Real Name Kelda Stormrider
Portrayed by Someone Drawn
Gender Female
Place of Birth Asgard
Date of Birth Looooong Ago
Age Stupid Old
Aliases Stormrider
Origin Divine Purview
Current Location Unknown
Occupation Goddess
Team None
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Unknown
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Goddess of the Winter Storms

Character Details

The history of an Asgardian goddess is generally long and detailed. Kelda's is no exception to that. She has been around a long while, and as a goddess of the winter storm, she has been cursed by sailors and blessed by farmers. She was prayed to, and helped occasionally by allowing some sailors to travel safely and others, for the right reasons, she would insure never arrived safely.
Over the centuries, she took her job seriously, and accepted the worship of mortals as her due. She studied with the greater mystics of the land, and learned her runecraft and rituals there, finding that she had a true talent for them. It was something to learn about, and something to pour her mind into. Also, she operated alongside Thor in many ways, many times. After all, the God of Thunder, Lord of Lightning and all, it's like they were specifically envisioned to function as partners, one taking over for the other at times if the need arose. While Thor was off on his adventures, Kelda would bring the storms to the land that cooled down hot summers, or froze lakes.
She heard tails of Thor's adventures and heroism, and decided that she wished to partake of some of these. So since she had covered for the Thunderer on occasion, she asked him to fill in for her while she adventured. She ended up spending time with the Warriors Three, and flirting with them all. She found that she enjoyed playing the flirt, and used that during their adventures. But she always believed in doing her duty, and returned to her role as storm goddess. Over the centuries, mortal worship of the gods waned, and the storms were allowed to run amok on their own, without the gods maintaining them. This gave Kelda even more time to 'explore' Asgard, and adventure with her friends. She also had many adventures of a more 'promiscuous' sort, and while the others among Asgard consider her 'High Among Them'. She is also known for her beauty, her flirtation, her promiscuity, and whimsical and playful personality. She was never quite seen as -troublesome-, so much as... rambunctious in a way that the Asgardians find amusing, not harmful.
In recent times, she has grown bored with Asgard. She has explored much of the land, and has little left to adventure for. Ennui is the term, a general lack of enthusiasm about anything involving staying at home, so instead she sought permission from Odin to go to Midgard once more. For if one storm god were allowed there, then why not two? So, rather than forcing the All Father to transport her there, she performed the ritual herself, opened a portal... and stepped through. The rest is... well... to be determined.


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Date Title Characters Summary
09/02/12 22:15 Kelda's Grand Entrance at Avengers Mansion Kelda (Emitter), Hercules, Namor, Scarlet Witch, Ultragirl, Sandman Kelda has a hiccup in her transport to Midgard. Brings a giant with her. Big fight.
09/06/12 Fire on the Highway Kelda; Shadowcat; Beta Ray Bill; Iceman; Ultragirl A tanker holding an unknown chemical overturns on the highway.
09/09/12 Something weird this way comes Hercules, Namor, Kelda, Ambrose, Scarlet Witch A mysterious escape pod lands at Avengers Mansion
09/13/12 07:43 Theology and Reality Aurora, Kelda, Tanya Rivera Jeanne-Marie happens by an Asgardian and a Spanish girl, the experience brings forth something of a theological debate in very simplistic form.
09/18/12 09:45 Long Distance Call Kelda and Box Madison stumbles upon Kelda making a call.
09/21/12 20:00 All That Glitters Cyclops, Blindfold, Kelda, Gorgeous George Cyclops, Blindfold, and Kelda try to prevent Gorgeous George from escaping after a jewelry store heist


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