Marvel Untold: Heroic Age's cut-off is May 2010, after the Siege of Asgard and after the Curse of the Mutants storyline. Two important events have occurred since then, however. First, the Phoenix Force returned to Earth and repowered much of the depowered mutant population. Second, with so many mutants returned, the X-Men have once again re-opened Xavier's Institute as a place for mutant teens to learn how to use their powers and integrate with the world.

Because our cut-off is roughly May 2010, events from past that point should not be included in character histories. For example, Scott Summers, Emma Frost, Illyana Rasputin, Namor, and Piotr Rasputin never received the Phoenix Force and never started a war with the Avengers. Wolverine never started the Jean Grey Institute. Bucky Barnes never went underground after gthe hands
of the Red Skull's daughter.

If you wish to apply for a character introduced after the May 2010 cut-off, you may. You will need to start off with the very basics of powers, history, and skills that the character begin with. Any power-ups introduced post-appearance will not be allowed during initial application but may be approached through experience and play.

For a full timeline of prior events on Marvel Untold: Heroic Age, please refer to our timeline. Please be aware the timeline of our universe accounts for events that occurred ICly during the game's existence and may vary from the comics in some ways.

For clarity's sake, below is a listing of cut-off issues for comics published during 2010.

Agents of Atlas #11
Amazing Spider-Man #629
Astonishing X-Men #35
Avengers: the Initiative #35
Captain America #605
Daredevil #500
Dark Avengers #16
Deadpool #31
Fantastic Four #578
Guardians of the Galaxy #24
Hulk #22
Incredible Hercules #141
Invincible Iron Man #24
Marvel Zombies 4 #4
Might Avengers #36
Namor the First Mutant #4
New Avengers #64
New Mutants #14
Nova #36
Punisher #21
Red Hulk #4
Secret Warriors #16
The Incredible Hulk #609
The Savage She-Hulks #2
Thor #610
Thunderbolts #143
Uncanny X-Men #525
Vengeance of Moon Knight #8
Web of Spider-Man #7
Wolverine Weapon X #16
X-Factor #206
X-Force #28
X-Men #11
X-Men Legacy #237
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