a mohawk?"

Ruth tilts her head with a grin "You remember that? Well yes thank you, it was you, so was the older you and the you with a different band and also the dead you, sorry yes. Things are still wonky with reality, empath isn't bad, he's actually....very nice and was raised by miss frost and Scott, yes please. In the war with the gods they kept taking control of mirage to try and kill people, which...actually worked once, yes sorry, but it wasn't her that once it was an alternate reality miss moonstar"

Well, more like it was there when I woke up." Mike murmurs, frowning, "...Who's Empath?"

Ruth tilts her head in that way she does sometimes "Sorry my apologies, you know him as Manny, the man who tried to get Armand to return to the academy at the mutant diner, also as that unsavory person who nearly broke up Boston Zombie, yes sorry. Manny apparently in another reality was adopted by Scott and miss frost and became leader of a mutant teen group of crime fighters, he's super nice, yes thank you. St George is the head of the order his name is Frank Gellar, cadmus works at the hospital you were in and his name is Dr Marinos, yes thank you"

Given the explanation, Mike neither smiles nor frown, but nods slowly, "Oh. The asshole." He moves over to his futon, grabbing for one of his notebooks, "Ok, hold up on the St. George stuff. Going to want to make notes of that." He slowly flips it open, doing it with just one hand as the other is tasked with the important duty of holding his beer. "I'm thinking, if we get as much information as we can and pass it over to those with the legal resources, maybe we can deal with that particular set of jerk-offs in a way where they're NOT given a 'get out of jail free' card."

Ruth rubs the route of one shoe on the floor, affair yes but still a term she avoided using "It's actually amazing what a difference a.change in upbringing can make in how a person turns out, Manny from the other reality is nothing like the Manny from ours, yes thank you. Pinning down the order of saint George won't be easy, we can't just give the info to the local police because st Michael is a police officer...though I think he was maybe possibly guarding your room to keep cadmus out of it at the hospital, morbius works at that hospital too, yes please"

"Yeah, the cop..." Mike agrees, reaching a blank page of his notebook and clicking a pen. "Which means, we find out exactly who's in it first, THEN we pass the information along to something a bit higher than local. The F4's sill really busy, so maybe I can give the info to Baker to run with. He's aware of the basic gist of the situation. And he's got the resources now."

Ruth winces at the mention of baker "Actually...Baker won't be available for a while I'm afraid, my apologies...I could pass it along to some people I know though who could hand it off to say SHIELD our something, yes please"

The pen lowers, leaving an inky streak on the paper from the still exposed pen tip. "SHIE- Okay, that's a bit high up there." He pauses, "What's up with Baker? He out of town for something?"

Ruth grimaces but slowly nods, obviously dreading having to give the news that comes next "If....six feet under...is considered out of town, yes sorry truly" her expression sorrowful at the news.

Mike's brows lift as Ruth indirectly explains Baker's absence, "He's -" He doesn't finish the question and instead sits there, stunned.

Ruth nods and taps her way toward him before leaving in to wrap her arms around his shoulders "I'm so sorry, yes, I wish I could have stopped it but it all happened so fast and without warning but there's still hope, sometimes people come back from the dead it had happened before yes please" there was an upside at least?

Mike shakes his head. "How?" Mike asks, the mood very much shifting towards the less than pleasant, "He's a fucking Sand man! How do you kill sand?!"

Ruth sighs frowning with a sniffle and gives him a squeeze "everything that sandman is, is contained within one grain of sand within his form, miss moonstar was taken over by an alternate reality of herself apparently an evil one and black crow turned evil as well, he bit miss moonstar causing the change in her but we didn't realize he'd infected her, we didn't realize he was evil, an alternate reality of himself...we were on a field trip to avenger mansion, she attacked and sandman and gambit tried to protect us, she almost took my head if it weren't for Mr Lebeau, she took her valkyrie sword out, fully accessing her valkyrie powers now that they were unlocked and with her powered sword she stabbed his sand form and all of him just....fell to the pavement, sorry yes. Black crow and Mr Lebeau almost died, the gods took miss moonstar and black crow, Cessily and I tried to fight miss moonstar to snap her out of it, I even tried poking in her head, she was in they but locked away and the gods were in her head too, Mr Lebeau had to pick me up and carry me off in a retreat with Cessily, sorry forgive me yes, please don't blame miss moonstar, it wasn't her fault she wasn't...well she wasn't herself" Ruth might have been bouncing around in events but that was the first of it, hard to keep times straight when you saw front and back.

The musician's jaw tightens as Ruth gives a play by play, hearing about how he fell to the ground. "Did you collect him up?"

Ruth sniffles "Regrettably I was unable to, I'm sorry my apologies...Mr Lebeau didn't know how important it might be to do so and we were overmatched by miss moonstar at her full unbridled powers, she would have killed us all if we had not retreated and I was picked up off my feet for the retreat, please forgive me, I feel horrible about it all. I will do all I can to pinpoint the grain of sand that contains any fragment of him that may exist, I promise!" the tone in her voice making it a heart felt vow to him.

"You mean to tell me that NO one with you couldn't be arsed to just grab a handful of sand?!" Mike snaps, "To add to that, I have a hard time believing that bitch hit the one piece she needed to hit in order kill him." He stops speaking, glancing down to the notebook and instead swings his hand, knocking the book across the room. Childish perhaps, but better that than a someone. He clenches his teeth, glaring at the notebook.

Ruth pouts hugging mike tightly "Nothing I can say well make it better but we will get him back mike, if there is any way to we will find it, I'll do everything I can I promise! Miss moonstar's sword was powered...similar to thor's hammer, or wouldn't have mattered where she hit him, I'm sorry, my sincere apologies"

Mike pushes Ruth off roughly, which kind of brings a cautionary sound coming from Beast in the process as the hug is cut short. "Quit trying to console me. He's NOT dead!" He looks over to the chaperone, frowning before shaking his head. "You, probably should go." He starts to stand up, readying himself to show them out.

Ruth stumbles back but managed to catch herself from the above before nodding crestfallen "Yes of course...I'll...I'll calm you later our something and we can run thru the saint George info"

There's not much in terms of formalities as the departures are made but as Beast and Ruth find themselves in the hallway, separated from Mike. They get the muffled sound of a fist hitting something solid.


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