Real Name Cessily Kincaid
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Portland, Oregon
Date of Birth May, 7th
Age 16
Aliases Cessily; Cess
Origin Mutation
Current Location Xavier's Mansion
Occupation Student
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Father: Ellis Kincaid; Mother: Jill Kincaid
Significant Other
Known Abilities Malleable Metallic Body

Character Details

* Cessily Kincaid is the daughter of an Irish-American family, with Ellis Kincaid as her father and Jill Kincaid as her mother, and is a cheerleader at a local highschool, in Portland, Oregon. One morning, after she turned sixteen, Cessily woke up to find her skin slowly being covered in some kind of metallic-looking liquid, but it did not stop there. Her body softened after being fully covered, and she found herself falling on the ground, as her entire body seems to have melted, and she struggled to keep a semblance of a form, just as her father finds her, who came to check on her after hearing her pleas of help.

* Her parents were at lost on how to deal with their daughter's latest change, becoming a mutant. While not outright shunning her, they hid her, and didn't want to keep her, and tried to come up with a way to save themselves of the embarrassment of having the neighbors finding out their kid is a mutant. Thankfully, for all involved, Jean Grey intervened, offering Cessily a place where she could learn about her powers, an invitation her parents were all too eager to take and ship their daughter away.

* Some time after arriving, though, the school got attacked by Sentinels, and was destroyed in the process. From then on, and up to now, she is living in a new school, alongside the rest of the X-school's staff and students. She hasn't had contact with her parents since leaving her home.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/01/13 15:45 It's Just A Stepping Disc To The Left Magik, Showstopper, Mercury After one wrong jump left her at Daimon Hellstrom's Mansion, Magik gets closer on the next jump, actually winding up at the Girls' Dorm at Xavier Mansion. She meets Showstopper and Mercury.
01/04/13 12:59 Solitary Chess Can Lead To Friendships Finesse Mercury Mercury comes into the Rec Room to find Finesse playing chess against herself, this leads to a conversation and perhaps a budding friendship
01/05/13 19:47 Bad Santa Mercury, Sandman, and Wolfsbane Sandman runs a Danger Room session for himself, Mercury, and Wolfsbane fighting a deranged Santa and reindeer
01/26/13 16:19 Cookout Aurora, Mercury, Radiance, and Sandman Sandman has a cookout some students and Aurora attend.
02/07/13 15:58 Sandman and His Temple of Doom Blindfold, Mercury, Sandman, and Aquatica & Ultragirl (emitted by Mirage and Sandman) Sandman runs an extreme training for the four students.
02/15/2013 Meeting with Mercury Mercury and Mirage Mercury gets her golden ticket
03/02/13 18:00 Team Initiation Rites Thimble; Mercury; Blindfold; Gambit; Jean Grey Team bonding rites during saturday dinner
03/03/13 18:00 Jumpin' for Gambit Gambit Thimble Mercury Finesse Gambit leads a course of "Athletics 101"
03/11/13 17:30 Researching The Gods Blindfold, Mercury, Seth, Phantasm Hi I'd like to research Native American Gods. Which tribe? The A-hole tribe…
03/16/13 08:00 New Mutants in Disney World Showstopper, Blink, Thimble, Radiance, Blindfold, Mercury and Mirage Scavenger Hunt for the New Mutants
03/29/13 14:01 Not So Good Friday Ambrose, Black Crow, Blindfold, Firestar, Gamibt, Mercury, Mirage, and Sandman The X-students have a field trip to the Avengers mansion and encounter an alternate version of Firestar and Mercury. An alternate Black Crow possesses Mirage and they fight the heroes. Black Crow and Mirage are taken by the Anasazi.
04/15/2013 New Mutants in Madripoor, part 1 Mercury, Showstopper, and Mirage The New Mutants take a day trip to Madripoor and a few learn a valuable lesson..and gain a monkey
04/16/2013 Roughouse Gets Roughed Up Cloak, Mercury, Thimble and Mirage NPC: Roughouse Day 2 for the New Mutants in Madripoor have them meeting Cloak and Roughouse.
09/23/12 Dine and Fly Shadowcat, The Human Torch, Mercury, Rex Gregson Johnny, Kitty, Rex, and Mercury run into each other in the diner
09/26/12 Good Deeds Mercury, Spiral Mercury and Spiral meet up in a diner. Somone is up to something…
10/01/2012 Mud, Sweat and Almost Tears Showstopper, Radiance, Mercury, Finesse, Wolverine and Mirage Another training session for the students
10/22/12 Chaperone and Punishment Shadowcat, Lyra, Seth, Mercury, Phantasm, Vaughn, Richenda Gray, Wanda, Thimble A lot of people run into each other at the diner and several students run the risk of being grounded
10/26/12 After School Special Armand, Mercury, Phantasm, Rex Gregson, Seth, Shatterstar, Spiral, Vaughn Musicians rally together to perform a free concert with a few messages for the kiddos.
10/28/12 Gonna Beat Him Someday Mercury, Wolfsbane After Mercury loses to an online adversary, X-Man and student chat. A small amount of practicing powers is included.
11/03/12 13:16 Not a Day at the Beach Mercury and Sandman Sandman meets Mercury and teaches her a lesson in the Danger Room.
11/03/12 20:01 Life at School Mercury, Sandman, and Scarlet Witch Mercury, Sandman, and Scarlet Witch chat about life while dining.
11/25/12 Horsing Around Wolfsbane, Mercury On a snowy day, Wolfsbane and Mercury chat and feed horses.
11/27/12 Mamma Phoenix Comes Home To Roost Jean Grey, Beta Ray Bill, Mercury, Blindfold, Showstopper Jean gets questioned, Ruth's psi training begins
11/28/2012 After Music Class Thimble, Mercury, Wolfsbane, Showstopper, Jean Grey What happens between two classes in Xavier's.
12/02/12 14:00 Race Mercury and Sandman Mercury and Sandman share and race.
12/05/12 15:07 You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Eye-Scream Mercury, Sandman, and Eye-Scream (emitted by Sandman) Sandman takes students on a trip to the city and they get attacked by Eye-Scream
12/06/2012 Anti-Mutant Mall Mayhem Mercury & Krista FoH wanna-bes hassle Mercury, Krista helps her out
12/07/12 23:00 Long Overdue Introductions Aurora, Deadpool, Mercury, and Sandman Aurora, Deadpool, Mercury, and Sandman meet up and avoid a fight.
12/07/2012 Decorating Committee Mercury, Psylocke, Wolfsbane, Sand Man and Mirage While the school is being decorated several X-Peeps and an Avenger talk
12/15/12 14:46 Rush meets Mercury Rush, Mercury Rush meets Mercury
12/16/12 13:44 Visiting Rights Jean Grey, Blindfold, Firestar, Cyclops, Marrow, Mercury, Radiance Firestar calls Xavier Mansion to ask for permission to visit Ruth Aldine at the school, is invited to come over, and gets a sense of what the school is like these days
12/22/12 18:00 Christmas Plans Mercury, Radiance, Jean Grey Jean catches up with her students and invites them to her parents' for Christmas. Also, plans about making the New New Mutants are hatched…


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