Real Name Gaveedra Seven
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth Mojoworld
Date of Birth unknown
Age unknown (looks 21)
Origin Genetic Engineering and Mutation
Current Location Earth
Occupation Mutant Hero, formerly gladiator and rebel
Team X-Force
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Longshot (allegedly), Dazzler (allegedly), Spiral (possibly)
Significant Other
Known Abilities Physically enhanced fighter

Character Details

Gaveedra Seven was born one hundred years in the future in the extra dimensional realm known as Mojoverse. He was genetically engineered for traits most suitable for a warrior in Mojoworld's combat/performance gladiatorial games.

For years Gaveedra learned the arts of battle and honed his skills in the arenas where he was forced to participate in combats staged for Mojo's television programs. Eventually becoming a champion gladiator, he was given the arena name of Shatterstar. Even as a champion he was little better than a slave.

Shatterstar escaped the arenas and joined the Cadre Alliance, a rebel militant group that sought to overthrow Mojo's dictatorship. He was sent to the past to find the X-Men and request aid for the rebellion. Shatterstar eventually made his way to our world during present time, pursued by Mojo's warriors.

Instead of the X-Men, Shatterstar found the New Mutants who fought with him against his pursuers from Mojoworld. After the battle, he joined the other New Mutants in becoming a founding member of X-Force with the understanding that the team would one day return to his time in Mojoworld with him to assist the Cadre Alliance. However, as this would require time travel there was no reason to do so 'right away' and instead Shatterstar could spend time on Earth, learning and honing his skills further here.

As a member of X-Force Shatterstar has participated in all of the team's early battles, including fights with the MLF, Toad's short-lived Brotherhood of Evil Mutants reunion, and even the Juggernaut.

Since coming to Earth several medical experts have noted the similarities between Shatterstar and Longshot (they share genetic markers).


Name Relationship Notes

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Date Title Characters Summary
08/25/12 03:25 The Line Between Good and Evil Shatterstar, Spiral, Firestar Firestar goes after Shatterstar to see why the police are looking for him, on the way, the two run across Spiral
08/29/12 Remembering Rita Armand, Spiral, Shatterstar, Elene Armand continues keeping a watchful eye on Spiral, and they bump into a couple others
08/31/12 05:12 Crime Doesn't Pay (even in Mutant Town) Cyclops, Seth, Shatterstar, Elene Seth is almost mugged in Mutant Town
09/01/12 11:00 Sais Fired in Hell's Kitchen Elene, Seth, Shatterstar Elene responds to a fight in Hell's Kitchen
09/19/12 14:52 Kings of Pain Reunion Shatterstar, Night Thrasher Shatterstar and Night Thrasher help catch some super-crook bank robbers
09/20/12 01:00 Blindfold sees the Rising Sun Shatterstar, Blindfold, Vaughn Blindfold, Shatterstar and Vaughn at the rising Sun
09/21/12 22:00 Welcome to the X-Men, Shatterstar Blindfold, Cyclops, and Shatterstar Cyclops recruits Shatterstar for the X-Men and Blindfold reveals secrets about Finesse
09/25/12 Shattered Past Spiral, Shatterstar Shatterstar and Spiral continue their conversation
09/28/12 12:48 Living Lethal Welcome Logan, Shatterstar, Seth Logan welcomes Shatterstar to the X-Men
10/01/12 00:30 Shatterstar meets Shadowcat and it gets Negative Shatterstar, Shadowcat Shatterstar and Shadowcat meet in the Danger Room
10/07/12 17:50 Talking Politics Shatterstar, Blindfold Blindfold gives Shatterstar advice on politics
10/08/12 Good cop, bad cop, criminal Shatterstar, Elene Elene questions Shatterstar, and someone seems intent on poaching her suspect
10/12/12 15:59 Shatterstar meets Rahne and nobody gets attacked Shatterstar, Wolfsbane Shatterstar meets Rahne
10/18/12 21:43 Meet the Baldies Shatterstar, Dagger Some street gangers get interrogated
10/23/12 20:39 The plot thickens... Shatterstar, Dagger Some more vaguely noir investigations in the Bronx
10/26/12 After School Special Armand, Mercury, Phantasm, Rex Gregson, Seth, Shatterstar, Spiral, Vaughn Musicians rally together to perform a free concert with a few messages for the kiddos.
11/05/12 The New Student Thimble, Mirage, ShowStopper, Shatterstar The new student - Thimble - gets her introduction to Xavier's
11/13/12 18:00 The Alien behind the Curtain Spiral, Dagger, Shatterstar The Penultimate Chapter! The Villain Revealed!
11/21/12 16:25 Pilot Not Picked Up Spiral, Dagger, Shatterstar The conclusion to Dagger and Shatterstar's adventure


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