Real Name Robert "Bobby" Lois Drake
Portrayed by Justin Hartley
Gender Male
Place of Birth Port Washington, NY
Date of Birth Dec. 21, 1987
Age 24
Aliases Iceman
Origin Mutation
Current Location X-Mansion
Occupation previously CPA
Team X-men. Previously, Champions of L.A., Defenders, X-Factor
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives William Robert Drake (father), Madeline Beatrice Bass Drake (mother), Mary (cousin), Joel (cousin), Anne (aunt) More on
Significant Other None currently
Known Abilities Ice and cold

Character Details

Born in Port Washington, NY, a town on Long Island.

In his early teens though Bobby's mutant abilities started to manifest, he kept them hidden.

Was outed as a mutant when he and his girlfriend were attacked and he encased one of the attackers in ice.

Was saved from a lynch mob by police protective custody, followed by the timely intervention of Charles Xavier.

One of the founding members of the X-men.

Had a brief romantic entanglement with Polaris, and held a grudge against Havok for some time after she left Iceman for that hero.

Left the X-men to attend college at UCLA, co-founded Champions of Los Angeles with Angel.

After the dissolution of the Champions, Iceman got mind controlled by the villain Rampage and was forced to wear that villain's armor and fight Angel and Spider-Man.

Joined the Defenders with Beast.

Played a vital role in keeping the Defenders organized and operational after the founding members of that group left.

Dated Marge Smith, who turned out to be the "daughter" (an aspect of) the cosmic entity Oblivion.

Graduated from UCLA, got a job as a CPA working for an accounting firm.

After most of the Defenders were apparently killed, causing that team to dissolve, Iceman went on to join in founding X-Factor.
As part of X-Factor, encountered, battled, and defeated Apocalypse and his Alliance of Evil.

Iceman was captured by Loki, who intended to use him to restore the Ice Giants.

Loki magnified Iceman's powers through Asgardian magic/technology, causing his powers to be wildly out of control after he was rescued.

Forced to use an inhibitor belt for some time after being kidnapped to keep his powers under control.

Eventually regained control of his powers, with his powers operating at a much higher level and with more control of detail than he had ever previously had.

Was part of the defeat of the Shadow King on Muir Island.

Began dating Opal Tanaka, and ended up helping to save her from an arranged marriage being forced by her Yakuza grandfather.

After returning to the states, Bobby's relationship with Opal quickly soured, and she ended the relationship abruptly.


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Date Title Characters Summary
07/23/12 20:00 Why is the Blind Girl leading the way Blindfold, Keith, Seth, Vaughn, Richenda Gray, Jessica Drew, Ultragirl, Phantasm (Cameo), Iceman (NPC Chaperone) A group from Xavier's ends up at a homeless shelter, where they meet up with Keith and also Jessica Drew, who is investigating a missing teen.
08/05/12 07:00 Gyrokenetic Meltdown Blindfold, Seth, Keith, Vaughn and Bobby Drake (NPC) Keith breaksdown and loses a bit of control!
08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 1: Washington, DC Black Panther, Nightcrawler, Ultragirl, Astraea, Arachne, Ares, NPCS: Doctor Strange, Ariel, Wong, Red Ronin, Iceman, Black Goliath, Wasp, Gargoyle, Falcon, Sunflower, Angel, Screaming Mimi An ecclectic smattering of heroes are gathered in a time of need and sent to help stop the 100-foot behemoth of the Red Ronin under Ultron's control.
08/16/12 21:30 Ice in the Mocha Iceman, Scarlet Witch Chance meeting between Iceman and Wanda
08/22/12 10:00 Poolside Fun Havok, Mirage, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Beta Ray Bill, Decompression by the pool.
08/28/2012 20:20 Afternoon in the Park Vaughn, Armand, Blindfold, Seth, Iceman, Scarlet Witch, Black Cat, Elene Chance encounters in the park
08/30/12 Be Cool, Spiral Spiral tries to buy a handgun, gets sent on her way by Iceman
09/02/12 19:15 September at the Mansion Keith, Seth, Blindfold, Vaughn, Iceman A social afternoon for Xavier students and Iceman
09/06/12 Fire on the Highway Kelda; Shadowcat; Beta Ray Bill; Iceman; Ultragirl A tanker holding an unknown chemical overturns on the highway.
11/09/12 14:38 Jocks Versus Nerds Havok, Iceman, Nightcrawler, and Sandman Sandman meets some of the X-Men and shares his view on Avengers versus X-Men status


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