4.4 Intensities

The Marvel Universe is filled with all sorts of threats. Many of them great, while others are commonplace. When a Judge threatens a character with a danger, then that danger needs to have a specific rank. Such ranks or threats are called Intensities (or sometimes FEAT Intensities).
An Intensity is the nature or rank of the threat.
For example, when a fireman runs into a burning house, he's faced with Excellent/20 intensity heat. Or when a Cub Scout is roasting marshmallows over a campfire, that is rated as Poor/4 intensity heat.
To this end, we have provided the table below to help gauge intensities.

FEAT Intensity Condition Intensity
Fighting A Single Match Feeble/2
Making 2 attacks/round Remarkable/30 Campfire (900-1100 degrees F) Poor/4
Making 3 attacks/round Fantastic/60 Burning Room Typical/6
~ Burning House Excellent/20
Agility Burning Warehouse and Supplies Remarkable/30
Catching a Falling Object Feeble/2 Burning Non-Explosive Chemicals Incredible/40
Walking a Balance Beam Good/10 Inside Blast Furnace (3400-4400 deg F) Amazing/50
Using a Dodge Maneuver Against Bullets Excellent/20 Burning Explosive Chemicals (4000-5000 deg F) Monstrous/80
Catching Thrown Objects Good/10 Interior of Volcano (1100-1600 deg F) Unearthly/100
Walking a Tightrope Remarkable/30 Surface of Star (10,000 deg F) Class 1000
Catching Arrows in Flight Fantastic/60 Heat, 90 degrees F Good/10
Dodging Laser Fire Monstrous/80 Heat, 120 degrees F Excellent/20
Catching Bullets Unearthly/100 Heat, 150 degrees F Remarkable/30
~ Cold, 30 degrees F Good/10
Strength Cold, 0 degrees F Excellent/20
Lift up to 50 lbs Feeble/2 Cold, -30 degrees F Remarkable/30
Lift 51-100 lbs Poor/4 Cold, Interplanetary Space Monstrous/80
Lift 101-200 lbs Typical/6
Lift 201-400 lbs Good/10 Corrosive, Mild Acid Good/10
Lift 401-800 lbs Excellent/20 Corrosive, Standard Acid Excellent/20
Lift 801-2000 lbs (1 ton) Remarkable/30 Corrosive, Concentrated Acid Incredible/40+
Lift 1-10 Tons Incredible/40
Lift 10-25 Tons Amazing/50 Electricity, Stunning, ordinary house current Excellent/20
Lift 25-50 Tons Fantastic/60 Electricity, Stunning, 'Typical/6 protection devices' (50K volts) Remarkable/30
Lift 50-65 Tons Spectacular/70 Electricity, Stunning, Lightning Bolts (500K Volts) Incredible/40
Lift 65-80 Tons Monstrous/80 Electricity, Stunning, High Tension Wires (765K Volts) Amazing/50
Lift 80-90 Tons Wondrous/90
Lift 90-100 Tons Unearthly/100 Common Cold Feeble/2
Lift 100+ Tons Shift-X/150 Common Flu Good/10
Endurance Radiation, Ancient A-Bomb Blast Feeble/2
Air Pollution Alert Feeble/4 Radiation, Recent A-Bomb Blast Excellent/20
Tear Gas Typical/6 Interior of Active Nuclear Reactor Spectacular/70
Snake Venom Good/10 Radiation of Vial of Plutonium Incredible/40
Spider Venom Excellent/20 Radiation of A-Bomb Blast Monstrous/80
Exposure to Vacuum Wondrous/90
~ Slickness of Ordinary Concrete Feeble/2
Reason Slickness of Ordinary Brick Feeble/2
Simple Machines Feeble/2 Slickness of Glass and Steel Typical/6
Complex Machines Poor/4 Slickness of Polished Steel Alloys Good/10
Communication By Gestures Typical/6 Slickness of Surface Covered in Ice Excellent/20
Appliances Typical/6 Slickness of Surface Covered with Oil Remarkable/30
Simple Electronics Good/10 Slickness of Non-Stick Surfaces Incredible/40
Common Vehicles Excellent/20 Slickness of Frictionless Surfaces Class 1000
Computer Design and Programming Remarkable/30
Ability-Modifying Devices Incredible/40 Darkness Under Night Conditions Typical/6
Stardrive, Time Travel Fantastic/60 Darkness Under Dark Conditions Excellent/20
Teleportation Monstrous/80 Darkness Under 'Typical/6' Darkforce Remarkable/30
~ Vision Through Normal Fog Typical/6
Obvious Items Poor/4 Effects of Normal Rainshower Good/10
Detail Work (spatial awareness) Excellent/20 Effects of Normal Thundersthower Remarkable/30
Discovering 'typical' Hidden Door Excellent/20 Effects of Normal Thunderstorm Incredible/40
Sense 'wrongness' About an Area, Person, or Objects Incredible/40 Effects of High Winds Incredible/40
Sense Presence Invisible or Hidden Monstrous/80 Effects of Normal Tornado Spectacular/70
Effects of Normal Hurricane Unearthly/100
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