2013-04-03 Revelations Over Pizza

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Revelations Over Pizza

Blindfold, Gambit, Phantasm

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Arturo's Pizzeria

As Ghost Mike people watches and Gambit chaperones, Blindfold comes across some less than pleasant revelations. (time jump converted)

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-----==[ Arturo's Pizzeria - SoHo and Tribeca ]==-----------------------------

As you enter this restaurant, you are met with the smells of garlic and fresh bread. There is a cash register behind the counter, with an attractive brunette there ready to take your money when you are ready to pay. Near the cash register are a couple padded benches where you can wait till you are seated. There is a large salt-water aquarium by one of the benches filled with many tropical fish.

There are many tables in the main dining area. The tables are covered with a white table cloth and a clear plastic cover on top of the table cloth. Each place setting has a white cloth napkin that is folded fancily. In the back corner of the restaurant is a bar with some tall tables surrounding the bar area. This is where some people go to wait to be seated. Near the bar area is a T-shaped hallway that leads to the kitchen area and restroom area.





Obvious Exits:

[O] - SoHo and Tribeca - New York

The small pizzeria is packed at dinner time. People fill the tables, while others wait to be seated, and others still file in to grab their dinner to take home and enjoy. Near the doors, people stand shoulder to shoulder, cramming in waiting their turn.

It's in the mass of people that Remy Lebeau stands with the young Ruth. After recent events, he thought it might be nice for both of them to get out of Westchester for a bite to eat. He's dressed down in casual clothes, looking quite comfortable even in the crowd of people. His mind is 100 percent on some much needed R&R.

Ruth stayed close to Remy in her sneakers and jeans with a warm coat on, fidgeting with her cane. She mms softly as the smell of a bbq pizza wafted over. "Thank you for the trip Mr Lebeau, yes"

Despite it being packed, one table consists of a solitary person just sitting, with just a soda in front of him. Eyes a bit dark, seemingly from the lack of sleep, a man sits, dressed down in jeans and an obligatory concert tee. He seems a bit familiar to a certain person lying asleep in a hospital, but his appearance has shifted considerably. Hair shaved down on both sides, A splay of hair from the top most part of the head falls to one side. Judging from the level of his soda, he's just sat down, but this Mike's not paying much mind to the drink. Instead, he seems more interested in people watching.

"Pas de problem, petite," Gambit says over the din of the busy restaurant. "Figured we could both use a bit o' time away, even if it is just for dinner," he adds.

Ruth smiles and nods "Well it is appreciated thank you please. Hmm a different mike...that makes four so far, yes please"

The lazy hawked man takes his drink and sips it, causing for the levels in the glass to drop minisculey before setting the glass back down. His glance about the restaurant eventually leading to him spotting Ruth, Gambit, and - " He frowns, looking to a table near them where a well dressed man in his mid-50s sits, enjoying a slice of pizza.

Gambit raises his eyebrows at the comment about four different Mikes. He can only assume it has something to do with the dimensional shifts. So far, he hasn't had too many run ins with these shifts. "What's dat, petitie," he asks.

Ruth turns her head up toward Gambit "Mike is healthy but in a coma which has the doctors stumped, Dr McCoy is watching over him so nothing goes awry by outside forces, yes thank you. Armand is keeping him company but the mike here is the third ghost mike I've encountered, all three different but still mike, yes please. one was killed by his band mate who then married his wife and got a book deal, yes thank you"

Mike continues to glare at the unknowing elder man for a few more moments before he turns his head, giving the soda another sip. His mood appears a bit soured as he goes back to people watching. Those empty seats at his table just going unclaimed.

"Fantome, eh," Gambit sounds the idea aloud. He places a hand on Ruth's shoulder, and begins to guide her through the crowd and in the direction of the table where Mike sits. As the pair approaches, he smiles to the disheveled ghost. "Dese seats taken, mon ami?"

Ruth nods in agreement to the concise term and follows along without tapping her cane, confident in Remy leading her by the shoulder. Add they arrive at Mike's table she smiles warmly to the ghost mike.

The Phantasm's eyes shift up, pale blue eyes looking towards the Cajun and then towards Ruth. A few clicks go by before a response is given in the form of a wave to the seats, "Yeah. You guys." Taking the distraction from the gentleman in the corner that he finds less than pleasant. He rests an arm on the table, not even shaking it in the process, looking towards Remy. "...Teacher, right?"

Gambit smiles weakly. "Been accused o' worse," he says bemusedly. He helps Ruth to find her seat before taking his own.

Ruth smiles gratefully toward Remy as she sits down then tilts her head toward mike and scowls about something "Oh dear..."

Mike's eyes shift towards Ruth, "This better not be about the hospital again."

Suddenly feeling out of place, Gambit looks back and forth between the two. "I miss somet'in," he asks.

Ruth nods toward gambit "There is a cult as best I can describe it, by the name of the order of saint George, yes thank you. Historically known for killing dragons they have set their sites on Mike's father, known as the dragon in less amenable circles, and they have made several attempts on Mike's life as well, yes sorry. It's why Dr McCoy is keeping watch on mike at the hospital, two of the order were seen there, yes thank you. The elderly man....is st George" her voice pitched low and soft as she tended to do. the din of the crowd keeping her story from carrying

Mike's brow raises, looking over to the elder man, "Christ." He looks over to Ruth, apparently not processing to him, "What do you call thirty? Middle age?"

Gambit shakes his head, he's heard this before minus the part about the man in the room. "So dis be de homme dat's been giving you troubles, eh," Gambit intones as he nonchalantly glances at the "elderly" man.

Ruth thinks about that before nodding to mike "Yes, thirties and forties, thirties is halfway to retirement, sorry my apologies. Well he is the head of the organization but Cadmus is a rogue on a vendetta against mike and his father, the organization only want Mike's father, yes please" again her tone soft and low

Mike gives Ruth a blank look. "Fifty, is middle age. Halfway to DEATH." He glances to the described elderly man before he looks back, "So that's why I just felt like I wanted to just punch his lights out for no reason?"

With a slight sigh Gambit rolls his blood red eyes. "Mon ami, I'd be more'n 'appy ta 'elp you beat up de elderly any day o' de week," he jokes, "Mais, meybe we can save it for anotha night. Been one helluva week, non?"

Ruth nods "Yes thank you, if there were any person to detain for information it would be Mr Gellar, the doctor at Mike's hospital is the imminent threat. Sadly the lesson st Michael dealt to cadmus, the doctor was not a lesson he learned, thank you please and worse yet all for a misguided reason, grief can drive people to great lengths"

"Gellar?" Mike's brows furrow as he glances back towards the man in the corner, starting to lift up the soda glass but stopping as it sets down on the table with a smack. The brown liquid sloshes with the force, causing for some to escape over the edge and run down the outer side of the container, getting a dark tendril of liquid to coat the back of Mike's hand. The effect lasts all of a second before the liquid trail vanishes, leaving it on the table instead. "Son of a bitch." He mutters, looking to the glass.

Gambit rubs at his temples as if fighting off a headache. He tosses a couple of napkins to Mike to aid in the cleanup of the spilt soda.

Ruth tilts her head as her mouth drops open and then a sad expression comes to her face "He...killed you in your world...Frank Gellar murdered...oh my gosh...Cessily!...Seth! dead...Sabertooth and riptide....blood...laughter...." her nose turning pink as she makes a pitiful sad noise.

"Who the fuck is Cessi-" Mike pauses, looking to the sad girl, brow arching, "This is more the kid's -" He grumbles, shaking his head before looking to Remy, "Maybe she should try another restaurant. Soda's probably bad here anyways."

From deep within his headache, Gambit turns his head sharply in Ruth's direction. His demeanor much darker than usual, a scowl on his face. "Whachu know 'bout Sabretooth an Riptide," he demands, completely ignoring Mike.

Ruth 'cries' which is more just sniffling now and then and the sound of crying without the tears "Cessily is a good friend and classmate, yes thank you....Sabertooth with Riptide close behind, bathed in blood, Sabertooth was standing over Cessily and seth sorry yes"

Okaaay. Mike shifts up to his feet. "Yeah, time to head on." He nods to the two of them. "There's this burger joint down the street that looked interesting. How about there?"

Gambit visually relaxes a slight bit, as if a massive weight had been lifted off his shoulders. "Notha' onea dem visions," he asks already knowing the answer. This is the second time he's heard her talk about these visions of dead X-Men. Both times Mike was present. He can't help but wonder if this has something to do with him. At Mike's recommendation of a change of venues Remy stands, turns, and walks over to the table where St George sits. He waits for the man to notice his presence before he speaks. "Pardon, Monsieur. I don't know you, an' you don't know me," he says in a cold voice, "mais is been a long week, an I'd just like ta enjoy ma pizza. Now see, you be botherin' mes amis, an' for dat," he trails off and throws a punch squarely at the man's jaw. Without awaiting a response, Remy walks back to the table, sits down, and waves over a waitress. Of course, after the scene he just made, chances are the group are no longer welcome here. "Sit down, Mike," he says tersely.

Ruth nods with a trembling lip as she sniffles before tilting her head again with a slight gasp "Miss Ororo...Harpoon...in the school..." luckily she was busy with her flashes to react to Remy suddenly punching someone

As Remy slugs the well dressed middle aged man, a woman at a nearby table screeches in shock, covering her mouth and soon there are the flashes of several smart phone screens lighting up. Gellar's phone is not one of them as he instead is reeling back and bring a hand up to his mouth. What just happened?

Mike's jaw drops, not out of sympathy for the man who was just punched but more out of astonishment at the sudden action of the guy who is supposed to be a teacher watching out for a student. He looks to the sitting Remy and then over to Ruth before sighing, sitting down as per the Cajun's instructions, leaning over, "You do realize they're going to call the police on you, right?"

Gambit shrugs nonchalantly. "Won't be de first time," he says flatly. He looks back towards the waitress with a grimace. Judging by the look on her face, it's pretty obvious that they're not going to get service at this point, he stands himself. "Fine," he growls. "I get better pizza somewhere else."

Ruth shook her head still sniffling "Would you like to join us Mike, if you like yes?" a bit disoriented as she held her head with one hand and tried to piece together what she missed

The ghost looks between Gambit and Ruth before sighing, getting back up again, "Yeah. Sure."

With no regard for Mike or Ruth, Remy turns to walk out the door. As he passes the man he punched, he glares at him with a sneer. "Don' let me see you 'gain, mon ami," he threatens.

The man looks to Remy, not focusing on the other two just yet as he tries to place him. Unsuccessful, he just looks baffled and then looks to the other two, his eyes setting on Mike. A brow raises as he looks at him.

Mike gives Remy a bit of distance before he offers an arm towards Ruth to help lead her out.

Ruth gets to her feet and takes Mike's arm as they walk out "Did I miss something?" a sad expression still etching her young face


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