Real Name Rita Wayword
Portrayed by Ann Nocenti :p
Gender Female
Place of Birth United States
Date of Birth
Age Older than she looks
Origin Mutated human trained as a sorceress
Current Location Anywhen
Occupation Servant of Mojo, former stuntwoman
Alignment Villain and Victim
Known Relatives
Significant Other Longshot?
Known Abilities Six armed dimension twisting sorceress

Character Details

* Spiral's real name is Rita Wayword, or 'Ricochet Rita' - a professional, if ordinary (in superbeing terms) stuntwoman.

* She encountered her future self as Spiral who attacked her, and as a result met and fell in love with Longshot, a freedom fighter from another dimension - the Mojoverse. When Longshot wished to return to his own dimension, Rita went with him.

* Unfortunately Longshot's rebellion against the rulers of his home dimension - the Spineless Ones - failed, and the pair were captured by the ruler of that dimension, Mojo. Rita was held prisoner by Mojo for many years, while Longshot had his memory erased so he forgot all about Rita and ended up going his own way.

* While imprisoned in the Mojoverse Rita was forced to serve as guardian for Mojo's 'X-Babies' for several years, manufactured child clones of the X-Men. Several the of X-Babies are friendly with Rita as a result - and due to the time shifting abilities of Spiral, sometimes Rita, babies and Spiral can all exist simultaneously!

* Eventually Mojo decided he wanted a loyal, and powerful, subordinate, so he had his chief scientist Arize mutate and evolve Rita, giving her six arms, turning her once dark hair silver, and driving her insane through evolving her mind to the point that she can see into other dimensions useful for time travelling and teleportation. She was also trained in sorcery and body modification, so she could do to others what was done to herself.

* Mojo then sent the new Spiral back in time to attack Longshot, and in so doing inadvertently set into motion the chain of events that would turn Rita into Spiral - attacking her past self, and cause Rita to fall in love with Longshot. As she failed to kill the two of them, Mojo left her stranded on Earth - she can only safely travel between dimensions with Mojo's power. She wasn't very happy about being stranded - so unhappy, in fact, that she attempted to sacrifice a baby in a magical ritual to return to the Mojoverse.
* Stuck in Earth's past, Spiral eventually got caught up with Freedom Force, a group of pardoned ex-supervillains who had decided to work for the US government, under Valerie Cooper's orders, to avoid being prosecuted. Something of an odd one out due to being so mentally unstable, she was nevertheless a valued member of the team due to her powerful sorcerous abilities, which granted Freedom Force several victories even against heavy hitters like the Avengers.

* She was very active while a member of Freedom Force, and did quite a few notable morally questionable things :-

- helping capture Magneto for the US Government and helping Kitty Pryde find out about her grandparents. (While at a Holocaust memorial, demonstrating spectacular bad taste and/or callousness.)
- defeating Monica Rambeau and Iron Man when Freedom Force was attempting to arrest them for treason, as well as Hercules with help from the Blob.
- attempting to arrest Rusty Collins and Skids for the US government.
- Stabbing Dazzler's in the face, pinning Destiny's mask to her with a knife.
- Attacking Jean Grey and Cyclops while they were in mourning

* She was still working for Mojo at times even while in Freedom Force, occasionally doing his bidding as ordered, as when she captured Rachel Summers at Mojo's behest.

* She ran the Body Shoppe around this time, which sold cybernetic parts and turned people into cyborgs. She enhanced Lady Deathstrike with cybernetics in an attempt to make her able to defeat Wolverine; she went on to work for the Hellfire Club and indeed became one of Wolverine's arch enemies. She also created the Reavers, a gang of criminal cyborg mercenaries led by Donald Pierce.

* Eventually Freedom Force split up and she has since done a mix of things, sometimes working for Mojo, sometimes working for herself. Though she is capable of occasional kindness, in general she's dangerously insane and unpredictable, and filled with hate especially for Longshot, who she blames for her transformation into Spiral. She has attempted in the past to prevent that transformation, as when she attempted to kill Arize before he could turn an alternate reality Richochet Rita into Spiral.

* She also captured Monet at Mojo's behest, where she became the star of a sitcom called "The Perfect Princess".


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Date Title Characters Summary
02/06/2013 The Voodoo She Does So Well Sandman, Spiral and Topaz Bill and Topaz finish the conversation from the previous day. Spiral has bad timing.
02/08/13 16:05 Getting to Know the Thunderbolts Sandman and Spiral Sandman and Spiral chat
03/11/13 16:29 Mad Gods Part I Armand, Black Crow, Showstopper, Spiral, Tigerstripe, Topaz, USAgent and Hotamintanio, Nanabozho, and some Spirit warriors The gods attack Staten Island in search of stolen artifacts. Many people die!
03/31/13 17:45 Mad Gods Finale Black Crow, Daredevil, Hawkette, Mirage, Radiance, Spiral, Wolfsbane, Demon Bear, and Owayodata (off panel, the Anasazi, Avengers, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Topaz) While heroes battle the gods (behind the scenes) a small group of heroes sneak into Shipolo to rescue Mirage
04/25/2013 Two Mages Meet in the Park Spiral and Topaz Spiral and Topaz have a brief encounter
05/05/2013 Bar Time Spiral and Topaz Bar talk
08/20/2012 Hi Spi Spider-Man, Spiral The former Rita Wayword arrives in New York, and gets saved by Spider Man!
08/25/12 03:25 The Line Between Good and Evil Shatterstar, Spiral, Firestar Firestar goes after Shatterstar to see why the police are looking for him, on the way, the two run across Spiral
08/26/12 Runaway Rita Armand, Spiral Spiral wanders off, and bumps into Armand
08/28/12 10:45 Talk about a six pack Spiral, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Armand X-Factor responds to an inquiry by Spider Man involving an amnesia-tic Spiral
08/29/12 Remembering Rita Armand, Spiral, Shatterstar, Elene Armand continues keeping a watchful eye on Spiral, and they bump into a couple others
08/30/12 Be Cool, Spiral Spiral tries to buy a handgun, gets sent on her way by Iceman
09/09/12 There is no I in TEAM Spiral, Elektra Spiral and Elektra meet up
09/17/12 Recruiting Rita Spiral, Ares Spiral meets Ares, gets recruited/dragooned into a new government team.
09/20/12 Dance, then, wherever you may be Ambrose, Spiral
09//21/12 A Favour - that isn't a pedicure Spiral, Armand Spiral and Armand chat on a park bench
09/23/12 Hooves are better than extra arms Phantasm and Spiral As Mike's sketching out ideas for a show set for a local part, Spiral pops in nearby.
09/23/2012 Six More Arms...No Thanks Spiral and Arachne Spiral and Arachne meet
09/25/12 Shattered Past Spiral, Shatterstar Shatterstar and Spiral continue their conversation
09/26/12 Good Deeds Mercury, Spiral Mercury and Spiral meet up in a diner. Somone is up to something…
09/27/12 09:00 First of the Dancing Girls Spiral & Firebrand Spiral and Firebrand Meet, and daddy likes.
09/29/12 10:54 Wayward Spiral and Exodus Exodus and Sprial discuss their lives.
10/01/12 The Dance Master Spiral, Ares Spiral and Ares have a brief chat
10/08/12 Good cop, bad cop, criminal Shatterstar, Elene Elene questions Shatterstar, and someone seems intent on poaching her suspect
10/14/12 16:10 Caught in a Downward Skrull Super-Skrull (as Captain Skrull), Spiral The Super-Skrull meets Spiral
10-15-12 And So It Begins Ares, Elektra, Firebrand, Spiral Starting the recon mission
10/15/12 11:09 New Boss Ares, Spiral Spiral gets her marching orders
10/22/12 14:00 The Skrull in Winter Super-Skrull (Winter Skrull), Spiral Super-Skrull runs across Spiral again
10/26/12 After School Special Armand, Mercury, Phantasm, Rex Gregson, Seth, Shatterstar, Spiral, Vaughn Musicians rally together to perform a free concert with a few messages for the kiddos.
10/27/12 18:12 Armand's Goodies Armand, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, and Spiral Sandman and Wanda do some outreach work in Mutant Town and Spiral taunts and Armand saves the day with his goodies.
11/13/12 18:00 The Alien behind the Curtain Spiral, Dagger, Shatterstar The Penultimate Chapter! The Villain Revealed!
11/21/12 16:25 Pilot Not Picked Up Spiral, Dagger, Shatterstar The conclusion to Dagger and Shatterstar's adventure
12/03/12 14:45 Changing of the Guard USAgent, Spiral USAgent begins filling Ares' shoes.
12/05/12 14:00 PING - Spiral checks on Betsy Spiral Psylocke Betsy is out shopping the day after learning Spiral has been seen around the city. A revelation which involved a number of people saying Spiral's name repeatedly.
12/11/12 23:01 Wishing he had Singles Firebrand, USAgent, Spiral, Psylocke Walker lectures Broxel about being mean. Spiral shows, insanity ensues.
12/18/12 14:00 Thunderbolts' Tuesday Workout Elektra, Spiral, USAgent USAgent and Elektra and later Spiral get some gym time
2012/03/16 Civil War: The Chase is On Jean Grey, Armand, Spiral and Arachne SHIELD is after Arachne. She gets some unexpected help


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