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* Cassie Queen is born in Brooklyn. Her mother, Tanya Queen, dies during childbirth. Cassie's survival is in question and she is put in the nursery's ICU. Her father, Ben Queen, names his new daughter Cassie, after Cassius Clay, the greatest boxer ever known. He knows that his daughter, like Clay, has to be a fighter.

* Cassie not only survives but she thrives. Her father works hard to raise her right. From an early age, Cassie adopts her dad's love of the sport of boxing. She watches televised matches with him and attends live events as well. From the age of five, she pesters him into allowing her to take up boxing as well.

* Ben tries to enroll his daughter in various 'girlie' pursuits such as ballet dancing and piano but they never stick. Cassie doesn't misbehave but her lack of enthusiasm prevents her from exceeding. Finally, at the age of nine, Ben enrolls Cassie in a new class down at the gym specifically for female boxers. Cassie is the youngest participant.

* It turns out, Cassie's got talent. By the time she's ten she's winning her matches. By twelve, there are whispers that she's going to go all the way. Maybe even the Olympics if women's boxing ever becomes an event. Her father takes training seriously, ensuring that she eats right, sleeps right, and works out regularly. Cassie participates eagerly. She has a dream.
* At fourteen years old, things go wrong. In a championship match for her age/weight division, Cassie hits an opponent too hard and breaks her jaw. Cassie is suspended from fighting until an investigation can be completed. A week later, the brother of the girl with the broken jaw tracks down Cassie, seeking revenge. He brings along twenty or so of his fellow gang members. In the resulting fight, Cassie knocks out every single one of them. She also breaks a knife on her abs and lifts a motorcycle over her head during the fight.

* Realizing something's up, Cassie begins experimenting. It takes her another month to figure out that it wasn't just the adrenaline of the fight. She has powers. She's probably a mutant. It takes several months for her to figure out exactly how her powers work. By that point, the investigation is over. Cassie is judged not to have used performance enhancing substances. They ruled Cassie could box again. Cassie, however, knew better. Her amateur boxing league didn't check for the x-gene but the professional leagues and the Olympics surely would. Her career as a boxer was over. Quietly, she told her dad. He didn't like it any better than she did but he loved his daughter and he understood.
* Cassie stays in shape while she tries to figure her life out. For two years, her routine becomes working out, eating right, and school. She's sixteen when she begins to hear rumors of a bunch of kids getting together to imitate a certain movie about guys beating the crap out of each other to prove their manhood. Curious, she tracks down the rumors. Gets to the fights. Participates. Cassie quickly realizes that it isn't the sport of boxing she loved. It was the fighting. A talent scout for a more organized and 'professional' underground fight ring contacts Cassie and invites her aboard. She accepts.

* The underground fight circuit turns out to be more than just people beating the hell out of each other. Participants include mutants, martial artists with a bit of chi ability, even the occasional mad inventor. For the first time in her life, Cassie comes up against other people with powers. For the first two years, she does alright and loses as many fights as she wins. Cassie is honest with her dad about her activities and he steps in to manage her. They make enough money to pay the rent.

* At eighteen, Cassie graduates from high school. She has no intention of going to college. Instead, she heads into the underground fight circuit full time. By now, she's winning more fights than she's losing. She's making a name for herself. Because of failing health, her father retires as her manager. Cassie handles her own business affairs well enough to carve out a living. By this point, she's also suffering from some hearing loss due to head trauma. Rather than retire, she compensates by learning both how to read lips and read American Sign Language.
* By twenty-one, Cassie dominates the New York City underground fighting scene. Her nickname becomes 'the Boss' because she wails on her opponents like one. Looking for a challenge and to hone her skills, she heads to other cities, spending several months out of the year on the road. In Seattle, Cassie discovers that she is particularly adept against psychic opponents. The champion in Seattle is 'the King of Pain', a telepath who enjoys using his powers to drop an opponent while he barely moves. His powers don't work well on Cassie. In fact, they make her stronger. The King of Pain ends up beaten the hell up.

* Cassie is twenty-three when her father dies. She returns to New York to arrange for his funeral. After that, she decides to stay at home for a bit. She finds an apartment in mutant town and volunteers at the local community center, giving lessons in self-defense to the kids.


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