5.2 Health, Recovery & Death

This is one of the most important sections yet covered. In combat, we noted that various attack forms inflicted various types of damage — a strike with the bare fists inflicts up to the attacker's maximum Strength. This may be modified by Body Armor, tactics, and other stuff, but the end result is a number, which is deducted from your Health score. What happens when Health reaches 0?

Well, your character just might perish.

A character that reaches 0 Health becomes unconscious and stays that way for at least 1-10 rounds. The player rolls an Endurance FEAT for the character and consults the Kill column of the Effects Table. If the result is no effect, the character is Stunned for 1-10 rounds and may regain consciousness. If the result is Endurance Loss; the character begins to lose Endurance ranks.

A character loses one Endurance rank per turn. The loss is temporary, but for further Endurance checks the rank number is considered to be the highest for that rank. One rank is lost per turn until the character reaches Shift 0. When the character slips below Shift 0, that character is dead. Deceased. Pushing up daisies. Beyond the mortal ken. Extreme measures must be taken to bring that character back into play. Fold up the character's sheet and put him in the Hall of Fame. (However, see Immortality.)

How do you avoid this situation if your character is the one who may pass from this mortal coil?

  • Spend Experience Points: You can stabilize your Endurance for one round by spending 50 points. This is a stopgap measure at best.
  • Spend a lot of Experience Points: You can gain another Endurance FEAT when you slip a level by spending 200 Karma points. If you succeed, you are unconscious.
  • Help from your friends: If a friend, ally, enemy,- or passerby attempts to aid you; the loss of Endurance is halted.

The character is still unconscious, and will be for 1-10 more hours. Aid is defined as first aid, summoning help, pulling the character to safety, or even checking to see if the character is OK. A character with First Aid and Medicine Talents may be able to aid individuals who have reached Shift 0 Health.

If Endurance Ranks have been lost during a injury, then bones have been broken, internal injuries sustained and healing will take much longer as it falls into the Impaired Abilities and Disabilities sections below.

Regaining Consciousness: A character unconscious from the result of a Stun regains consciousness in 1-10 turns, and may act normally from there on. A character with 0 Health is unconscious for 1-10 turns, then can make an Endurance FEAT Failure indicates the character is still unconscious; check again in 1-10 turns. Success indicates the character has regained consciousness, and has Health equal to his Endurance rank.

Recovery: Ten turns after a character takes damage, he regains Health equal to the Endurance rank number; provided the character is not knocked unconscious. This Recovery only applies if the character is not further damaged within that time period. If a character is damaged, steps out, and then is damaged again before Recovery takes place, then only Healing is possible. Recovery may take place only once per day.

Healing: A character normally heals his Endurance rank number in the hour (600 turns) following the last damage. If the character takes further damage during that period, then the time is measured from that point. After that initial hour, Characters will gain health equal to their endurance rank per day. Characters with special abilities may be able to heal for greater amounts or at faster rates. This rate is doubled by bedrest and medical supervision (doctors, auto-docs, or hospitals). The auto-doc functions to provide characters the ability to heal twice their Endurance rank in a single day.

Robots and Reactivation: Robot PCs and NPCs that are knocked down to 0 Health and lose all Endurance Ranks are not "dead" in a conventional sense. but may be rebuilt by other characters, if they may retain most of the parts and personality. Repairing such a character would require a Reason FEAT of intensity equal to the highest Ability or Power rank of that character (if the Vision is deactivated. as he apparently was once in crossing Annihilus' Force Field, repairing him is an Unearthly intensity FEAT). The repaired character returns to play, but has no Karma. Reactivating a robot takes a number of days equal to the highest Power rank of the character (the Vision would take 100 days). Robots may suffer disabilities.

Impaired Abilities: A character who has lost Endurance ranks has a -2CS until the Endurance is returned to original levels. One Endurance rank is healed per week in normal action. One Endurance rank is healed per day if the character is in a hospital, auto-doc, or under a doctor's care. Endurance cannot be healed to a higher rank number than the character had before the damage. In this case, broken bones and internal injuries have been sustained. In this situation, it takes longer for the character to heal - but not as long as a normal human.

Disabilities: A character that slips to Shift 0 in Endurance is in danger of having one or more of his abilities impaired. For such a character, roll for each physical ability above Good (Green FEAT). Failure indicates that that ability is now reduced to the next lowest printed number (from a Fantastic (61) to an Amazing (50)). These abilities may be modified upwards afterwards only by experience.


You will note your character has Health points. When another character attacks your character, that character stands to lose health.

A character can not drop below 0 health regardless of the attack the character has taken.

At 0 Health, your character is unconscious and considered 'dieing'. At this time, the character will begin to take Endurance loss.

Consult the Universal Table http://sniktbub.wikidot.com/universal-table to determine how long your character has to live. Your character will lose one column of endurance per round. When that character has reached Shift 0 endurance, that character will die.

For example: If the character has an Excellent (20) endurance, then that character will die in 5 rounds.

Prevention of death is very simple. Three options are available for this.

  • You may spend 100 experience points to render your character at 1 health and full endurance. This will stabilize the character and he/she will remain unconscious for another 10 rounds.
  • Another character with the first aid ability can 'render aid' to the fallen character and prevent further endurance loss maintaining the character at 0 health for 10 rounds when that fallen character will then gain their endurance rank in health. (40 endurance + 10 rounds = 40 health)
  • Healing, regeneration, or some form of life giving means. If the character possesses regeneration (ala Wolverine) then the character will gain health points according to the rank of regeneration they possess. If another character is able to 'heal' the fallen character, then that too is an option for survival.
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