Following Up on a Hot Lead

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Following Up on a Hot Lead

Morbius and Human Torch

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Baxter Building

Morbius stops by to talk to Johnny about the car bombing at the hospital (time jump converted)

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-----==[ FF Reception - Fantastic Four HQ ]==---------------------------------

This area is well-lit by natural light and overhead artificial fixtures. Roberta the robotic receptionist is stationed near the civilian elevators. She welcomes everyone into the area and can arrange the schedules of each team member with appointments.



Dr. Michaels

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[O] - Landing - 30th Floor Fantastic [PL] - Private Elevator - Fantastic F

So he's feeling a bit brazen doing this, but Dr. Morbius has decided that if he wants to get the bottom of the attack of Dr. Marinos, there are worse resources to approach than the Fantastic Four. Of course, he knows that Dr. Richards is potentially likely to recognize him, even like this - in a human shape, depending on circumstances, but he holds no such trepidation about the particular member he's here to see.

"Yes, Can you please see if Mr. Storm is available?" he tells the gynoid at the desk, "Tell him Dr. Michaels is here to see him, in regards to the car bombing at the hospital."

The robotic receptionist gives an automated smile, at least from the waist up seeming human like as she tilts her head, "Mr. Storm. A Dr. Michaels is here to see you." There is a pause before the head tilts back into position to look towards the doctor. "He will be down in a few minutes. Please take a seat."

The doctor isn't inclined to sit idly, instead he paces about the room, taking it nice it must be to have a real facility for research, not the hideout he's made for himself in his penthouse, using equipment gotten though some extralegal means, so much he had to make himself...he sighs, deeply, at least he stays busy, and he's been thinking a lot about what he did recently...saving the world. He's done it before, but never so...openly.

For the wait, a few turns out to be nearing the 10 minute mark when the private elevator doors part ways, exposing everyone's favorite hero that no mom wants their kid to try to imitate. Dressed in his NYFD attire, Johnny is not smiling and instead appears to be - a little wet. As he steps out, the area around the doors gets warmer, as the slow rising tendrils of steam coming from his shirt supplies one possible reason for the delay. Blue eyes scan the room before they fix on the doctor and Johnny smiles, walking over, "Hey. Sorry for the wait. He waves over to the seats, "So, Roberta said you wanted to tallk about that thing that happened in the parking lot?"

The scientist turns and looks...a bit nonplussed by Johnny's appearance, but decides to let it go, and it's obvious he's doing so, "...Yes. My colleague will live, but the whole thing was suspicious. The police are investigating but..." and here he hesitates, "There's more. Potentially related. But I am unsure...I wanted to see if you knew anything." All business. The more he keeps to it, the more the young man may be less inclined to even notice the doctor himself.

"Well, good to hear he is going to be alright." Johnny replies, "I didn't come upon the scene until around the time I put out the fire so you may know more than what I do." He pauses, "I haven't followed up much on that event much but there was something that stood out. A couple of-." He pauses, glancing over to the doctor, "What was it that you think is related?"

A touch reluctant, but the doctor goes on after a moment, "His son...and please keep this confidential if you can. His son got into a bad scene. Drugs, Petty theft. He was killed in some sort of altercation a few weeks before this...attack." He turns to regard the blonde man carefully, "I am unsure if it is related but...Dr. Marinos has no enemies that I am aware of."

Johnny's brow lifts as he takes in the information. "Son dies and he's nearly blown up. Yeah, that would make someone wonder." He pauses, "Maybe it is related... Did you tell the police about this when they were getting statements? It'd probably be something they could work with."

"It...I wasn't -sure-." Dr. 'Michaels' begins, hesitantly, "You have to understand-" he bgins, his voice betraying some concern, "As a physician, reputation is important. If there -was- no link...his career. He's older, if there were some sort of inquiry -now-..."

At the hesitation, Johnny frowns, holding up a hand in a halting manner, "Woah woah woah..." He pauses, waving towards the seats. "I get it. You're worried about causing him problems. But, uh, you should probably sit down." He stops, still indicating to the seat. He's waaaaiting.

The older man huffs and seats himself, straightening his slacks after he does so. "Indeed. I hesitate to bring anything up until I am -certain- it is related."

Johnny brings up a hand to rub the bridge of his nose, "Someone tried to blow him up..." The last bit of the last word drags as he allows the sound to die out into a pause, causing for extra emphasis to the statement. "That you know. What you don't know is that there was something turned up there that hints to this being tied to some other attacks that have been spread out over the past year. I'd suggest you tell the police so they have something else to work with."

"What is this tied to?" the physician asks, and puts on his 'authority figure' voice, the one he uses when telling recalcitrant people they -have- to take the perscribed dosage of medication, and to be honest, a -little- bit of the intimidation that causes many people to cower in terror of him as the Living Vampire.

Yeah. Intimidation. "There's been attacks that have a general theme of certain cards being left at them." Johnny replies, not appearing all that phased by the doctor voice. It's not all that scary compared to the sister voice. "A few of the victims we know of have been tied to drugs." His lips draw closed, that seeming to be all he's providing on that. Geez, it's almost like he didn't want to give all the information to a civillian. The NERVE.

This might be easier if...but no...let's not even -consider- that. Dr. Morbius slumps a bit in his seat, "So there may very well be a link..." he says quietly. But the Torch -has- confirmed a few suspicions, and in that, he's proven useful. "I may have to speak to some people about this." That's true, but it's far from the whole story.

Johnny nods, presuming some people to include the police. "I'm sure they'd appreciate the information." He assures, "I get that you don't want to get him in trouble but, better a bit of trouble than dead from ignoring things." He gives a bit of a shrug, "I'm, not going to be able to help you much more than that. There's this thing about too many details and ongoing investigations..." His voice dies away as he gives another shrug. Oh well.

"That's...understandable." the doctor says, holding up a hand. "I won't take up any more of your time." he rises to go, his mind racing ahead, who first? So many potential leads...if only he had some overt aid...but the few friends he has left who are better at this sort of thing aren't in town just now, and he's hesitant to bother them...

Johnny watches as the doctor makes his leave. Upon view of the man vanishing, the Fantastic Four member turns to head towards the elevator.

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