3.0 Combat Overview

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Everyone gets a turn. It's not based on phases or segments. At the beginning of each round, everyone rolls initiative. The battle then commences. Highest number goes first. If a character has the power of "Extra Attacks", that character can go more than once in the round at their initiative and at any other time thereafter until the next round. Initiative can be saved during a round, but goes away at your initiative in the next round. A round consists of everyone in the battle performing an action.

Combat Overview

In MSHRPG there is only a To-Hit roll involved and no damage dice thrown.

As noted before, combat can be 'drawn out' (made lengthy) by the GM if waves and waves of bad guys, or some really tough bad guy, are presented. This would require the players to come up with creative ways of using their abilities to defeat the villain.

For Example: The Avengers (Iron Man, Hawkeye, Tigra, Mockingbird, and Wonderman) faced off against Graviton (an ultra powerful bad guy with gravity manipulation who cannot be beaten outright due to his power level). During this encounter, Graviton pinned Wonderman at the bottom of a swimming pool, while he restrained Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Tigra to a concrete wall. This situation lasted until the next issue and drew out some time. Mockingbird having not encountered Graviton yet, arrived and in her normal guise then pretended to be a bartender on the property and served Graviton drinks laced with a sedative. This knocked him out and thus released the heroes from their trapped position. Graviton was then taken into custody and the heroes won the day.

<this would result in each hero gaining 150 XP points>


As noted on the Universal Table's top row ( http://sniktbub.wikidot.com/universal-table ) there are various types of attacks available to a character.

Each attack utilizes a different aspect of the character. Such as an Energy Blast uses Agility to as it's to-hit modifier. While Blunt Attacks use the Fighting rank.

Luckily, 90% of this combat system is coded for you and all you have to know is a few things about your own character to utilize the combat system.

The details for these +rolls are located in the +help files. See +help +roll and NEWS FUC for details.

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