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Originally born Steven Grant Rogers to poor Irish immigrant parents in New York he grew up frail and weak during the Great Depression, losing his father as a child and then his mother later on to sickness. From a young age he found himself to be a gifted artist and he continued to draw throughout the war and later on after being revivified as both a hobby and form of stress relief. He moved to a rooming house in his late teens.

After seeing the horrors of World War II caused by the Nazi's the frail Steve Rogers became obsessed with joining the army to help defend America. He tried several times, only to be rejected because of his size, asthma and low fitness. It was at one of these attempts that his determination caught the eye of General Chester Phillips who offered the young man a chance to help by taking part in Operation: Rebirth

After passing the initial tests he was given the final treatment in the winter of 1940. It was a success -- The combination of the Serum injections and vita rays transformed the frail, weak Steve Rogers into a near perfect physical specimen. Immediately afterwards a Nazi spy killed the creator of the program, causing Steve Rogers to be the only one to receive the treatment.
After the treatment he began to train and study things from Fighting skills, Weaponry, Military Strategy and discovered his aptitude as a natural leader. It's around this time that he is given the codename 'Captain America' and learns of the Red Skull -- The Nazi version of him.

During the war he served with infantry and a team called 'The Invaders' and his best friend Bucky - participating in missions ranging from sabotage, saving Colonel Hansen from assassination and seeking out Vibranium samples which led to the creation of his trademark round shield to replace his previous triangular one.

The Captain was a major boon to the war effort and did things such as prevent the destruction of Liberty Shipyard, preventing Egypt from Falling to the Nazi forces with the help of Scarlet Scarab, among other things.
At the end of the war while on a mission with Bucky to prevent Baron Zemo from stealing a prototype drone plane. While trying to disarm a bomb, the plane explodes and the pair fall in to the english channel. Bucky appears to die, but the Captain is frozen and lost for decades.

Though lost the Captain is not dead. The same formula that caused his body to reach a state of perfection allows him to take a form of suspended animation in the Ice. After some time the Sub-Mariner finds him in a block of Ice, being worshipped by a tribe. Becoming enraged the Sub-Mariner throws the block into the water and it makes its way into the warmer Gulf Stream and begins to thaw the ice around him until the Avengers, hunting the Sub-Mariner, come across him and bring him back in to the world. A very different world than what he left so long ago.

As a 'founding' member of Avengers he took a sidekick, Rick Jones, for a while but due to differences the partnership broke off and while still allies never served as close. Some time after that the noble Captain was framed by 'Number 1' of the secret Empire and a high-ranking politician for the murder of a civilian. He managed to clear his name but the whole thing altered his outlook on the country he so desperately wanted to serve and protect. With the help of many of his allies he managed to take down Number 1 and resigned, not sure exactly what he would do next.
He traveled as Nomad for a time, only the murderous Red Skull bringing him out of his 'retirement' as he teamed up with Falcon to bring the fiend to justice. He took part in adventured with the Avengers again until all but himself decided to leave. He knew how valuable the Avengers were he began recruiting new members- grabbing Quicksilver, Hawkeye and The Scarlet Witch. With this new 'Kooky Quartet' they undertook more missions and adventures, working through their problems and becoming a solid team in the end. After a while Goliath and Wasp returned to their ranks.

After deciding to take on the role of 'the Captain' because of corruption and distrust in the politicians of the government a new Captain America was chosen -- John Walker. Some time later The Captain's true nemesis, Armin Zola -- The man behind a comisson that tried to recruit the Captain before -- had preserved the mind of the Red Skull after all this time and put it into a cloned form of Captain America. Once there, the plan was simple -- Destroy Captain America from inside of his own government. And to do this he formed a series of secreit groups to help facilitate the destruction. After John Walker's parents were killed the real Captain was forced to track him down and bring him back in after Walker suffered a breakdown. It was after this that he took on Crossbones and the Skeleton Crew -- The Red Skull himself seeming to be defeated as well, but this is just a ploy.

It wasn't too long before the group began to split under the pressure. Saving the earth is a stressful gig and with the villains out there it doesn't ever get any easier.The noble force was all but destroyed by the Masters of evil, some almost dying in the battles and their Masnion was levelled during the fighting -- The villains led by the nefarious Baron Zemo. The goals were those of before, destroy the captain by whatever means neccesary.
With the mansion being repaired after the battles the group moved to the hydrobase but continued to suffer defeats leading to the break-up of the east-coast defenders. The Captain couldn't allow this to happen and stepped up to form a new team of Avengers which consisted of Gilgamesh, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. Afterwards the Red Skull came back, his apparent death before was actually him being absorbed by the Cube. The Captain was then deceived by Korvac into killing the Red Skull but this was all in a plan by Korvac to absorb the Red Skull and went back in time where the Captain followed.

After defeating Korvac and making it so he didn't end up killing Red Skull and told Sharon Carter he loved her to break the control on her before Destroying the ship and emerging victorious over Red Skull once again but still not managing to kill him for good.

Once the Red Skull teamed up with Hate Monger he began working on creating an army to destroy America and rip apart its freedoms. With the help of Namor, Nick Fury and Sharon Carter the team managed to emerge victorious over the Hate Monger and imprison Red Skull. Afterwards came Operation: Galactic storm, a turning point for the Captain. With the decision of the others to kill the supreme intelligence a disenchanted Captain decided to walk away from them, taking the higher road.
The captain drifted for a while, leaving the avengers and doing his own thing. He laid low, trying to keep himself out of view from the world while still fighting the good fight in his own way. He had a run-in with Black Widow who tried to offer some consolations and eventually became a 'reserve' Avenger, assisting in conflicts when they really needed him and even stood with Thor, Black Knight, Ares, The Vision, Iron Man and others to fight and defeat Graviton on his floating island above Alaska. Some time after this he came back completely, though only as a soldier -- Having made the decision that he needed to stay out of 'upper management' for the time being and let the new generation run things.


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02/06/13 21:00 Movie Night Captain America, Scarlet Witch Steve and Wanda watching a movie and being cute. Not for diabetics!
08/14/2012 Cap's Back! Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Beta Ray Bill Cap and Wanda get back from some downtime and meet a new member of the team.
08/15/12 16:00 Sit-down with Ares and Captain America Ares, Captain America The Captain tracks down Ares, who had just lost his job, seeking answers.
08/15/12 17:00 Just a Little Snack Carol Danvers, Steve Rogers Steve is back to the mansion, and checks in with Carol to see what's going on with the team.
08/15/12 20:30 We All Scream For Ice Cream Ms. Marvel, Ultragirl, American Dream, Captain America, Beta Ray Bill, Mockingbird, Wanda, Seth, Blindfold, Scarlet Witch, Sandman Carol and Shannon's planned celebration brings in plenty of help.
08/20/2012 Living Legend meets Living Vampire Captain America, Morbius Cap runs across Morbius after stopping a drug-dealer. Dark doings are discussed.
08/22/12 19:00 Dine n Dash Captain America, Gomi, Phantasm Gomi is treated to a free lunch before he tries to steal from some waitresses. Captain America is not amused.
09/02/2012 Working Out Workouts Captain America and Scarlet Witch Cap and Wanda work some things out, first in the gym, then over dinner. (No mind roofies!)
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