Real Name Elektra Natchios
Portrayed by Jolene Blalock
Gender Female
Place of Birth Greece
Date of Birth
Age 28
Aliases Many
Origin Training
Current Location New York City
Occupation Assassin
Team None
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives
Significant Other Matt Murdoch. Sort of.
Known Abilities Ninja Trained Assassin

Character Details

Elektra Natchios is the daughter of a Greek diplomat. She is raised by her father, mostly through tutors and nannies.

Excelling in gymnastics as a young girl, she switches to martial arts by the time she's about nine. Studying with a private sensei, Elektra earns her first black belt by age twelve.

Attending Columbia University, Elektra meets Matt Murdoch. They start dating, and share many secrets. She learns about his senses, and they spar together. During this time, her father is accidentally killed by a cop during a terrorist incident. Seeing that the system of justice that Matt so strongly believes in has failed her, Elektra breaks off the relationship and drops out of Columbia.

Trying to find a purpose, Elektra takes up with the clan of warriors known as the Chaste. Studying with them, she remains until their leader, Stick, senses the darkness within her and asks her to leave. Reluctantly, she complies. Trying to prove herself to him, Elektra infiltrates the Hand, a rival group of ninja assassins. They teach her their ways, and as a part of her initiation she kills the sensei who taught her as a girl.

Elektra escapes the Hand and works as a freelance mercenary assassin. Back in New York again, she crosses paths with Daredevil, who disapproves of her new profession. Elektra discovers that Daredevil is actually Matt Murdoch, and they still have feelings for each other. The two work together against the Hand for a time.

Kingpin hires Elektra as his chief assassin, and she regularly crosses purposes with Daredevil. She declines to kill Foggy Nelson when he recognizes her.

Bullseye, Kingpin's former chief assassin, tracks Elektra down and kills her with one of her own sai. Mortally wounded, she crawls back to Daredevil and dies in his arms.

The Hand steals Elektra's body, wishing to resurrect her and put her under their control. Matt Murdoch interrupts the ritual, and along with Stone (a member of the Chaste), they recover Elektra's body. Matt tries to complete the ritual himself, but fails. When Stone manages to resurrect her, however, it's shown that Matt's attempt somehow purifies Elektra. The Hand's evil is purged from her at last.


Name Relationship Notes

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Date Title Characters Summary
08/30/12 23:30 Homework Elektra, Ultragirl Elektra researches possible contracts and meets Ultragirl
09/09/12 There is no I in TEAM Spiral, Elektra Spiral and Elektra meet up
09/10/12 To Serve and Protect Ares, Elektra Ares approaches Elektra to hire her.
09/27/12 The Fly Who Got Away Elektra, Spiderman Spiderman interrupts Elektra on a job
10/09/2012 First Mission Briefing Ares, Elektra & Arachne The Thunderbolt's get their first mission
10-15-12 And So It Begins Ares, Elektra, Firebrand, Spiral Starting the recon mission
10-17-12 Send in the Assassin! Elektra Ares Elektra goes in for her initial recon.
11/15/12 New Blood Elektra, USAgent and Arachne USAgent comes to join the Thunderbolts, acts all patriotic
12/03/12 17:38 Santa Claus Is Dead Cloak, Elektra, and Nova Cloak takes down a drug dealer and has to get some questions from Elektra and Nova
12/06/12 Loose Ends Elektra, Ant Man II, Cloak, Dagger Elektra and Ant Man track a villain. Cloak and Dagger join the hunt.
12/11/12 Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Ambrose, Elektra Ambrose and Elektra meet by chance
12/18/12 14:00 Thunderbolts' Tuesday Workout Elektra, Spiral, USAgent USAgent and Elektra and later Spiral get some gym time


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