Roleplay is conducted based on agreements between the players involved. Essentially, no one can do anything to your character without your consent, or vice-versa. Generally this refers to combat and other violent RP, but it can also refer to other sorts of RP, including anything of a psychological or sexual nature. If your RP threatens grievous bodily harm or death to another player's character, please use the +warn command so that they are aware. This sends an OOC message that is logged for staff.

The MSHRPG game system along with an elaborate dice code is offered for your gaming mechanics if you so choose to utilize it.


  • While you must consent in order to be struck in combat, please do not dodge your opponent's attack every turn. This sort of behavior will not be tolerated. Every character takes blows now and then.
  • In-Character Actions = In-Character Consequences (ICA = ICC). This means that if you get Wolverine mad at you, expect that bad things will happen. Do not assume that the consent rule will get you out of trouble your character has caused by his own actions; Plot Staff is not necessarily bound to the rules of consent in all things.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the way a scene is going to play out, you may request to Fade To Black (FTB). This means that the players all agree on what transpired, but do not actively RP it out. If someone attempts to force you into RP that makes you uncomfortable, and refuses to FTB, please contact staff.


A twink is defined as:

  • A player who dodges attacks that their character wouldn't otherwise be able to dodge.
  • A player who shrugs off damage that their character wouldn't otherwise be able to resist.
  • A player who does things that his/her character cannot do or is not listed in his/her +traits or +sheet.

You have to ask yourself, "Is it really worth me being in a combat scene? Is it worth the headache I'm going to cause others because of my constant dodging, taking no damage, or resisting things that would kill me?"

Staff's answer is "No.". If you're not willing to adhere to ICA=ICC (in character actions equal in character consequences), then many of the players as well as Staff are not interested in role playing with you.

Consider the following;

  1. If you are a non skilled combatant facing a combatant that is highly skilled, then there is a high chance of you losing the combat regardless of powers.
  2. If you have a weakness that can result in loss of life or limb and that's used against you, then you're probably going to lose life or limb.
  3. If you do not have armor/protection or low endurance/health (hit points), you can be hurt severely.
  4. Check your +sheet and your opponent's +sheet. These reflect your +traits. If you see your opponent's numbers much higher than yours, expect to lose in combat. Pay attention to your Health and Armor (if you have any) values; then compare those numbers to how much damage your opponent can do. If you don't understand the +sheet, contact an on-duty staffer and they can explain it to you or find someone who can.

No one likes role playing with a twink. It's a waste of their time and it makes the entire scene pointless.

Therefore, if you find that you cannot adhere to your +traits (which is simplified in your +sheet), and you have the urge to dodge attacks that you shouldn't be able to dodge because you think your character is untouchable/unstoppable, then you might want to stay home and stick to social role play.

We're not suggesting ICA=ICC=Character Death Always. We're not promoting Character Killing/Death. We're promoting fair role play for everyone.

In closing, there's one more thing to ponder; when your character is injured they get to hang out in the med-bay and 'oh my god - owie!' role play. If the character dies, think of all the people that will come to the character's funeral and toss roses on your grave.

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