Human Torch
Real Name Johnny Storm
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Date Title Characters Summary
03/22/13 22:13 The Fixer Broke It Black Panther Mirage Sandman The Fixer Firelord Human Torch Invisible Woman The Thing Mr Fantastic The heroes kick the Fixer's butt and send Firelord packing.
07/16/12 13:00 A Field Trip Gone Bad Human Torch, Blindfold, Seth, Jean Grey, NPC: Trent Stone, Serena Deveaux People are not who they are anymore.
08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 5: Omega Squad Assault on Ultron American Dream, Morbius, Human Torch, Hercules, Cyclops, Sunpyre, NPCS: Wasp, Giant Man, Ultron The last and in many ways most vital team to the concerted, coordinated efforts of all of the heroes on this fateful day, the Omega Squad bring together every major hero team and more. Their job is to reach the originator of the Heavy Metal Horde and put an end to this threat to all life on Earth. They must face … ULTRON!
09/23/12 Dine and Fly Shadowcat, The Human Torch, Mercury, Rex Gregson Johnny, Kitty, Rex, and Mercury run into each other in the diner
10/10/12 08:05 NEWS - Interview with the Fantastic Four Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
2009/08/17 22:00 The Most Agressive Anti-Smoking Campaign Ever Morbius, Human Torch Dr. Michaels has a conversation with Dr. Marinos. And then he's having to save Dr. Marinos. (time jump converted)
2009/09/07 Following Up on a Hot Lead Morbius and Human Torch Morbius stops by to talk to Johnny about the car bombing at the hospital (time jump converted)


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