2.8 Flaws List

Flaws are something that limits your character in some way. These can be physical, in regards to powers, or psychological. A physical flaw could be deafness, missing limb, crippling disease, or even smoking. A power flaw could be an ice-wielder being more susceptible to heat, someone who is invulnerable being vulnerable to gases, etc. For psychological flaws, anything from being obsessed with killing a certain person to having multiple personalities would count.

Keep in mind that not all flaws are necessarily bad, but simply limit the character. Extreme protectiveness could be a flaw. A hero could have always leap to protect children, which could put them into some sticky situation.

All powered characters must have some type of flaw concerning their powers. This includes any characters using advanced technology (there must be a way to disable the technology they use). All characters must also have personality flaws. Being a human or mortal is not a flaw, for all you normal humans.

Accidental change
Age (very young or old)
Dependence on X
Dependent NPC
Distinctive feature
Hunted by X
Physical limitation (missing limb)
Psychological limitation (phobias)
Public identity
Susceptibility to X
Vulnerability to X (ice, fire, etc)
Watched by X

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