Real Name Felicia Kennedy
Portrayed by Allison Scagliotti
Gender Female
Place of Birth New York
Date of Birth Unknown Suspected- 1988
Age 24
Aliases Pinion
Origin Mutant
Current Location Manhattan
Occupation Warehouse Clerk
Team New Warriors
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Unknown
Significant Other N/A
Identity Pinion
Known Abilities Shrinking, Strength, Invulnerability

Character Details

Pinion-a gear with a small number of teeth, especially one engaging with a rack or larger gear. Usually the smallest gear in a set.

*Felicia (now known as Krista) was born in upstate New York, the middlish child in a family of six. Her mother was a music teacher, her father an engineer.
Her childhood was pretty typical, school, music lessons, etc.
*She did pretty good in school, maintaining a 3.5 GPA in high school, on top of participating in the school orchestra and marching band. As of yet there is no indication of her mutantcy.
*After highschool she went to Columbia in Ithaca, NY and was studying to be a mechanical engineer.
*It wasn't until spring break of her senior year in college (just months before graduation) that her mutant genes kicked in.
*It was late one night, and she was doing the 90 minute drive home to visit her parents. While crossing a very rural bridge in the middle of nowhere, a drunk driver struck Krista's car sending in careening over the edge of the bridge and into the river.
*The impact of the two cars, threw Krista through the windshield and she went into the river and was swept downstream.
*It was during her trek downstream that the first of her powers kicked in. She stuggled with consciousness and she was near drowning when the bumped into a floating log. Grasping onto it she instintively shrunk down so she could lay on it easily.
The next time she awoke she as in an ambulance. They told her she had been found washed up on a riverbank and they were taking her to the hospital. That was all they managed to tell her before she passed out again.
It was months and several surgeries later that she woke again. To no memory of who she was or where she came from. The hospital staff and doctors had taken to calling her Krista because that was the name embroderied on her jacket. She had borrowed it from a friend.
*They explained what had happened as best they knew. She had been in some kind of accident, had severe head trauma, had a variety of broken bones (that were nearly healed by then) and that she was a mutant and had her registered. The remainder of her powers slowly surfacing during her four month coma. And that she would have to undergo several other surgeries, including one to fix her damaged eye if she consented to the experimental cybernetic eye implant. In return the cybernetic company would cover all Krista's medical expenses, up to and including any physical therapy for a year after final discharge.
*Several more surgeries to put titanium plates in her broken skull and add the eye implant, resulted in another off and on coma that lasted another five months.
*During this time the hospital staff searched for family or friends but none surfaced. There were no missing persons of a 4'9", auburn haired woman by the name of Krista.
After nearly a year in the hospital, Krista was transferred to a physical therapy live in center in Manhattan where she could receive occupational therapry and hopefully relearn the things she lost.
It is while there that she rediscovered her skill in music. She may have lost the ability to read and write but her musical ability was unaffected.
*She is nearing the end of her year of free physical therapy and in most ways is fully recovered and ready to do the best she can on her own, finding a job and a place to live is her top priority.




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