Real Name Ben Grimm
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Aliases Ugly, Fugly, Mook, Benji, Rock-Face
Origin Altered Human
Current Location Four Freedom's Plaza
Occupation Hero, Adventurer
Team Fantastic Four
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Aunt Petunia
Significant Other Alicia Masters
Known Abilities Rocky Brick

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Date Title Characters Summary
03/22/13 22:13 The Fixer Broke It Black Panther Mirage Sandman The Fixer Firelord Human Torch Invisible Woman The Thing Mr Fantastic The heroes kick the Fixer's butt and send Firelord packing.
10/10/12 08:05 NEWS - Interview with the Fantastic Four Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
11/05/12 13:31 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Part 1 Topaz, Hellstorm, The Thing, Lilith Hellstrom pays a visit to Topaz after her dream of Lilith (mother of demons)
11/27/12 What if... 2 Mirage, Havok, Uatu (the Watcher) Cable, Sabretooth, Maverick, Arachne, Wildchild, Mr Fantastic, H.E.R.B.I.E., Invisible Woman, The Thing, Iron Fist, Power Man, Mysti Knight, Wonder Man, Domino, Colossus, Cyclops, Beast, Thor, Tigra, Firebird, Daredevil, Spider-Man, What if? Ultron, and his Heavy Metal Horde, had defeated the heroes and won the war?


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