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Info: New York City-no other city on Earth has suffered as much because of the emergence of the superhuman population. The recent history of New York City has seen it transformed into a barbaric sword-and-sorcery city thanks to an ancient wizard, Kulan Gath. It has been transformed into a place out of Dante's Inferno, thanks to the manipulations of N'astirh; it has experienced the Dread Winter of Norse Mythology thanks to Malekith and Surtur; it has suffered under a major duel between Mephisto and Satannish, as well as uncounted assaults from superheroes and supervillains alike. It has seen large sections damaged by such superpowered entities as the Hulk, Terrax, and Gladiator of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. The most powerful figures in organized crime, such as the Kingpin, invariably make their homes in New York City. So do many of the greatest superheroes on Earth: Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Thor, the Avengers, and Dr. Strange. Given that superheroes attract a large number of enemies who desire their destruction and who do not care who gets in their way, it is a wonder that New York City is not a ghost town by now. By all accounts, life in the New York City area is not easy, and it often seems that ordinary people can do nothing against this onslaught of supervillainy.

Enter Lieutenant Marcus Stone, New York City SWAT commander, truly one of the city's finest law enforcers. During Stone's long career, he had encountered many supervillains, and kept wondering what would happen if New York City put together a SWAT team with the finest equipment available, something capable of handling the most dangerous supervillains. During an encounter with one of the Mighty Thor's deadliest enemies, Ulik the Troll, Stone singlehandedly took on this deadliest of Thor's adversaries, and knocked him off a building with a well-placed gun shot. The fall rendered Ulik unconscious, and made Stone a hero.

This encounter convinced Stone that ordinary people could battle against supervillains effectively. Stone decided to see if he could place a little oil on the bureaucratic wheels of the New York City

Police Department, and put together an elite force that was capable of handling these enemies in a way that no ordinary police or SWAT team could. This force was called Code Blue and comprised six members: Stone, "Rigger" Ruiz, "Mad Dog" Rassitano, "Fireworks" Fielstein, Andrew "Jock" Jackson, and "Mother" Majowski. Together, this unit would handle threats to New York City that no one else could manage.

Despite station house odds of 20-1 against their survival, Code Blue went into action when the Wrecker and the Wrecking Crew were reported to have taken hostages. Using a combination of careful tactics and daring execution , Code Blue rescued the hostages and forced the Wrecking Crew to teleport away.

Thanks to the manipulations of Loki, the Enchantress, and Ulik the Troll, the Wrecking Crew soon returned, forcing Code Blue to once again do battle against them. Thor and Excalibur also arrived, but an enchantment that made Thor appear as the Juggernaut to Excalibur nullified much of this advantage. During the battle, Code Blue split up to attack the Wrecking Crew and protect Thor from the duped members of Excalibur. The battle resulted in the capture of Bulldozer, while the rest of the Wrecking Crew, the Enchantress, and Ulik escaped.

Since then, Code Blue has not seen any major action, but it is certain that they will reappear in New York City's hour of need.

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