Originally formed by Ms. Frost, this team is comprised of students, being the forerunner of her Massachusetts Academy. Currently re-opened, Selene Gallio is now headmistresses and the Hellions are reformed anew.

Characters and Activity

Complete Team Roster

Image Codename Real Name
armandbio3.jpg Armand Armand Soleil Agdistis Pierre

Ballista.jpg Ballista Anastasia Gerard

115966-74792-catseye.jpg Catseye Sharon Smith

699923-whitequeen2_8_09.jpg Emma Frost Emma Frost

empath.jpg Empath Manuel de la Rocha

351687-108006-exodus.jpg Exodus Bennet du Paris

1096684-33_firestar_1_02_large.jpg Firestar Angelica Jones

288099-144710-jetstream.JPG Jetstream Haroum ibn Sallah al-Rashid

1409323-magma.jpg Magma Amara Aquilla

jenny.jpg Roulette Jennifer Stavros

SSHAW.jpg Sebastian Shaw Sebastian Shaw

722px-Selene_X-Force_23.jpg Selene Selene Gallio

1041734-tarot.jpg Tarot Marie-Ange Colbert

925636-prv3261_pg5_super.jpg Warpath James Proudstar

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