2010 11 10 Holiday

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Psylocke & Captain Britain

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Braddock Manor

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Brian and Betsy discuss things while Betsy is on Holiday in England.


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Breakfast, 6am GMT. Brian is found sitting in the breakfast nook drinking tea and reading the London Times. Currently he's dress shoes, wearing slacks, a dress shirt, suspenders and a tie. His jacket is found draped over the chair next to his.

Turning the page to find more informative articles, Brian is seated upright and proper.

It's perhaps twenty minutes later that the now purple haired, Asian bodied Betsy comes padding barefoot down the stairs in a loose tanktop and a pair of cutoff sweats. She looks over at Brian and smiles slightly. "Good morning Brian." She moves over and settles into a seat across from him.

"Bets." said in reply as he sifts through articles. Then he folds the paper a second afterward to note while he's placing it aside, "How did you sleep?" while making eye contact with his estranged sister.

Psylocke settles one leg under herself and runs a hand through her now-purple hair, studying it. "Well enough I suppose. It's still…different. I have not yet fully adjusted to seeing…someone else's face in the mirror in the morning."

There's an understanding nod and a slight smile, "I'm reminded of when you wore the 'Uniform'. It took a while getting used to seeing you in it." - He refers to the time when Betsy was Captain Britain, and not he.

Psylocke smiles. "That was somewhat different. I..suppose…then, like now… the changes were an improvement.." teasing about making the 'uniform' look better when she wore it.

A silent chuckle escapes his nose as Brian smiles but does not comment on improvement - nothing at all you say to a woman in regards to which looks better when both were perfectly fine. He segues on, "I will be taking a trip into the city today, I've some business to take care of. Would you care to join me or have you other plans?"

Psylocke considers, "It would probably do me some good to get out of the house for a while. There's no sense in avoiding public interaction when no one knows who I am.."

Having taken a sip of his now cool tea, he places the cup back upon the saucer and stands, "We'll leave within the hour. Oh, and please let's try not to kill Courtney." He refers back to Courtney Ross (someone that he's obviously visiting today for professional reasons); a former fling of his which in other realities she's one of the major threats to the very existence of that world. Betsy may or may not know of the other reality stuff, but Excalibur does and he's just being cautious.

Psylocke listens and shrugs slightly. "I only kill those who need killing, now, Brian." She almost seems to be joking. She stands, "I'll be ready in thirty minutes." She then moves over to offer a hug and, following that, disappears to her room to get ready.

The hug is warm, but he's still somewhat reserved in posture - formal if you will.

Later, the two meet up in the drive where Brian is seated within his Astin Martin. His hands are covered in driving gloves and he appears ready to take on the road. Soft classical music plays throughout the system and he attends to the balance of the music.

Psylocke emerges ten minutes later than she said - one cannot rush style. Even if that style is a belly baring black tanktop under a paisley vest, low rise shredded jeans that show off her olive hued skin, skuffed up cowboy boots and a rather beat up cowboy hat. She settles into the fancy car, setting down two (sheathed) Katanas. "Alright. I'm ready." She offers a slight smile.

Brian says nothing about her style, he knows better; but he does smile and probably reflect back to the good ole days. Dropping it into gear, he departs from the property and will hit a major motorway heading northwest.

He asks, making casual conversation, "How are you liking your return to the X-Men?"

Psylocke rather cavalierly props her booted feet up on the dash, forgoing a seatbelt in the process as her brother drives off. "I don't know yet. I have not completely decided how I am liking my new.. look. One cannot build a house without first creating a firm foundation." As the car speeds up, her purple hair swirls and whips about her face and shoulders with the window down.

"Well, if it is any assistance; I think your new look is splendid. It, and the added assertativeness, serves you well." Brian notes with one hand on the wheel, the other on the stick. "I'm also glad you came out for holiday. I'd missed you."

Psylocke stares out the window. "Assertiveness. Really?" She looks over at him curiously then smiles some, "Perhaps so. Thank you. Thank you for letting me come back for a while. It is nice to have a place I can go to decompress and reflect without feeling pressured. And I have missed you as well, Brian."

They get into the city and go their separate ways so Brian can do his business and Betsy can shop. Later, they will meet back for lunch.

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Holiday 2

Captain Britain & Psylocke

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London, England

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Brian and Betsy have lunch which is interrupted by an explosion that Miss Locke set off


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Brian is seated at a tiny table of a sidewalk cafe. The area is iron fenced off to keep passerbys from walking directly through but accessible enough that people can enter and take a seat. It is here that he waits for his sister to arrive from her shopping extravaganza. It is also here that he's looking through the newspaper and drinking tea - a common theme for him.

All around one can see the hustle and bustle of London's midday crowd. Motorcars linger by and people seem to be out and about doing their lunchtime activities under a slightly overcast sky.

Psylocke settles into a seat across the table from her brother. Her ever present katana is at least tactfully concealed inside a large leather blueprint case complete with shoulder strap. It isn't as if she'll need instant access to it with her other abilities but she does not leave home without it. As her brother contents himself with reading the paper she finds entertainment in watching passersby and idly scanning their surface thoughts.

Male passerbys will likely have page 6 on their mind and how amazingly juicy they looked. While females are likely to be pondering all the details of the day and if they look fat in the skirt they are wearing.

Brian asks, "Did you buy anything cleaver?" Just as a waiter arrives to take their lunch orders.

Psylocke looks back at her brother, "Clever? Such as?" She seems puzzled or unsure what he might be referring to. But she doesn't try to read his thoughts, letting him explain himself.

Folding the paper, he lists, "Something to match your hair." and smiles before telling the waiter what he will be having.

Psylocke shakes her head, "Nothing today." She then places her order for a salad and a glass of wine. "How did your.. meeting.. go? Pleasant I trust?"

"Quite. Courtney had some papers for me to sign in regards to the Lighthouse property and it's recent destruction and a few other things that needed my direct attention."

Just as he finishes the sentence the tranquility of the midday Circus is disrupted by an explosion half a block down from where Brian and Betsy sit. The shockwave is such that both feel it square in their thorax and the noise resonates through the city streets.

The explosive flames and debris reach out into the street immediately halting traffic and causing screams to be heard in all directions.

Psylocke's head turns and she winces at the surge of psychic backlash of fear and pain from those caught in the blast. "Bloody…" she's already standing up and reaching to take her katanna from the case, shrugging it over her shoulders to be carried openly. She easily swings her legs over the small metal fence and, expecting her brother will be right behind her, begins running toward the blast site.

Chaos - people running in all directions. Others getting out of their vehicles to run, or some staying in and trying to push the vehicle in front of them out of the way. Hundreds of people - in the way.

Meanwhile, Brian is doing just about the same as Betsy, though in his case he ducks into a phone booth, changes, and emerges as Captain Britain who quickly takes three steps and will leap into the sky.

What Psylocke will notice within the crowd and on the other side of the explosion (100+feet away) - a woman of blue hair leaps atop a taxi cab. She weilds a blue revolver and wears a tight blue dress that stops above her knees. The woman of blue hair only pauses long enough to look back over her shoulder at the explosive results and then leaps down into the crowd and out of sight. The woman will quickly register as being Miss Locke; Arcade's right hand girl. She is too far away to pursue as well as too far and with too many people around to get a mental lock on.

Psylocke sends the mental imprint of Miss Locke to her brother - he's not that far away yet. And he can track her. Psylock in the mean time leaps atop cars and begins jumping vehicle to vehicle to get past the surge of panic. She wants to get to the site to see if anyone is trapped that she can help.

The building that was exploded is a 2 floor business type structure (law firm) made of red brick. The front side has been blown outward. In addition to this, structural damage has been accomplished and the front side of the building appears as if it will collapse.

Brian receives the mental image, but he's more intent on saving the people from a building collapse than he is capturing some B list villain. He relays back as he flies over Psylocke's head and into the front of the damaged building, "We need to get these people out of here. I'll hold the place up, work on the evac." and he will land just under the front entrance where a structural support (column) has been shattered - he reaches up and will place his hands on the bottom end of it where he can support the ceiling and second floor.

Psylocke wastes no time, making it there not more than a few seconds after Captain Britain. Few others wanted to run along stalled cars as much as she did, making it a clear pathway. She doesn't hesitate, delving into the building and reaching out with her telepathy to search for any trapped victims in the rubble.

There are at least 4 people trapped in the building, 12 others that are still dazed from the explosion - 9 of those are upstairs. And there are 3 dead downstairs.

Captain Britain, from his strained position holding up the ceiling yells to those within the building, "Everyone, move in an orderly and calm fashion toward the exit! If you are able to assist another, do so!"

Psylocke enters the building, lithely leaping through the rubble to get to those who are trapped. She looks at the nearest able bodied man, "You. Help me clear this rubble someone is trapped here." She begins working on clearing the debris. She then shouts to another, "Come and help him. Quickly!" A mental 'prodding' is given to both, impressing the need for urgency but also caution to not hurt the victim. She doesnt' stay, yet remains in mental link with the two as she moves to spur others into helping her save the other three trapped people

Cap glances up and takes note that the column seems to be cracking above his head. The urgency that Psylocke conveys to others is reinforced by Captain Britain's words, "In due haste, citizens; We've not that much time."

Outside sirens can be heard approaching. Two police officers enter the building and after a greeting to Captain Britain they get to work trying to render assistance.

Psylocke has formed two search and rescue parties, telling them where to dig to get their coworkers or friends out of the rubble. She's on the second floor now, helping three others lift part of a collapsed wall off of a woman who is trapped from the hips down. "Carefully. Don't move it fast. Just like that. yes!"

Harrowed minutes will pass and during that time the evacuation is complete. Captain Britain is the only one who remains within the structure. Seeing that everyone has departed, he will look outward toward the gathered police/rescue on the street, issue that he's going to let it go, and then step aside letting the building collapse upon him.

That doesn't last long before he emerges from the roof of the building and settles down upon the street in front to speak with the officer in charge.

The media has arrived and pictures are being snapped, film is being captured.

Psylocke assists as much as she can then as the media and rescue units and police arrive she quickly fades from the scene, her katanna quickly put back into the case to conceal it. She once more becomes an on-looker. And as she blends into that role she starts scanning the area to see if Miss Locke has remained to view her handiwork or not.

Miss Locke is gone-gone. Heroes showed up and she's smarter than the average cookie with bewbs.

Once Captain Britain finishes with his discussions with the officials, he's up up and away only to return stealth-fully as Brian Braddock (mild mannered rich socialite) walking through in a noticeable area to reunite with Betsy.

Psylocke joins her brother after the fact and shrugs, "Good work. Too bad we couldn't get those responsible. But I'm sure they'll turn up soon enough." she smiles some.

"Good work, yourself. I've never seen you move like that. Except for the time when you got a pony for your 6th birthday." Brian smiles and teases as they make their way back to his Astin Martin.

Psylocke laughs. "You'd be surprised what this new body can do. I'm learning to adapt to its abilities better every day." She flops into the passenger side of the car, feet once more propped up on the dash.

There's a brief pause and glance to her feet on the dash, but he says nothing and starts the vehicle. Soon they're back on their way out of the city and toward the family home.

Psylocke waits for a minute or two then the feet come off the dash and she actually brushes the pristine leather off carefully before gazing once more out the window.

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