Portrayed By Bry Jensen
Gender Female
Place of Birth Portland ,OR
Date of Birth May 25th, 1996
Age 17
Aliases Aspen Elizabeth Lane, Penny
Origin Altered by serum
Current Location New York City
Occupation High School and College Student, part-time Heroine
Team Formerly the Initiative
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Samual Jeremiah Lane (former FBI, former Interpol, SHIELD agent), Lisa Anne Kelsey Lane (deceased)
Significant Other NA
Identity Secret(-ish)
Known Abilities Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Reflexes, Flight, Energy Blasts, Multi-lingual, Expert Combatant, Skilled in espionage and law enforcement

Character Details

  • Aspen Elizabeth "Penny" Lane is born in 1996, only child of Samuel Jeremiah Lane, Special Agent with the FBI, and Lisa Anne Kelsey Lane, civilian contractor working as an intelligence analyst for the FBI.
  • Happy, healthy and normal, Penny was very bright without being brilliant, energetic, athletic and sociable, an all-around well-rounded girl with a decent home life. Her most stand-out quality was that she idolized her father and his work, eagerly lapping up everything she could learn about law enforcement, promising in that adorable little-girl way that she would one day be an FBI agent, just like her Dad.
  • In 2004, Lisa Lane would be killed when the FBI building she was working in was attacked by AIM forces, looking to capture technology and materials being held there for study by the FBI. This loss was a real blow for her family, but they continued on the best they could, growing even closer with only each other to depend on.
  • Even more dedicated to the idea of someday being an agent like her father, Penny started martial arts training, and started pestering her father even more for details about his work, learning not just what he was doing, but how he was doing it, wanting to learn it all. They would even make it a game, studying old case files together as Penny would try to help her father put together the links that could lead to breaks in more recent, active cases.
  • In 2007, Sam Lane was recruited from the FBI to SHIELD, recognizing the work he had been doing to counter AIM operations. Penny's focus shifted almost overnight from wanting to be an FBI agent to wanting to become a SHIELD agent. This was helped along quite a bit by meeting - only in passing - Maria Hill, future Director of SHIELD.
  • In 2010, Sam Lane's SHIELD team had just finished an operation against an AIM cell and returned home, when he was kidnapped from just outside his home by (at the time) unknown operatives. Penny ran to her father's vehicle and used the secure communications gear there to call in the kidnapping and summon SHIELD.
  • Penny managed to locate pieces of evidence and files her father had retrieved from the recent operation amongst his hear from his vehicle, and took them to lock them up in the on-site safe. She took the time to read everything she could find, as had become her habit, and in the hopes it might provide some clue as to who had kidnapped her father and why, or most importantly where they might have taken him. Included in this was a syringe with some kind of serum.
  • Operatives returned to the home, attacking the police and agents left there to secure the location for the investigation. Penny ran to the safe, retrieving the serum she had found and setting the safe to destroy its contents, just the way her father had taught her to do if the home was ever compromised. Desperate, she took a terrible risk and injected herself with the serum, just as the operatives penetrated the room to seize her.
  • Penny was taken to the same location as her father by her kidnappers. Hearing her father's voice, she stopped pretending to be unconscious and struggled to get free. This heightened state of agitation and emotion activated the serum which had time to infiltrate throughout her body. The transformation was debilitatingly painful, but relatively short-lived, thankfully making her largely immune to the gun-butt strikes of the operatives.
  • Penny and her father fought valiantly, as Penny discovered in short order her superior strength and athletic ability, as well as her increased height and seeming invulnerability. They manage to get a message out, and SHIELD arrives to close down the place.
  • With her dramatic changes, Penny and her father decide that a change of scenery is best. SHIELD assists with a transfer to London, where Penny's school records are altered enough to not call out the fact of her significant change between the end of her eighth-grade year and the start of high school.
  • Penny starts practicing and training with her new abilities, and tries to keep them secret. Unfortunately, as always seems to happen with such good intentions, eventually matters get beyond her control, and she 'needs' to do something, helping to contain mutants going mad as their powers go out of control due to the Legacy Virus.
  • Penny and her father are transferred several times over the next few years, including stints in Tokyo, Rio de Janerio, and finally Gabarone in Botswana. In each case, these transfers carried Sam to a new position largely motivated by the chance to move Penny away from rumors that might connect her with a recent uptick in sightings of a red-haired teen superheroine.
  • Rather tired of this process, SHIELD was ready to wash their hands of helping Penny to keep her secret when the Superhuman Registration Act was passed in 2011. Penny and her father discussed this, and agreed to return to the United States, taking up residence in Portland. Penny registered with the government, and started training with a new SHIELD program intended to cultivate future heroes and potential agents. This becomes the Initiative
  • When Norman Osborn took over SHIELD and the Initiative, Sam Lane resigned rather than work for Osborn, as did many other SHIELD agents. Sam took a job in France, working for Interpol, and Penny transfered to a school in Paris. They would remain there throughout 2012 and much of 2013.
  • With the fall of Norman Osborn, Sam Lane applies to return to SHIELD under Director Rogers. Penny applies and is accepted to the ECHS Program through the State University of New York, enabling her to pursue college courses in science, criminal justice, psychology and law, while completing her final credits for high school graduation.


Penny is an only child; her family is quite small

Name Relation Notes
Samuel Jeremiah Lane father Lives with, SHIELD agent
Lisa Anne Kelsey Lane mother Deceased


Date Title Characters Summary
2013/05/20 14:22 Girl Meets Girl Julie Power, Penny Lane Julie bumps into Penny. They introduce themselves to each other.
2013/05/27 18:45 Rainbows and Pegacorns Julie Power, aka. Lightspeed, Penny Lane aka. Energy Two high-flying glow-in-the-dark heroines run into one another and make introductions.
2013/06/01 19:30 On Target Penny Lane, aka., Energy, and Kate Bishop, aka., Hawkette Kate and Energy run into each other on the practice range.
2013/06/03 13:25 Petites and Rhino Energy and Gogo Rhino tries to make a withdrawl. Energy and Gogo object and interfere.
2013/06/19 Saving the Sphere, Part 1 Lightspeed, Energy, Mirage NPC: Lila Cheney Lila's Dyson Sphere is attacked by Space Pirates, she brings in the New Mutants for help.


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