3.5 Endurance

10 is the magic number.

When using a power at 100% for 10 rounds, one must make an endurance FEAT for each subsequent round thereafter to maintain that power. For simplicity sake, this will be a green feat for the next 10 rounds, a yellow feat for the subsequent 10 rounds, and a red feat for any thereafter.

If a power is used at 50% or less, that first 10 rounds becomes 20 rounds and 20 (green), then 20 (yellow), then subsequent rounds (red).

Failure of any of these FEATS results in a forced rest for:

Green - 1-10 Rounds
Yellow - 2-20 Rounds
Red - 3-30 Turns (yes turns (#x10 minutes))

This applies to the following, but is not limited to, types of active powers:Force Field, Flight, Energy Blast, Fighting powers, Energy Sheath, Mental Possession, Telepathy, Mind Blast, Darkforce item creation, etc.

Powers that are persistent are akin to the following: Darkforce Armor Creation, Energy Absorption, Mind Link/Rapport, True Invulnerability, Body Armor, Armor Skin, and the like.

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