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Character Details

Born to two parents, Robert Black and Maggie Black. Father is an ambassador for the United States while her mother is basically a diplomat's wife.

Has no brothers or sisters

Had a good homelife for the majority of her childhood and her education was standard for a child her age.

Was sent to a boarding school after her father found out that she was a mutant. It was during this time (when she was 13) that she met a mestre (master) of Capoeira in the local park and began to train with him.

Found out she was a mutant when her father snapped at her and began to beat her. First power was a brief gravity blast that sent her father across the room

Started attending a private school and progressed through her education and feel in love with all things science and engineering.

Attended University and completed a course in Aerospace Engineering.

Got a job at an engineering firm and worked there for 7 years.

Got bored and went back to school to get a teachers degree.

Teaches High School Maths and Science.

Continues to train her powers as much as she can, always pushing and striving to understand her powers better.

Teaches Capoeira and is at the rank of professor.


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