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Log Title
Based on NEWS XP3, what and who should be awarded?
Was it a 'Social' scene, 'Plot' scene (aka, action based), and who ran the scene.
Dice or Consent
List the Player Characters (PCs) involved in the scene.
Name all the PCs in the scene
List the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) involved in the scene.
Name all the NPCs in the scene.
Was the scene emitted? If so, by whom?
Were there villain(s) involved, if so, whom?
Name all the Villains in the scene.
Type of Scene
A rescue is like saving a kidnapped Sue Storm from Dr Doom, the heroes go to save her.
Was an arrest made or did the criminal escape?
Did things go awry for the hero(s)?
Permit means; Did the hero stand by and allow it to happen?
Was property damaged, if so, what?
Did anyone die? If so, whom?
Was someone really funny, or just funny looking?
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