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- Born in New York to a single mother. Cassandra (Cassie) worked for the city as a clerk at City Hall. She wasn't paid all that well and provided for her son as best she could. He has yet to ever learn who is father really is. She doesn't talk about it… ever.

- Attended school fron K-12 in the New York public education system. Excelled in the fields of Mathematics and Physics.

- During high school, he did a bunch of odd jobs to help get money so he and his mother could pay their bills. One of those jobs was as a tutor for those who were unable to make it to many classes due to medical reasons. One of the more memorable students he tutored was Annie Miller. He was a Sophomore and she was a Freshman. Though it was a year later when she ended up dropping out and her life changed. Rumor had it she was some metahuman criminal, but he knew the real Annie, the girl who wanted to at least -try- to make herself better.

- Graduated High School at age 17 with 3.8 GPA. Attended NYU on a scholastic scholarship. During college, he visited Annie in the Prison to continue tutoring her while she worked on her GED. This was paid for by the state and was basically his job during college. She wasn't his only student, but she certainly was the most dangerous one. Metahuman strength and toughness and yet she worked hard to make things better for herself and earned Robert's respect.

- Achieved Master's Degree by age 24 and recruited by GenTek, a smaller company based in New Jersey that was trying to break into the tech/weapons field. Robert was precisely the sort of talent they were seeking.

- Work on PhD progressed while working for GenTek. GenTek was bought out by larger company, many employees let go. Robert was 'downsized', and spent a few weeks worrying about his future.

- Robert Hatched upon the idea of going freelance, and began taking contract work for one company or another. Mostly, he worked on small parts of various designs, never had a 'whole' design of his own sold to any companies.

- Five weeks ago, he had an odd encounter. He was working on a contract job that had him sequestered for a few weeks at a facility in New Mexico. He went out for a walk because he needed to think and he always thought better when in motion. Now, while out in the desert near the facility, he found what can only be referred to as a sinkhole. He fell into a hole in the desert and security started mobilizine to get to his location. He had been under observation and then *poof* gone.

-He had fallen into a cavern filled with crystals. One of which was glowing a blue-white-silvery pulsating color. Now, it might have been smarter to call it in and study the thing but Robert was drawn to it. He wanted to know what that energy was and when he reached out and touched the crystal, the glow died. He felt the energy of it within himself though and was confused at first. By the time he was rescued, he had come to the understanding that he had a gift, a power and he kept that secret and finished the project, returning to New York when it was completed two weeks after that.

- Now, only weeks later, he has figured out that he can form objects in mid-air… walls, shapes, cages, bulldozers. He can create energy weapons that fire beams of force, move things about with a varying degree of skill depending on the situation, and armor himself with the same materials. Who knows what else he is capable of?

- Today, he was watching the news and saw an article about the Avengers, and that decided it. Why sit on the sidelines just making weapons when he can be out there… a hero?! Yes, that's what life and fate has in store for him.

- Little does he know that the company he was contracted by most recently was setting him up to take the fall. They had him working on -apparently- legitimate projects which they turned around and made a huge profit on by selling them to terrorist funded organizations. This will bite him in the backside -very- soon.


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