Following the perceived death of the X-Men in Dallas, Nightcrawler, Shadow Cat and Rachel Summers come to England to deal with a threat and join forces with Brian Braddock. Deciding the team worked well together and with no home for the former X-Men, this group forms the entity known as Excalibur.

Characters and Activity

Complete Team Roster

Image Codename Real Name
1188347-stuartalistaire4_large.jpg Alistaire Stuart Alistaire Stuart

1383775-graphitti_cb.jpg Captain Britain Brian Braddock

80173-112772-cerise_large.jpg Cerise Cerise

171487-124046-meggan.jpg Meggan Meggan Puceanu

1407208-nightcrawler223.gif Nightcrawler Kurt Wagner

261627-180041-marvel-girl.jpg Phoenix Rachel Summers

936357-polaris_sketch_card_2_by_veripwolf.jpg Polaris Lorna Dane

medium.jpg Psylocke Elizabeth Braddock

197481-12118-revanche_large.jpg Revanche Betsy Braddock/Kwannon

shadowcat3.jpg Shadowcat Katherine Pryde

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