6.0 Experience

Experience (XP) is awarded for completing tasks, defeating foes, role play (during GM moderated scenes), and other feats of wonder.

Experience is subtracted for doing alignment opposing events. For example;

Heroman stops a robbery, he is given 30 experience points. However, in the process, he casually kills one of the bank robbers or he pockets some of the loot because 'it costs money to be as cool as he is'. Therefore, Heroman will have points subtracted from his initial award.

Note, all experience is inversed for villain type activities.

See table on page 37 of the Expert Players Book for a guideline of experience awarding (note Karma = Experience - the word experience is used for MU purposes.).

Experience can be spent to raise attributes, resource, popularity and power ranks.


Item Cost
New Power 3000 points
New Power Rank 1 point per point
Raise Existing Power Rank 100 points per point + crest cost*
New Power Stunt 1500 points
New Stunt Rank 1 point per point
Raise Existing Stunt Rank 100 points per point + crest cost*
Resource Rank 100 points per point
Popularity Rank 100 points per point
New Talent (AKA: Skill) 2000 points
New Talent Rank 1 point per point
Raise Existing Talent Rank 100 points per point + crest cost*
Raise Characteristics 100 points per point + crest cost*
Buy off Flaw 300 points each

*crest cost - x10 points to move from one Titled Rank


Type or Event Reward Type or Event Reward
Violent Crime - Stop/Prevent 30 Other Crimes - Stop/Prevent 15
Violent Crime - Arrest 15 Other Crimes - Arrest 05
Destructive Crime - Stop/Prevent 20 Rescue 20
Destructive Crime - Arrest 10 Multiple Rescues (5+) 100
Theft - Stop/Prevent 10 Defeating Remarkable Foe 30
Theft - Arrest 05 Defeating Incredible Foe 40
Robbery - Stop/Prevent 20 Defeating Amazing Foe 50
Robbery - Arrest 10 Defeating Fantastic Foe 60
Misdemeanors - Stop/Prevent 05 Defeating Spectacular Foe 70
Misdemeanors - Arrest 05 Defeating Monstrous Foe 80
National Offense - Stop/Prevent 20 Defeating Wonderous Foe 90
National Offense - Arrest 10 Defeating Unearthly Foe 100
Local Conspiracy - Stop/Prevent 30 Commit Violent Crime -60
Local Conspiracy - Arrest 15 Commit Destructive Crime -40
National Conspiracy - Stop/Prevent 40 Commit Theft -20
National Conspiracy - Arrest 20 Commit Misdemeanor -10
Global Conspiracy - Stop/Prevent 50 Commit National Offense -40
Global Conspiracy - Arrest 25 Commit Other Crimes -10
Public Defeat -05
Private Defeat -05
Permit Violent Crime -15
Permit Destructive Crime -10
Permit Theft -05
Permit Robbery -10
Permit Misdemeanor -05
Permit National Offense -10
Permit Other Crimes -05 Popularity
Property Destruction -5/area
Death -ALL
Noble Death -50 Defeat Normal Villains +##
Mysterious Death -50 Defeat Costume Villains +##
Self-Destruction -50 Defeated in Public -5
Making Commitment +05 Accused of Crime -1/2 total
Failing Commitment -05 Cleared of Charges +10
Charities: Personal Appearance +05 Found guilty of charge -remaining
Charities: Act of Charity +00 Media Attack -5
Negative Popularity -Pop Charity Work +05
Gaming Award: Role-Playing +10 Rescues +##
Gaming Award: Humor +05 Gaming Award: Running Scene +10
Gaming Award: Using +roll Code +10 Additional Arrests +5 per


Cresting - the act of moving a character's power rank from one column to the next higher up. For example. Incredible Strength crests from 45 to 46 and thus becomes Amazing Strength.

A character may crest a particular power, characteristic, or talent only ONCE without a major story element.

This means; the character's individual FASERIP ranks can all be made to move up one rank each. If the character has any powers, they may only move up one rank each. etc.

A 'major story element' is something along the lines of:

  • radiation accident - The character falls into a nuclear reactor gaining a new potential. However ends up glowing green.
  • power brokers - The character pays a significant amount of money (resources) to a genetics lab that rewrites the character's DNA. This may have secondary issues such as 'character has to work for an organization for a limited period', or may grow antennae.
  • secondary mutation - Think Beast. He's gone through several mutations, each altering his physical or mental form in some way or another. This also applies to characters like She-Thing, the Thing (spikey version), Warbird (once Ms Marvel, once Binary), and so on.

The purpose of this is to prevent Many-Mini Thors and Hercules' running around the grid. It also gives the opportunity to bring depth to the character beyond 'super-ham'.

Note, Stunts may never exceed their origin power rank. But they can advance from 1-<origin rank> and crest as much as available.

Cresting costs 10x the rank title of the cresting target. IE: Cresting from Incredible (40) to Amazing (50) costs 500 points just to move from rank. This is on top of the 100 points per point moved from 40-50.

Just a footnote.
XP Awards are given based on the theme/threat/idea of the scene. Not a conglomeration of several events that the players are just piling on top of one another to get extra XP. A few examples:

-If it's a social scene, then everyone gets 10 points.
-If it's a scene where the heroes stop a bank robbery they're awarded 20 points with a bonus of +10 if the criminals are taken to jail.
-If staff emits a villain like Ultron (who is an Unearthly foe) and you're able to defeat him, you will be awarded 100 points. Please note; I don't foresee a lot of characters actually being able to defeat Ultron. Logs like that implore me to read them. If you're found twinking, you'll be awarded -100 points and then staff will decide whether or not the scene will be retconned. See NEWS TWINK.
-If the scene's focus is rescuing a hostage (IE: Dr Doom kidnapped Sue again so the F4 has to go save her), then the heroes are awarded 20 points per character saved with a max award of 100 points. Note: Saving or rescuing someone isn't sticking a tampon up their nose to stop the bleeding. Nor is it saving 100 people from a burning building. That's what the fire department is for. Though a creative application and may be awarded +5 points, it's not a rescue.
-If the HEROIC characters allow the criminal to escape, are defeated, allow property destruction (or cause it themselves), die in the line of duty, or commit crimes, then they are awarded negative XP. Meaning, XP is taken away from them. If VILLAINS do these things, they're awarded XP.
-Emitters are awarded an extra 10 points for emitting a scene. See NEWS EMIT.

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