Real Name Kl'rt
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth Skrull Empire
Date of Birth
Age 50's
Origin Alien, Bio-engineering
Current Location Earth
Occupation Soldier, Mercenary
Alignment Villain
Known Relatives Lyja the Lazer-fist
Significant Other
Known Abilities Shapeshifting Skrull with the powers of the Fantastic Four

Character Details

Early in the Fantastic Four's super-hero career they encountered the Skrulls and defeated an attempted invasion of Earth. The Skrull Emporer Dorrek became obsessed with revenge and focused the resources of the Empire on creating a warrior to destroy them. Kl'rt was selected to receive special powers and training due to his prior success as a Skrull warrior and operative.

In a procedure so expensive it has never been repeated, Kl'rt was bionically re-engineered to channel the cosmic energies found throughout the galaxy in order to duplicate the powers of the entire Fantastic Four. A cosmic projector satellite system was developed to broadcast additional energy to Earth to further enhance his power levels.

Now called the Super-Skrull, Kl'rt travelled to Earth and challenged the Fantastic Four...but was defeated. He was later sent to fight Thor and failed. He was instructed to slay the Kree hero Mar-Vell, but was defeated yet again. This poor record against the enemies of the Skrulls despite the effort and expense in creating him resulted in the Super-Skrull's exile.

Even with his unimpressive service record, Super-Skrull was the most powerful warrior in the Empire and was drafted to aid his people in the Kree-Skrull war. His first assignment was to kidnap Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch and Captain Mar-Vell and bring them to the Skrull homeworld. Kl'rt carried out these orders, however he was subsequently sent into permanent exile by Dorrek due to an attempt to gain political power for himself.

Trying his luck as an independant agent, Super-Skrull entered the employ of Thanos. He was defeated again by Mar-Vell, this time badly injured and left stranded on Earth while he recuperated. Once he recovered Kl'rt sought to escape the planet and built a ship.

Kl'rt needed a power source and stole a rare cavourite crystal, which brought him into conflict with Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man. The Super-Skrull appeared to win this battle, but he was subjected to a power overload while holding the crystal. This served to transform him into atoms, and he was later trapped in the Van Allen radiation belt during the destruction of the Skrull homeworld.

Super-Skrull was able to reconstitute himself with the aid of a Canadian science team including Dr. Walter Langowski (also known as the super-hero Sasquatch), but discovered he had contracted a fast-spreading form of cancer. With no cure he was transformed back into radiation and sent to the Van Allen belt yet again.

Later, the Super-Skrull was reformed by Master Khan who was able to cure him of his space-cancer. In return Kl'rt agreed to take part in a convoluted scheme against Iron Fist. However Khan brainwashed him, and later returned him to the Van Allen radiation belt with no memory of these events or their agreement.

Super-Skrull was finally reformed permanently due to the actions of a Skrull agent on Earth loyal to S'Byll's faction in the now-fractured Skrull Empire. The Silver Surfer happened to be present and aided Super-Skrull in escaping Earth.

The Silver Surfer assisted the Skrulls again when he used his cosmic powers and the Super-Skrull's shapeshifting power to return S'Byll's powers to her, along with the ability to restore the powers of other Skrulls. S'Byll and Kl'rt later repaid the Silver Surfer for all of his tricking the Surfer into fighting alongside the Skrull in the 2nd Kree-Skrull war.

At the height of the war Super-Skrull allowed himself to be defeated by the space-pirate Reptyll in a scheme of S'Byll to gain Reptyll's full allegiance as Warlord of the Skrull armada. Kl'rt feigned his own death and was seemingly killed. He was given a form of viking burial in space by the Surfer while still in a deep healing coma. By the time he recovered, a passing Badoon ship recovered him, and he slew the crew and commandeered their vessel.

By this time the 2nd Kree-Skrull war had ended in another truce, and S'Byll had claimed the throne as Emporer. Kl'rt returned to S'Byll's side while the rest of the galaxy was led to believe he was dead.

While lauded as a Skrull hero on the new capital planet, S'Byll allowed rumors to persist that he was an imposter, and the real Super-Skrull had been slain by Reptyll. To further maintain the ruse she forbade the Super-Skrull from ever leaving the planet. Kl'rt found that he couldn't live with the dishonor of his alleged defeat, and left the planet to seek out Reptyll in space.

This time the Super-Skrull fought to win, defeating Reptyll easily and leaving him adrift in space to die. Returning to S'Byll's world, the Super-Skrull confessed to her that he had disobeyed her orders. Kl'rt expected to be executed, but instead she stripped him of rank and assigned him to serve as a common crew member on one of her ships.

This ship was later sent to earth in an attempt to tap into the powers Rick Jones had once used to end the first Kree-Skrull War. Super-Skrull was sent to capture two people who were searching for Jones...who turned out to be Betty Ross and the Hulk. The Hulk stunned the Super-Skrull and knocked him into the energy core of the Skrull ship, causing the craft to detonate and killing the rest of the crew.

Super-Skrull began a plan to impersonate Iron Fist and destroy the Earth. Thwarted yet again, he remains in hiding on Earth where he seeks opportunities to return to glory, to further Skrull interests and to attain a ship capable of interstellar travel.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/06/13 17:00 Red Skrull Teaches Oblique What Superheroes Are Oblique, Super-Skrull (as Red Skrull) Oblique meets Red Skrull (disguised) and she learns about Superheroes
10/13/12 09:00 Look What the Skrull Dragged In Super-Skrull (as Weapon Skrull), Black Cat The Super-Skrull meets the Black Cat
10/14/12 16:10 Caught in a Downward Skrull Super-Skrull (as Captain Skrull), Spiral The Super-Skrull meets Spiral
10/22/12 14:00 The Skrull in Winter Super-Skrull (Winter Skrull), Spiral Super-Skrull runs across Spiral again
11/29/12 02:00 The Skrull leading the Blind Blindfold, Finesse, The Isotopic Man, Super-Skrull (as The Immortal Iron Skrull) Super-Skrull encounters some X-Kids and an Isotopic Elder
12/01/12 15:20 One Skrull's Space-Trash Vision, Sandman, Super-Skrull (as Captain Kree) Vision and Sandman encounter a disguised Super-Skrull


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