General Notes

  • FCs: FCs will be expected to expand their backgrounds to include their canon history for the events taking place during the time jump. They need to stick to the events as closely as possible. If they disagree with some aspect of canon history, either due to their IC history on the game or to the sheer stupidity of the 90s, the player may talk to staff. Some allowances will be made. For example, staff has decided that the Reed Richards who participated in the Civil War was, in fact, a Skrull imposter paving the way for the Secret Invasion.
    • NOTE: A vast number of deaths occurred during the canon events between Operation: Galactic Storm and Heroic Age. Many of these deaths were undone thanks to Marvel's infamous revolving door of death. In order to increase the playability of characters and to increase the impact of actual death in the game, these deaths will be treated on a case by case basis. In some cases, usually where a character's death led to important events, the death (and any resurrection) will stand. Examples include the Vision, to bring about Avenger's Disassembled, and Wendell Vaughn, as part of the Annihilation plotline. Other deaths, however, will be changed into horrible injuries, temporary retirements, or vanishings. Examples here include the deaths of Jean Grey, Clint Barton, and Scott Summers. In some cases, resurrections for deaths occurred after the start of the Heroic Age. Examples include the Vision and Janet van Dyne. We will allow the resurrection of those characters to occur just prior to the start of the Heroic Age.
  • Post-con FCs: Post-con FCs will be expected to expand their backgrounds to include as much canon history as possible. We recognize a little maneuvering will need to occur to make allowances for their earlier appearance in the game's history. For some post-con FCs, age is important. Logically, any post-con FC who was a sixteen before the time jump would no longer be a teenager and/or a student after the time jump. Luckily, comics are not logical when it comes to the ages of children and teenagers. A combination of retcon and hand waving will allow teenage Post-Con FCs to remain their canon age after the timejump.
    • EXAMPLE: Rockslide, a Post-Con FC, was played before the time jump as a sixteen year old student at Xavier's School for Gifted Children. In 616 canon, Rockslide is still a teenager and student (around sixteen) at the beginning of the Heroic Age. To accomodate this fact, Rockslide's age upon entering Xavier's in-game will be retconned to fourteen and time fudged a bit so that he's sixteen at the start of the Heroic Age.
  • OCs: Original characters have several options. First, they may age normally. Second, teenagers/OC students may adjust their age through the process described above in order to remain students. Finally, OCs may take part in a plot in which they are captured by the Collector and held in stasis for the duration of the time jump and returned to Earth at the beginning of the Heroic Age. OCs who remain on Earth may expand their history to explain what part they played in events during the time jump. OCs, however, cannot play critical parts in any major event that occurred during the time jump. An OC cannot, for example, shoot the Skrull Queen in the head during the Secret Invasion and take Osborn's place as head of HAMMER. When expanding your history to account for the three years of the time jump please keep the following in mind:
    • During this time your character may not join a named, established team such as the Avengers, SHIELD, the Defenders, or X-Force. Mutant characters who are 18+ may assume that they participated in missions for the Utopia mutants but they are not core members of the X-Men.
    • OCs are allowed to participate in the Civil War, either as part of the pro or anti-registration forces. It can be assumed they were at major events (the death of Bill Foster and the final battle against Kang).
    • Teenage/college aged OCs are allowed to have joined the Initiative and trained at Camp Hammond. It can be assumed that they were assigned to one of the lesser detailed 50 State Teams. Older OCs can also have joined the Initiative and will have been automatically assigned to one of the 50 State Teams. Here is a list of eligible Initiative teams. If players want to use this as a reason to put together a fully functional, OC team during the timejump, it can be discussed with staff.
    • It can be assumed that OCs were in the background at major events such as World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Necrosha, and the Seige of Asgard.


Please note: several canon 616 events have been cut out of our timeline. Because the time jump is only a three year period, we trimmed the fat, so to speak, and removed several events that either had no real, lasting value or impact on the Marvel Universe or that disagreed blatantly with existing game canon. The biggest example of this is this is, perhaps, that the Illuminanti (a secret council formed by Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Namor, Professor Xavier, Doctor Strange, and Tony Stark) does not exist in our version of the Marvel Universe.

Notes in blue are deviations from canon, specific to this game.

  • Legacy Virus: Mr. Sinister opens a canister given to him by Stryfe. The Legacy Virus is released and threatens the world's mutant population. Before it is cured, the virus kills Illyana Rasputin. Colossus dies releasing the cure for the virus. Moira McTaggart survives.
  • Maximum Carnage: Carnage and his "familly" of serial killers band together to unleash a wave of murder across New York City. Spider-Man and Venom team up with several heroes to stop them.
  • Fatal Attractions/Bloodties: Magneto decides to wipe out humanity once and for all. He and his Acolytes are stopped. In the fallout, however, a civil war between the human and mutant population of Genosha begins. The Avengers ignore orders from the United Nations and get involved and, as a result, lose their UN Charter. An enraged Xaver mindwipes Magneto and becomes the nominal head of Genosha's government. Xavier's School for Gifted Children, and the joint X-Men/Avengers training project, is shut down.
  • Child's Play: The Upstarts attempt to capture all the surviving Hellions and New Mutants, which ends up involving both X-Force and the New Warriors.
  • Phalanx Covenant: The Phalanx, a group of mutant haters infected with the techno-organic virus, attempt to destroy all mutants. They are stopped. Emma Frost and Banshee create Generation X, a new training program for young mutants.
  • Onslaught Saga: When Xavier mindwiped Magneto, their darksides merged to form a new psionic entity, Onslaught. Onslaught attempted to destroy humans and mutants, both, but was stopped by a sacrifice of many of Earth's heroes. As a result, it seems many of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four died. In the aftermath, the Baron Zemo managed to take control of the Thunderbolts project and moved it from a special ops group working for SHIELD to a public super hero team.
  • Heroes Reborn/Heroes Return: For a few months, it seems as if the Avengers (including Captain America and Thor) and the Fantastic Four are gone. In reality, they have been transported to a pocket universe created by Franklin Richards, where they lead alternative lives on a somewhat different Earth. In the end, they are brought back to the main universe. During the time period that the heroes were missing, Genosha is mysteriously reduced to rubble and most of the population killed. Authorities later determine it was accomplished by some sort of anti-matter wave.
  • Secret War: Doctor Doom is banished to a hell dimension and a new Prime Minister, Lucia von Bardas, takes power. Nick Fury determines von Bardas is selling Latvarian technology to supervillains and terrorists. However, he is forbidden from doing anything about this because the United States currently considers Latvaria an ally. Fury recruits Captain America, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Black Widow, Luke Cage, and Daisy Johnson to covertly remove von Bardas from power. Afterwards, Fury brainwashes the heroes, removing the event from their memory.
  • Xavier's Re-Opened: Xavier's Institute is re-opened and takes in more students than ever before. Students are grouped into squads, each guided by an established member of the mutant community. By this point, the Generation X program is shut down.
  • Avenger's Disassembled: Kang the Conqueror switches out this reality's Wanda Maximoff for an unstable version. The alternate reality Wanda uses the Vision to destroy Avenger's Mansion. Several Avengers are heavily injured. Jack of Hearts is killed. The Avengers disband. Meanwhile, Asgard is destroyed and all Asgardians killed in a plot of Loki's to bring around the final Ragnarrok.
  • House of M: In the aftermath of Avenger's Disassembled, the alternate Wanda changes reality into a world where mutants are dominant over humans. The real Wanda escapes from Kang and, with the help of Doctor Strange and Layla Miller, defeats her doppleganger. Reality is restored but not before the alternate Wanda manages to whisper three words: 'No More Mutants.'
  • Decimation: Thanks to the alternate Wanda, most mutants in the world are de-powered. Roughly two hundred mutants remain and most end up huddled on Xavier's estate for a while, guarded by Sentinel mechs. In our continuity, the bus carrying depowered mutant children away from Xavier's was not blown up but damaged. Kids were injured but not killed. A team was still formed to hunt down those responsible, however, and send a clear message that depowered mutants were not to be target. FC mutants that were depowered in canon are required to be depowered during this part of the timejump. OC mutants may choose to be depowered or they may keep their powers.
  • New Avengers: Nick Fury's brainwashing of the heroes involved in the Secret War is revealed when von Bardas attacks, seeking revenge. von Bardas is defeated but, because of his actions, Fury is removed as director of SHIELD and vanishes. Maria Hill is named new director of SHIELD. One of Maria Hill's first acts as director of SHIELD is to shoot the Hulk into space with the help of Reed Richards. Shortly after this, a new team of Avengers forms.
  • Annihilation: The Annihilation Wave, a massive invasion force led by Annihilus, enters this universe. Several cosmic heroes battle the wave. Xandar, home of the Nova Corps, is destroyed. The Kree, Skrull, and Sh'iar Empires are damaged. Wendell Vaughn is killed and Phyla-Vell becomes the new Quasar.
  • The Rise and Fall of the Sh'iar Empire: Already hurt by the Annihilation Wave, the Sh'iar empire finds itself unable to fight off an assault by Vulcan, the third Summers brother. He conquers the empire.
  • Civil War: A media conglomerate manages to get their hands on the New Warriors trademark. They create a reality show with a group of new, young, and inexperienced heroes. Included in their number is the Atlantean mutant, Sharkskin. The New Warriors track a group of supervillains to a hideout in Stamford, CT. In the resulting struggle the criminal Nitro detonates and over six hundred men, women, and children die. As a result of the Stamford Incident, the Mutant Registration Act is retooled into the Superhero Registration Act. Anyone with powers or who puts on a mask to fight crime must now legally register and receive approval from the government for their activities. Many heroes rebel, believing the government can't be trusted to safeguard their secret identities or wishing to avoid government oversight of their activities. The pro-registration forces are led by Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Hank Pym. The anti-registration forces are led by Captain America and Luke Cage. During the Civil War, Goliath is killed by a cybernetic clone of Thor, created by Reed Richards, Hank Pym, and Tony Stark. The Thunderbolts program is placed back under government control and Norman Osborn is appointed to as program head. The war ended when Tony Stark and Captain America realized both sides were being manipulated by Kang the Conqueror who was using emotion manipulation technology from his vast arsenal. Both sides team up to defeat Kang and his forces. Data from Kang's base indicates he was responsible for both the destruction of Genosha and the Stamford Incident (he arranged for the New Warriors reality show and Nitro's explosion). In the aftermath of the Civil War, Captain America surrenders, intending to negotiate amnesty for his forces and to work out a compromise with the government about the SRHA. However, Captain America is seemingly assassinated.
  • Initiative: In the aftermath of the Civil War and Captain America's assassination, the government puts together the 50 States Initiative. The idea is to give each state their own superhero team. A program is put together to train young and less experienced heroes. Meanwhile, two groups of Avengers form. An official team, the Mighty Avengers, is led by Tony Stark and Ms. Marvel. An unofficial team, the New Avengers, is led by Luke Cage and refuses to register and, thus, remains a group of outlaws.
  • Silent War: Quicksilver steals Terrigen Mists from the Inhumans in a desperate attempt to repower mutants. This leads to brief war between the United States and the Inhumans. Attilan is destroyed.
  • Endangered Species: The first mutant to be born since M Day is sought by multiple factions. She is rescued by the X-Men, named Hope, and taken into the future to be raised by Cable. Because Jean Grey never died in our continuity, Hope has no connection to the Phoenix Force.
  • World War Hulk: The Hulk returns to Earth with a small army behind him. Seeking revenge for his exile, he briefly conquers New York City. He is stopped by the Sentry. The two titans beat each other until, exhausted, they transform back into their unpowered forms. During the conflict, Doctor Stephen Strange is stripped of the title of Sorcerer Supreme.
  • Annihilation: Conquest: The Phalanx, joined by Ultron and the Super-Adaptoid, attempts to conquer the Kree Empire. Several heroes, including a new Guardians of the Galaxy, work to stop them.
  • Die by the Sword: Excalibur and the Exiles team up to save the multiverse. Roma, the Omniversal Guardians, is killed.
  • Asgard Returns: The hammer of Thor falls to Earth. Along the way, it breaks through several dimensions and frees Doctor Doom from his hell prison. Several attempts are made, by numerous people, to pick up the hammer, forcing the government to cordon it off. Donald Blake slips through the cordon and picks the hammer up, transforming into Thor. Thor then uses a temporary surge of power to restore Asgard - which now hovers over Braxton, Oklahoma - and draw the essence of the Asgardians out of the mortals they had taken refuge in.
  • Secret Invasion: The heroes of Earth learn that a group of fanatically religious Skrull have perfected the art of shapeshifting and have been infiltrating Earth for years. Among those they have replaced: Hank Pym, Elektra, and at least one member of each Initiative team. Reed Richards was also replaced, shortly before the New Avengers were formed. It was the Skrull Reed Richards who helped SHIELD send the Hulk into space and created Ragnarok, the clone of Thor. The tide of the Invasion turns when the real Reed Richards escapes his Skrull captors and returns with technology that can detect the Skrull imposters. During the final battle, which is shown on national television, Norman Osborn becomes a hero when he personally kills the Skrull Queen. Defeated, the Skrulls activate a failsafe, turning Janet van Dyne into a living bomb. Thor is forced to use his hammer to send Janet into another dimension, seemingly killing her. The Inhumans depart for space, intent on punishing the Skrulls for capturing and impersonating Black Bolt.
  • Dark Reign: Tony Stark is blamed for the Skrull invasion and stripped of his title as director of SHIELD. Norman Osborn is appointed head of SHIELD. He renames it HAMMER and assembles a new team of Avengers, made up mostly of villains he believes he can control, masquerading as heroes. With Osborn in charge, even registered heroes are pushed underground as Initiative teams are populated by villains. Over time, Osborn, manipulated by Loki, becomes increasingly erratic.
  • War of Kings: The Inhumans, led by Black Bolt, take control of the Kree Empire. War breaks out between the Kree and the Sh'iar, led by the mutant Vulcan. The war ends with Black Bolt and Vulcan seemingly killing each other. An uneasy peace is forged by the survivors, with Gladiator as new emperor of the Sh'iar.
  • Utopia: Led by Cyclops, the surviving mutants turn the remains of Asteroid M into an island city off the coast of San Francisco. Most mutants in the world now live in this micronation.
  • Necrosha: Selene, the Black Queen, uses her mystic arts to resurrect many of the dead on Genosha. She is stopped by the X-Men.
  • Seige: Osborn's time in charge ends when he uses trickery to make it seem as if Volstagg has destroyed a major league baseball stadium full of people. Osborn uses this as an excuse to invade Asgard, ignoring presidential orders. Osborn's HAMMER and super-villain forces are stopped by a group of heroes led by the newly returned Steve Rogers. During the battle, Ares is severely injured by the Sentry. The Sentry himself is killed by Tony Stark. Stark crashes the HAMMER helicarrier into the Sentry in order to prevent the permanent release of the Void.
  • * The Search: Doctor Strange is charged with finding his replacement as Sorcerer Supreme. During the search he proves several times that he has redeemed himself for past mistakes. The search ends with Strange regaining his title.
  • Curse of the Mutants: While most of the world's heroes are dealing with Osborn, the X-Men find themselves in a war with Xarus, the son of Dracula. Together with Blade they stop Xarus but not before Jubilee is turned into a vampire.
  • * Fall of the Hulks: The Intelligencia, a group of genius super-villains, kidnap the world's smartest people. The various Hulks end up involved, rescuing the kidnapped geniuses.
  • The Second Coming: Hope returns from the future, a teenager. She finds herself drawn to five individuals around the world. When she touches them, the individuals develop mutant powers. The 'lights', as they are known, attract the attention of the Phoenix Force, which realizes the imbalance caused by M day could eventually ripple out and destroy the universe. The Phoenix Force returns to Earth and merges briefly with Jean Grey to restore the powers of most mutants. NOTE: Unless specifically stated otherwise, all mutants are now assumed to be repowered. Mutant FCs who were canonly depowered by M-Day and mutant OCs who chose to be depowered may remain depowered if they desire.
  • The Heroic Age: Where we begin. Our new cut-off. Osborn is no longer in charge. HAMMER has become SHIELD once more and Steve Rogers is named director and both the Mutant Registration Act and Superhuman Registration Act are rescinded by emergency act of Congress. The Avengers are in the process of rebuilding after being fractured into multiple teams. With the mutant population restored, Utopia is no longer needed. Xavier's Institute is re-opened. It is a brave new world full of hope and promise. The beginning of a Heroic Age.

The following, canon 616 events were specifically omitted from the timeline. While individual parts of the events may have occurred, the events as a whole did not.

  • Infinity War
  • X-Cutioner's Song: Had already been done as a plot on the game, more or less.
  • Clone Saga: We will allow for the Scarlet Spider as a character but this general plot didn't happen.
  • Age of Apocolypse: AoA remains a viable What If? Earth but there was no changing of this world into it.
  • Planet of the Symbiotes
  • Final Chapter
  • Hunt for Xavier: Xavier remains missing as of our cut-off.
  • The Twelve
  • Maximum Security
  • Eve of Destruction
  • Kang Dynasty: Kang, instead, created a plot to weaken Earth's protectors by destroying Genosha, disbanding the Avengers, and instigating the Civil War.
  • Infinity Abyss
  • Planet X
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