Real Name Monique Coppersmyth
Portrayed by Angelica Bridges
Gender female
Place of Birth NYC
Date of Birth
Age 25
Aliases Stripe, Stripes, Tigerstripe
Origin Altered Human - Lab accident
Current Location Harlem, NYC
Occupation Biotechnology Researcher
Alignment Hero to be
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Feline Morphed Body

Character Details

Born as a child of New York, she has been grown up with the high crime rates and ever present crime. Living some streets deep into the Bronx, her most memorable childhood experience was spotting some riots from time to time. When she was in middle school, she sold newspapers to earn at least some pocket money and so always knew about the most memorable news that happened. For her striped pullovers she caught the nickname "stripe" or "stripes" from her classmates.
Smart as she was, she managed to earn herself a well high-school degree and later a half-scholarship for New York University. During her college years she worked in a downtown bar as bartender to fund the other half. With 23 she did her Master of Science in Biotechnology, joining a small Biotechnology Laboratory some miles north of the city.
From her first day at the laboratory, she worked at a project to safe the nearly extinct Panthera tigris amoyensis, the southern Chinese tiger, however the funders list was not public. In the process of the project they developed a special carrier fluid that was able to transfer feline DNA of big cats into those of other felidae, which would result in hybrids born from these.
((Info she does not posses: Smaller deal of the funding came from UN wildlife fund, but most was payed government agencies (some of them Military, CIA) and SHIELD, because of the possibility to use the research on humans to (re)create supersoldiers, alter an agents appearance, and similar uses. Some purists in Senate also pulled strings to further the project as they thought the results might be usable in development of an Anti-Mutant-Serum. However via black funds the Brotherhood of Evil played their part, having had directly opposite ideas of the purists.))
As the project was coming to the first greater testing stage they mixed P.t.amoyensis-DNA into the carrier fluid to start the testing. However after the first tests were scheduled the weather began to turn worse and worse, the strong rain beginning to wash away the sand under the building. As the Laboratory was located very close to the shore, the crew quickly begun to evacuate and leave the building.
Even as they were careful to store the liquid away carefully and then bring up the test animals to the roof for evacuation, one of the containers with about 2 pints of the DNA-Injector was forgotten on a shelve. When she carried the very last cage with a big specimen of Felis silvestris, the European Wildcat, towards the truck she slipped on the wet floor and stumbled into the shelf. The container fell and hit her back, spilling the liquid over her and drenching her already wet clothes. Still she brought the cage to the roof, where she awaited evacuation with the others, not even realizing her contamination.
After the incident, the Projects got relocated towards a different building, halting or slowing down most projects for the time being. Most personal was assigned to do paperwork while the laboratory was going to be rebuilt and set up, while smaller parts of the projects were set up running in provisory labs with long term filled schedules who can access it when.
But bad luck struck - her exposition to the DNA-transfer agent began to slowly change her after an incubation time. The first change was a decent change of her hair color towards a more orange about a week after the drastic change of the weather. Another day later she experienced a constant pain of her back, when her spine began to reform to sprout a tail slowly. As the change went on it begun to speed up, beginning to sprout fur over all her body, beginning at her back and her head reformed as the ears wandered upwards.
Some weeks later, when she discovered the first changes, she quickly pulled some levers to get the late night times in the provisory labs, so she wouldn't have to confront her coworkers with her changing body and camouflaged the more visible changes with wearing hooded pullovers and long skirts.


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03/13/13 19:21 Mad Gods Part V Black Crow, Dagger, Radiance, Scarlet Witch, Tigerstripe, and Haokah Black Crow, Dagger, Radiance, Scarlet Witch, Tigerstripe are sent to Alaska to stop Haokah. They manage to defeat him and free him from his thrall.
03/17/13 17:09 Mad Gods Part VII Black Crow, Blindfold, Tigerstripe, and X-23, & Iktomi and Tomazooma Black Crow, Blindfold, Tigerstripe, and X-23 take on and defeat Tomazooma and Iktomi
04/04/13 11:00 Immorals and Beasts Wolverine Tigerstripe Reality Warp! Tigerstripe gets bulked up…
04/27/13 23:00 Training Session I Tigerstripe, Wolverine 2 partly feral heroes meet in the gym, resulting in a training fight.
04/27/13 23:30 Training Session II Tigerstripe Wolverine Conclusion of Training Session I
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10/14/12 20:00 Night Action in Central Park Spider-Man Tigerstripe The Spider saves a kid from itself - and meets a cat
11/10/12 16:07 A Real Pain Lyra, Sandman and Tigerstripe & Avandalia (emitted by Sandman) Avandalia entrances Sandman and they attack Lyra and Tigerstripe
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