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Date Title Characters Summary
07/18/12 10:00 Hercules Returns Hercules, Ms. Marvel Hercules stops by Avengers Mansion and gets himself back on the team.
07/24/12 11:13 Takedown of the Adaptoid Hercules Ultragirl Astraea Super-Adaptoid The Adaptoid emerges, tries to duplicate and defeat Herc and UltraGirl
07/28/2012 "Day time" Simulator Room Run In Hercules, The Vision The Vision is working on the computer in the simulator room when Herc walks in and speaks with the "Not quite right" Vizh.
07/31/12 When Titans Tussle II Namor, Hercules Namor and Hercules in another 'friendly' sparring bout
08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 5: Omega Squad Assault on Ultron American Dream, Morbius, Human Torch, Hercules, Cyclops, Sunpyre, NPCS: Wasp, Giant Man, Ultron The last and in many ways most vital team to the concerted, coordinated efforts of all of the heroes on this fateful day, the Omega Squad bring together every major hero team and more. Their job is to reach the originator of the Heavy Metal Horde and put an end to this threat to all life on Earth. They must face … ULTRON!
08/30/12 03:00 Hercules and Namor's Awesome Adventure Hercules, Namor Herc and Namor visit the East River and run into the Awesome Android
08/30/12 20:00 Herc & Namor: Role models Hercules, Namor, Blindfold After defeating the Awesome Android, Hercules and Namor take time to speak with Blindfold
09/02/12 22:15 Kelda's Grand Entrance at Avengers Mansion Kelda (Emitter), Hercules, Namor, Scarlet Witch, Ultragirl, Sandman Kelda has a hiccup in her transport to Midgard. Brings a giant with her. Big fight.
09/09/12 Something weird this way comes Hercules, Namor, Kelda, Ambrose, Scarlet Witch A mysterious escape pod lands at Avengers Mansion
2012/03/17 Civil War: Domino and Hercules Almost Die! Cloak, Domino, and Hercules NPC: Ragnarok Cloak, Domino, and Hercules go to assist at a fire and find a set-up and Ragnarok.
2012/08/03 World War Hulk Cloak, Hercules, Jean Grey and Juggernaut NPC: Hulk The Hulk is on a rampage and finds obstacles in Cloak, Hercules, Jean Grey, and Juggernaut
2013/05/31 23:30 Herc vs Bar - DRINK! Scarlet Witch, Hercules Scarlet Witch gets called in to save the bar from Herc, things don't go as planned…
2013/06/05 Catching Up Cloak, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Woman Cloak, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Woman catch up on a day off.
2013/06/13 Family Hercules, Phantasm, Savio Drago After a less than pleasant conversation between Mike and Savio, Mike and Hercules discuss difficult relatives.


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