Firebrand II
Real Name Russ Broxtel
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Age 30 Something
Aliases Firebrand
Origin High Tech
Current Location New York City
Occupation Villain turned Mercenary
Team Thunderbolts
Alignment Other
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Super Suit

Character Details

Broxtel's history is mostly unrevealed. He was likely a normal guy with nefarious inklings that led him to become a janitor at one of the Stark International think tanks. He worked nights, beneath the notice of professional personnel, and accessed the S.I. computer files. This allowed him to steal plans for the Firebrand armor. He then took those plans to Justin Hammer and contracted the construction of the armor.
Broxtel then obtained employment with Philipped Bazin, a crime boss, and worked as an extortionist within the family.
Broxtel's initial assignment was to extort money from a city official who ran a homeless shelter in the Poseidon Hotel. The man's name was Munson. The hotel was required to pay an 'operating fee' to the family. Broxtel took the monies offered but never turned it over to Bazin. Therefore, Bazin assumed that Munson refused to pay. Bazin ordered Boxtel to make an example of Munson. Broxtel did this during a Daily Bugle charity ball at the Poseidon. Wearing his Firebrand armor, Broxtel killed Munson (thus covering his own tracks) and set fire to the hotel.
Most of the people attending the fund raiser escaped, except for the staff of the Daily Bugle and a few other guests that were trapped inside the inferno. The Bugle staff held it together long enough for Spider-Man to show up. Along with the super-humanly strong Morlock named Ent, the Marvel Team-up was able to save the innocents from the burning building.
Meanwhile, outside the burning hotel, Firebrand was assaulted by Cloak & Dagger. Instead of capturing Firebrand, they decided it would be best to help save the people within the burning building.
During his escape, Spider-Man arrived and during a battle, turned Firebrand's own flame emitters on him thus causing his suit to short out.
Firebrand was then taken into police custody and since then has been serving time in Rykers for murder and other charges.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/31/13 14:00 Welcome to the Thunderbolts, Sandman! Fireband, Sandman, and USAgent & Hydro-Man and the Wizard Sandman joins the Thunderbolts and their first mission is to take down his former teammates, Hydro-Man and the Wizard
09/17/12 Gotta Get Paid Firebrand II & Ares Ares offers Firebrand a job he can't refuse.
09/27/12 09:00 First of the Dancing Girls Spiral & Firebrand Spiral and Firebrand Meet, and daddy likes.
10-15-12 And So It Begins Ares, Elektra, Firebrand, Spiral Starting the recon mission
12/11/12 22:14 Kicking Sand in the Face Sandman and Firebrand Firebrand kicks Sandman's ass
12/11/12 23:01 Wishing he had Singles Firebrand, USAgent, Spiral, Psylocke Walker lectures Broxel about being mean. Spiral shows, insanity ensues.


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