Ant Man II
Real Name Scott Lang
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth Coral Gables, Florida
Date of Birth 1982
Age 30
Aliases None
Origin Science
Current Location NYC
Occupation Small Business Owner (Electronics), Part-time Crime Fighter
Team Presently Free Lance
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Cassie Lang (daughter), Pegga Rae (ex-wife), Ruth (Sister), Carl (Brother-in-Law)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Shrink, command insects

Character Details

Born in Coral Gables, Florida.

Electronic Engineer in a rough patch, Scott turns to crime in order to support his family but is quickly caught and sentenced to 5 years in prison; he is released after 3 years on good behavior. His wife divorces him while he is in prison.

While in prison, he furthered his study of electronic engineering, he is hired by Start International in their design department. At one point, he is assigned to help install security systems at the Avenger's Mansion.

Scott's daughter, Cassie Lang, is diagnosed with fatal heart condition, Scott Lang seeks out the help of Dr. Erica Sondheim, an exalted micro surgeon.

He discovers that Dr. Sondheim has been kidnapped by Cross Technologies' founder Darren Cross, who has same heart condition as Scott Lang's daughter - Scott breaks into the home of Dr. Pym and steals his Ant-Man technology and costume.

Saving Dr. Sondheim, she is able to in turn save Cassie Lang.

After rescuing his daughter and Dr. Sondheim, Scott turns himself in. Dr. Pym, knowing Scott's purpose for stealing the items, having monitored everything as Yellowjacket, allows him to keep the technology for the purpose of upholding the law.

Becoming a super hero, he divides time between heroics and family. Early as a hero he spends some time assisting Iron Man and the Avengers. Including saving Iron Man after a moment of being trapped in one of his earlier suit designs.

Works alongside the Avengers, he battled the Taskmaster on several occasions and has helped spider battle Taskmaster as well.

At one point, he adventures with the Fantastic Four into a microverse/world.

During the Armor Wars, he helped Iron Man discover the copies of his technology

Following Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil take over of the Aventer Mansion, Scott helps the avengers retake their headquarters.

Presently, he continues to try to keep his identity secret from his daughter, Cassie, while fighting crime 'part-time' as he puts it.


Name Relationship Notes
Cassie Lang Daughter He's only immediate family, he wants to protect her and keeps his secret identity secret from even her.
Pegga Rae ex-Wife Wife, left while Scott was serving a prison sentence for burglary.

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Date Title Characters Summary
08/13/12 10:00 Big Girl, Small Package Ultragirl, Ant-Man Ultragirl and Ant-Man stop a few burglars
08/13/12 12:00 Welcome Aboard Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Ant-Man Ms. Marvel invites Ant-Man to active roster
08/15/2012 Attack of the Klaw Ares, Ant Man, Bride of Nine Spiders, Arachne, NPC: Klaw The Klaw is in New York and attacks.
08/16/12 15:30 Meet any Ant-Girls Spider Man, Ant Man II Ant Man finds Spider Man for a brief conversation
08/17/12 12:00 Wolf Meets Ant Wolfsbane, Ant-Man II Harpoon finds a target, is foiled
08/27/12 22:48 Project: Ant-Upgrade Ant-Man II & Box Ant-Man II responds to incident at Perry's Bar
08/30/12 14:45 Quiet Afternoon at the Mansion Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man II Carol and Scott have a quiet conversation
11/12/12 09:30 Why We Wear Masks Sombre Tyrannosaur, Ant-Man, Ringer While chasing Ringer, misadventure ensues for Ant Man and bystander Rex Gregson
11/12/12 15:12 Gym Discussion Ant-Man, Namor, and Sandman Namor, Scott, and Bill chat in the gym.
11/19/12 11:16 The Hostess Gang Strikes Again Arachne, Ant-Man II, Black Panther, The Hostess Gang The heroes are confronted with angry members of the Hostess gang as they pass out Hostess pastries
12/06/12 Loose Ends Elektra, Ant Man II, Cloak, Dagger Elektra and Ant Man track a villain. Cloak and Dagger join the hunt.


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