Damage Control


While some insurance companies cover damage due to superhuman activity, few construction companies will deal with the aftermath of superhuman battles. The reason? Too often there are unhealthy radiation residuals, strange artifacts left lying around, or unexploded ordinance ready to detonate. In short, the jobs are too dangerous.

Enter Damage Control! Damage Control is a construction company that specializes in repairing the aftermath of super battles. Known for their adaptability and unusual methods, Damage Control can deal with everything from a giant robot falling onto the Brooklyn Bridge to a house being turned into glass by Diablo to the Chrysler Building coming to life and wanting to walk out to see the world. They employ low level superhumans to help with operations. Damage Control employees are equipped to deal with the dangerous and unusual artifacts left behind after super battles. Such devices are usually isolated by Damage Control technician (and former SHIELD engineer) Gene Stausser. Eventually, the devices are turned over to the owner (including super villains who have a legal claim) or authorities but Gene often makes a duplicate first, for further testing. Stilt Man's legs, for example, are perfect for helping to retrieve objects off high shelves.

Damage Control has contracts with the city of New York, STARK Enterprises, Fisk Limited, the Fantastic Four, and the Avengers. They are headquartered at the Flatiron Building on Fifth Avenue.

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