Gorgeous George
Real Name George Blair
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth Australia
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 27
Origin Mutant
Current Location Washington D.C.
Occupation Criminal, Terrorist, Thug
Team Nasty Boys
Alignment Villain
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Mutable Form

Character Details

* Gorgeous George was born George Blair in Australia.

* His mutation made it all but impossible to masquerade as a normal human, which eventually led him to a less than saviory lifestyle and ultimately a life of crime.

* His resentment towards those who were free to live normal lives and his willingness to do what was necessary eventually garnered the attention of Mister Sinister, who brought the young mutant into the group of second string backup for the super villain, known as the Nasty Boys.

* At some point, Gorgeous George got drunk with some of his fellow Nasty Boys. During the course of the night and the consumption of vast amounts of liquor, George forgot how long his arms originally were and now they are by default elongated in proportion to the rest of his body.

* When not actively working for his benefactor or ordered to keep a low profile, Gorgeous George is in many ways what the average person fears mutants to be - a powered human who feels that laws are like an imaginary wall - they hold you back only if you let them.

* Gorgeous George's debut into supervillainy was as part of the Nasty Boys, acting against X-Factor. During that fight, George tied off with Strong Guy, trying to suffocate him by fill his lungs by liquifying part of his body and sending it up Strong Guy's nose and mouth. While ultimately, that fight ended in failure, he managed to avoid capture and arrest.

* The future encounters would not prove to be so fortuitous as the so-called heroes responded to the Nasty Boys with lethal force. George doesn't quite recall the details of what exactly happens. All he knows is that he woke up sometime later. He assumes that his body was destroyed in such a manner that it took a significant more time to reconstruct itself.

* Since he destruction of the Nasty Boys, Gorgeous George has been laying low, waiting to see what 'the Boss' wants of him.


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Date Title Characters Summary
09/21/12 20:00 All That Glitters Cyclops, Blindfold, Kelda, Gorgeous George Cyclops, Blindfold, and Kelda try to prevent Gorgeous George from escaping after a jewelry store heist


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