Real Name Colby Adams
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth Seattle, WA
Date of Birth 3/13/78
Age 35
Aliases WiFi
Origin Mutation
Current Location NYC
Occupation Mercenary
Team N/A
Alignment Neutral Antagonist
Known Relatives N/A
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities The detection and interaction with radiowaves

Character Details

Born to a middle-class family back in the spring of 1978 amidst the hustle and bustle of Seattle, WA. He grew up well enough, showing a bit of a detached outlook on life and those around him. He had friends, but not 'best' friends as it were. In the end it was always what would benefit him after all the cards were down.

In his teenage years, up through highschool, Colby was a bit of a bully. He didn't like to take stuff from people and was quick to let his perceived superiority be known. It was in his early highschool years that his mutation first manifested itself.

Colby found himself, normally at night when his eyes were closed and mind was free to wander, 'seeing' the radiowaves of various broadcasts the filled the air around him. Some stronger than others, all different and unique in their own subtle ways. He began to 'play' with them, reaching out and trying to manipulate them. After a lot of failures he slowly started getting the hang of whatever it was that happened to him -- all the while keeping it hidden from everyone else, after all he didn't wanna be a freak.

After highschool he enlisted with the military. His family wasn't rich enough to send him to a good college and he didn't have any particular skills he thought he could get by with out in the real world. He survived basic -- always being athletic and even the Drill Seargents didn't bother him too much in the end. After basic he was assigned to low level, minimal clearance Military Intelligence.

He suffered through the monotonous, glory-free jobs assigned to him. Reading meaningless reports and filing them away, only occasionally stumbling across anything worse noting. During this time he continued to work on his ability to not only intercept but also to interpret and interfere with information broadcast throughout the airwaves. It was then that he discovered that just because he could see the waves didn't mean that encryptions and other security concerns didn't play a part in his 'ability'. He wanted more.

He worked his way up in the field. He began showing promise of a keen analytical mind and a knack for covert ops. He started small, working with agencies of the government and military against foreign targets. He was never an Assassin but because of his work and the constant looming threat that something would eventually go wrong he began to train. Focusing on self-defense martial arts and stuck with it religiously.

After seven years in the service of the USA, both military and other agencies, he served his time and go out. Taking with him the skills and talents he picked up which were a handy mashup of intelligence and even combat related abilities coupled with learning to speak both russian and french. He had gotten what he wanted and planned to use it for himself.

Having made it up to the 'middle' level in terms of the intelligence community he acted cautiously and was meticulous with his planning. He used information gained during his time to identify possible employers for a person with his particular skills. And now that he was no longer a part of the government, he didn't have to backburner his powers and do things the 'old fashioned way'.

When he started his ability was a minor help usually. He took jobs anonymously, using his covert operations, intelligence operations and counter-intelligence operations skillsets coupled with his budding ability to interact with radio waves to get it done. He made decent money, able to afford a nice apartment and 'toys' for his jobs, living a stable life. And what's more, he enjoyed the work. He did not care about the fame, he cared about the sense of power it gave him to be able to do these things and get away with it -- His Inner thrill-seeker came to life.

He mustered up a modest list of contacts for his work and tended to stay busy except when he simple wanted to focus on other things. Even in between jobs he considered himself working, continuing his training in what he viewed as neccesary skills for the job. While his mutation allowed him easier access to some things, it was not an all-opening key. A vast majority of things he needed were not simple broadcast, but behind locked doors. What his mutation allowed was for him to track it down easier and manipulate things in his favor -- Wireless camera feeds being flooded with short burts of white-noise with no evident tampering, radios and communications being disrupted by static, all of which allowed him to do his job a little easier.

He continued these jobs over the next several years, his arsenal of abilities slowly expanding and his control over his mutation becoming more refined. He even did work with the United States Government, or elements within it, anonymously. The jobs were normally dark with no oversight and ranged from framing innocent people for political maneuvering to tracking down a target for assassination. His moral compass pointed off-center to say the least but that did not keep him from being viewed as a liability from some poeple in his past and required him to maintain a low profile, else he'd be taken out. It's after one such job that he finds himself in NYC, ready to wind-down and take a little break. Ever the mercenary, however, he's always keeping an open-eye towards future 'business prospects'


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09/06/12 18:00 Colby meets with Shaw Shaw Colby Sally Colby meets up with Shaw about a potential job


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